5 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs have become a part of life. Do you know the reason?

Well, it’s quite simple. Life is incomplete without entertainment (hope you agree with this). Too much work pressure makes you stressed out and you end up getting irritated day by day. Why not spend your leisure time playing your favorite video games?

It is a great stress buster and helps you forget all the worries in life. Well, some say that gaming chairs are exclusively meant for playing video games. However, we say that it is not only meant for making your game more enjoyable but also help you to relax.

Of course, the feature of every gaming chair would vary and so will the price. Some chairs may have a good design whereas some have good sound system and others might have good compatibility features! It all depends on your needs and definitely your budget.

This article will take you on a short ride and help you know the 5 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs you must consider. All the products have been reviewed at their best and we believe that it will help you to get the most beneficial deals.

What’re the best cheap gaming chairs?

1. ABC Life Style Furniture Video Rocker, Adult, Black/Black Stripe

Last but not the least, this chair has been successfully rated 3.5 stars out of 5. If you are only looking for extreme comfort and relaxation at an affordable price then this is the chair for you. Features might not be many, but it is a quality product.

  • It is a low seated chair that is made of a hardwood frame and padded by fire retardant foam.
  • It weighs just 14 pounds. Thus, portability becomes easy.
  • Cleaning becomes easy and would require only a damp cloth.

2. Cohesion XP 8.1 Gaming Chair with Audio (Black/Grey)

Something durable, foldable, and stylish. Well, the Cohesion XP 8.1 has these mind-boggling features that have earned a rating of 3.6 stars out of 5.

  • The chair has a good padding system to offer extra comfort. It also has an oversized seat, but not recommended for people who have 6’ in height. It might be a little difficult for them.
  • It has wired receiver audio with two speakers. The sound system has been appreciated by most of the customers.
  • The chair has a side control panel and includes volume control, headphone jacks, and input/output jacks.
  • You would require 6AA batteries to start up this chair which is not included in the packaging.

3. X Rocker Extreme III Video Rocker with Speakers:

Loved by many, this chair has got a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. It has side-facing 2.0 stereo speakers that offer you a personal surround sound experience.

This chair has an ergonomic design with full back support and is compatible with PS4 and other video games. Check Customer Reviews, Prices, and Availability on Amazon.com

4. Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair with Wireless Audio:

By spending a few more dollars, you will be bestowed with a two-way chair. One which is already a gaming chair and the other which becomes an ottoman once folded! This gaming chair has got a rating of 3.2 stars out of 5 and the best feature of this chair is comfortable with an ergonomic design.

  • It offers a sports car-like experience while you play games.
  • It has an easy touch control panel that includes volume control, input/output, and headphone jack.
  • It has fully integrated speakers and a subwoofer to offer great sound quality.
  • At just $103.04 you are not only getting a chair to relax and get entertained but also a facility to convert it into an ottoman!

5. Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio

With a rating of 3.6 stars out of 5, this chair tops the list of best cheap gaming chair. This chair is cheap and you are set to get an entertainment dose from this chair.

  • The chair has two wired receiver audio speakers. The sound system works pretty well.
  • It has a side control panel that lets you control sound and has input/output jacks.
  • Don’t worry about your height. The chair is spacious.
  • This gaming chair is lightweight and has a foldable feature. It saves your space and makes portability easy.

Pros and Cons When Buying a Cheap Gaming Chair?

It depends on the brand you choose and the features you prefer while selecting a gaming chair. Let’s discuss the pros of buying a cheap gaming chair:

  • Cheap does not always mean a bad quality product. It means a budget-friendly product with quality. Cheap gaming chairs offer the same entertainment as you would get from a pricy one.
  • It offers great comfort once the right brand is chosen.
  • They are usually lightweight and make portability easy.
  • These chairs are compatible with most video games, TV, and MP3 players.


  • The sound system will vary. You will not get a good quality sound system to enjoy the games.
  • A feature like gunstock arms misses out. This feature offers more stability while playing games.
  • The learning facility is totally limited.
  • The tilting feature would be absent.
  • The absence of vibration motors (which helps in body movements) can be a big drawback as they won’t offer a real-time gaming experience.

Who Should Buy These Products?

Do you spend most of the hours playing video games or watching television? Are you always searching for the best games available online? Do you love tapping your fingers on the gaming console? Well, if you have answered yes for any one of the questions then you are in need of a gaming chair!


Never miss a deal that suits your wallet. You should try one of the gaming chairs mentioned above and experience the thrill you get. You may later buy a better model, but you should go for the cheaper models on a trial basis!

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