10 Affordable Gaming Monitor Review with Buying Guide

The world of gaming has advanced greatly in recent years and with it the need for increasingly powerful hardware. One of the most important pieces of equipment a serious gamer needs is a reliable monitor. A good gaming monitor should provide clear visuals, fast refresh rates, and accurate color reproduction. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. We aims to provide a comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect gaming monitor for your setup.

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Gaming Monitor (Buying guide):             

The size of the monitor plays a major part in can influence the gameplay experience. Sometimes people pay extra to get a bigger monitor than they need. Keep in mind that the size of your pixels in a conventional 1080p display is the same.

Size of Gaming Monitor:

So, a bigger 1080p monitor will comprise a lower pixel density compared to a smaller 1080p monitor. Hence, if you go too big you may see lesser pixel density and the video output ends up looking mediocre. So as a gamer you should find the right balance between size and pixel density.

If you go for something like a 21-inch to 32-inch monitor that will be a perfect balance as it suits both. It will be big enough but not that big to lose its quality.

Refresh Rate of Gaming Monitor Should Be High with Fast Response Times:

When it comes to gaming a higher refresh rate is very important. When maximum frames of data displayed to you every second, your gaming experience will be much better and effortless.

Having a solid GPU and a reasonable processor and other elements to go with, ensures that your machine is outputting a higher frame rate.

But without a monitor that can support the high refresh rate, it’s hard to see that difference. A standard gaming monitor comprises at least 1080p resolution (Full HD) with a refresh rate of 144Hz.

And if you want you can also go for 1080p monitors that provide a 240Hz refresh rate or higher-res 1440p monitors that comprise a 144Hz refresh rate. And as we are talking about gaming then you need a display with a swift response rate to make those fast, split-second decisions when you game.

Usually, the monitors comprise the response times of around 5ms to 0.5ms. If the number is small on your monitor, then it will react faster to proceedings in the game.                                                                                      

Wider Aspect Ratio, Curved Monitors:

Almost all the latest monitors will offer you an aspect ratio of 16:9, and most gamers like to use Ultra Wide Gaming Monitors to expand their field of view.

But it’s always better to check whether your preferred games are supported in wide resolutions, before spending your money on an exclusive ultra-wide monitor.

Some of the games do comprise mods that make them playable on wide monitors. But the game that you are playing should make use of an extra screen otherwise there is no need for getting one.

Most gamers also prefer curved monitors that have a radius and ‘curve’ the display output around players, providing a fine, more mesmeric view as compared to conventional flat monitors. But, curved monitors are usually expensive and it’s not for everyone.

Look at the panels: It’s a common question as to what kind of LCD panel you must look at when getting a gaming monitor. So there are three familiar formats.

These are the TN (Twisted Nematic) panels, the VA (Vertical Alignment) panels, and the IPS (in-plane switching) panels. TN panels are known for giving the user express response times and low input lag.

Many people complain that these are not good with viewing angles and color representation. But as they comprise high refresh rates, they are great for gaming, but you may have some issues when you do multimedia purposes like watching a movie.

And when you look at the IPS panels they are quite good with viewing angles and color representation but at the cost of slower response times. And sometimes they are expensive also. It’s not easy also to get IPS panels comprising a high refresh rate.

These monitors are designed for professional use and are just fine for casual gaming. VA panels are known for their exceptional contrast levels and comprise higher refresh rate variants. And they also comprise the longest response times.

For all that VA panels are used by gamers as they have high contrast levels and it’s handy in games.

Let’s Understand Some Facts About The Best Gaming Monitors

Gaming is certainly fun and many passionate gamers usually spend most of their time in front of their best gaming monitors. But honestly speaking most of us take PC gaming monitors for granted. It’s not just about the best PC monitors for gaming.

If you look carefully we are surrounded by monitors in our everyday life like your mobile device, monitor for your PC, the screen at the cash register, and the screen in the stadiums also where you enjoy the action on the big screen they’re everywhere, and you can’t ignore them.

The reason for their popularity is we use the display for any information we want and in almost all the circumstances we find ourselves in, now you can’t imagine the world where monitors didn’t exist.

Let’s put some light on the primitive days of the screen and then we will discuss the best monitors for gaming also.

The interesting thing is the first screen ever used was a monitor it was not a display. When electronics were just blooming, computers were having panels of light bulbs that were tied to them.

And that bulb use to help the engineer to know what was and wasn’t functioning in the computer, you can say; they were indicator lights similar to the one you have on your modem that shows whether the wi-fi is on or not.

So the actual first monitor was a cluster of lights that allowed people to watch the internal environment of a piece of electronics. The game called Bertie and Brain was the first one that was publically exhibited in the 1950s and it was designed by Dr. Joseph Kates.

That computer was around 4-meter high, comprising a ‘display’ of light bulbs, and the only game it could play was tic-tac-toe. But today we have a monitor for every specific need. And people usually look for the best monitor for console gaming.

After that 4-meter high computer, it was the turn of the Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) they designed and assembled displays in their right. The job of these CRTs was to shoot electrons at a phosphorescent screen to make images.

The initial ever-built-for-purpose video game comprised an integrated radar-like CRT monitor and was named Tennis for Two. It was a showcase game, designed to thrill the visitors and show them the power of science and technology, as well as its significance.

Inspired by that many game developers designed many games and paved the way for many video games.

But at that time nobody ever imagined that the video game industry would become such a massive industry. But video games wouldn’t be this gripping without monitors and their continuous growth.

With time monitors changed from CRT displays into flat panel displays because of progress and more improved fabrication and manufacturing method.

This technology functions by enclosing a specific particle between two panes of glass and then activated in multiple ways. It’s quite innovative.  

There are several different flat panel displays, the most familiar ones are Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) and Plasma Display Panels (PDPs), and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

PDPs usually operate by comprising tiny cells of electrically charged ionized gas. When gas gets heated the temperature shoots up to staggering 1200 Celsius; then gas changes to plasma and starts to pour out the light.

When we look at the PDPs they are exceptionally bright with much higher contrast ratios compared to LCDs, to the extreme that there are more vulnerable to image burn-in and take a lot of power.

One advantage the makers have is that PDPs are easy to manufacture in large sizes, so most of the best ultra-wide monitors for gaming or big screen you see that’s big are most likely plasma displays.

Particulars for gaming monitors and other computer parts need to analyze through various numbers. And it makes the affair of purchasing anything related to computers a daunting task.

Gamers are usually more tech-savvy as compared to everyday users, but with improved technology, monitors have gotten more complex.

We will put some light on the monitors to help you understand the fundamentals so you can find a monitor that performs great when the game is on the line.

 Almost all the computers are restricted by their slowest elements. If you want to have the best gaming experience then you must have a swift monitor with great colors, by just having the greatest graphics card in the world but a dull monitor gaming it’s hard to get a perfect experience.

And the same thing happens if you’ve got an exceptional display teamed with a primeval graphics card then it’s tough to make the most of it.

So it’s always better to make your entire chain firm before you spend your hard-earned money. Monitors normally withstand your cards, so if you spend a little more to get a feature you may need after a future upgrade does have value.

Significance of Gaming Monitors As Compared To Regular Screens:

Why some monitors are tagged as the best pc monitors for gaming is the question that usually many people have in their minds all over the world.

When you have a regular monitor sometimes you feel that it may not support your developing interest in gaming, and sometimes it happens with big gamers that they think of a new monitor while considering a non-gaming model as the conventional ones tend to be much cheaper.

So let’s shed some light on what puts displays nominated for gaming apart from regular monitors, what to consider when picking a screen with gaming as the basic application, and all the common things that make a gaming monitor best.

You can say a monitor becomes a gaming monitor when you compare it to so-called regular or conventional screens. Most of the monitors are usually all-rounders that can do just fine with most of the tasks.

Some of them can even manage gaming and professional graphics work also, but it won’t be polished work and you’ll always feel like something is lacking.

The regular monitors that you use for routine work are good for non-specific home and office jobs. They are quite good with Word processing, web browsing, light gaming, and so on.

If you are interested in having an excellent gaming affair and experiencing everything the new titles have to offer, you have to consider certain features, especially the ones that make a monitor the best gaming display.

Almost all the regular monitors come at nominal price tags, but when you start to test them with gaming you’ll face problems like screen tearing, input lag, and ghosting, and all these issues will ruin your gaming affair.

Swift Response Makes Games Possible

When you go through the specs of any monitor and you’ll come upon response time. This is nothing but the speed with which the panel can refresh each pixel, gauged in milliseconds.

Makers test how swift a pixel can move between shades of grey, and in gaming monitors, you should be as close to zero as possible, namely 1ms. It is fine Up to 5ms, but regular monitors tend to be slower, which isn’t appropriate if you are into gaming.

So when you don’t see a response time spec, then don’t pick that monitor, as it’s not designed for gaming at all.  And when we talk about refresh rate it’s the number of times per second a monitor can upgrade its screen, and by using hertz (Hz) you can do that. In gaming,

These days it’s a minimum 60Hz, but you should aim at getting a monitor with 100Hz or higher for future-proofing.

When you play high-speed games like first-person shooters then you need faster refresh rates for swift gamer responses.

All the competitive games require a fast refresh. When a monitor comprises a slow refresh you don’t only sacrifice speed, but picture quality suffers through screen tearing and, once again, ghosting.

It’s annoying for all the gamers as the picture smears across the screen because the monitor simply can’t match up with the requirements of gaming hardware.

The reason for lower frame rates is the burden on gaming hardware put on by resolution.  But from 2019-2020, only games running in 1080p and 1440p go over 100Hz, with 4K (2160p) still showing much of confronting for graphics hardware and so confined to below 100 frames per second. It will certainly change shortly.

A general-purpose low-end 4K monitor may be attractive but it could also be covering a 30Hz panel, which is not at all good for gaming even if it looks appealing in screenshots.

So be careful about this. It’s always good if you go for adaptive refresh technologies like FreeSync from AMD and G-Sync from NVIDIA. Both of these make sure your graphics card or console always remains integrated with your gaming monitor, so there is no chance of screen tearing.

This unwanted problem comes usually on regular monitors which try to run games at speeds faster or slower than the native speed of the panel.

The thing with regular monitors is that they try to cater to everyone, and so normally do plenty of image processing to appear as best as possible in every situation. And it’s not good when it comes to gaming.  

Too much processing such as image sharpening, noise reduction, dynamic colors, contrast adjustment, and so on will certainly serve you but it will slow you down.

These things are helpful when doing design work or watching a movie, but when it comes to gaming you should have a swift, top-quality panel that allows the hardware to run your games expressly as accurately as possible.

You can’t play games if the total input lag exceeds 40ms, and you can see this very often in low-budget regular monitors.

If it’s less than 25ms then it’s fine for most people, but if it’s swifter then it will be good. You’ll notice straight away whether a monitor is good or not for gaming as there will be a delay when you press a key or a button and action occurring on the screen.

Gaming monitors usually comprise optional processing, but they do have a committed game mode and a PC mode.

Regular monitors normally comprise just one video out and no audio at all. If you get just one DisplayPort or a single HDMI. Then don’t get it.

You should go for a gaming monitor comprising at least one of the new HDMI versions (such as HDMI 2.0b), DisplayPort, and several USB ports to charge things like controllers.

Almost all solid gaming monitors comprise good speakers built-in and an output for headphones or an external sound system because for the best gaming monitor audio is very important.

So, we have discussed enough gaming monitors and the reasons why they are called gaming monitors.

They are particularly designed for the very specific needs of video games. They comprise panels with high-speed response and refresh rates. They keep the images without any fluff and input lag to a bare minimum.

They do have audio if you want you can use it. And most importantly gaming monitors have the picture quality that takes games to another level with their shine and exact colors and true HDR on the native level without any excess processing that slows you down.

Makers just don’t put “gaming” on a monitor. Any well-known brand will use top-notch panels in these models and test them very cautiously for speed and accuracy before the gaming designation is applied.

If you expect to upgrade your gaming on a budget regular monitor then it’s like trying to win a car race with an economy compact car.  It’ll be fine, but you will not get the desired results. And it will be a waste of your money and time.

So you have to be careful especially when you pick the best gaming monitor for a dual setup. But many people get confused as there are many options available in the market.

To help you out with this we have made a list of the best gaming monitors for you. And we will discuss some pros and cons of the product also. Let’s have a look at the list that we have made for you.

Here is a list of the Best Gaming Monitors:

  • Acer’s Predator XB3
  • Samsung’s Odyssey G7
  • Acer’s Nitro XV282K KV
  • BenQ’s Mobiuz EX3415R
  • Dell’s 2721HGF
  • ViewSonic Elite XG270QG
  • Gigabyte M34WQ
  • MSI Oculux NXG253R
  • AOC Agon AG352UCG6

Acer Predator XB3-27″ Gaming Monitor 4K UHD 3840×2160 120Hz 16:9 4ms GTG 350 Nit IPS

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Best Gaming Monitor

The Acer Predator XB3 is an express, high-refresh G-Sync HDR gaming monitor that tries to crack the variation between two of the company’s various 144Hz 4K models, the premium Predator X27 and the lower-end Nitro XV3.

It performs much better compared to the XV3, and it can compete with the screen quality of the exclusive X27.

If you’re searching for the right kind of 4K 144Hz HDR gaming monitors, then XB273K will fit the bill. This 27 inch monitor measures around 24.8 inches wide 3.4 inches deep, and 21.3 inches tall and weighs around 16 pounds.

This one also comprises multiple shade structures that are fixed onto each side of the unit, though, but you will not need them unless you’re gaming in bleak background lighting conditions.

If you compare it with other gaming monitors the number of ports at hand on the Acer XB3 is a bit confined but the good thing is it’s serviceable.

The selection comprises one DisplayPort 1.4b, one HDMI 2.0 port, one 3.5mm headphone jack, and two USB 3.0 downstream ports.

The five-way joystick manages the OSD on the display and has many of the similar functions you can see on the Predator monitors. You can say that the Predator XB3 is the best 4K monitor for gaming.

If you compare the Acer Predator XB3 with Predator X27 they differentiate in the scaling of HDR down from HDR 1000 in the latter to HDR 400 in the former an indication of the level of brightness, shown in “nits,” that the monitor can display.

When you look at the brilliance of the Acer XB3, you will certainly feel that there is no need to look at its previous models. Its price is also very reasonable and it can match the performance of the monitors that are more expensive than this.

This one certainly offers you more perk that is indeed more of value. And it’s like a best-value gaming monitor.

Because when you look at the XB3 you will notice that with a little bit of delicacy in construction quality and compromise with HDR, you can get an affordable high-performance 4K 144Hz monitor with much ease.

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series 27-Inch WQHD (2560×1440) Gaming Monitor, 240Hz, Curved, 1ms, HDMI, G-Sync, FreeSync Premium Pro (LC27G75TQSNXZA)

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Best Gaming Monitor

The best thing about the Samsung g7 odyssey is the monitor’s curvature. Usually, gaming monitors have 1500R or 1800R bending, they are not much into curving edges.

Samsung G7 Odessy takes 1000R curvature which is indeed a front-line deal. And you can call it the best-curved gaming monitor also.

This one has a native resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels it is ideal for gaming and when it comes to balancing between high detailing and stable frame rate it’s perfect.

It is particularly suitable for the given 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response of the Samsung G7. When we look at these numbers on paper they are quite impressive. But, VA panel technology, in contrast with TN or IPS, it’s questionable. VA is, customarily, an unrushed LCD technology.

There are many VA gaming monitors comprising 1ms response and fail to perform. One more stirring attribute is adaptive sync support.

Samsung G7 Odessy can easily adapt to both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync technologies. All these functions are not just for showing the technological stunts of Samsung Odyssey but a true addition to the overall game’s attributes.

This one will certainly magnify your gaming experience with its representation. When you apply the maximum capacity of this gaming monitor it will take your gaming to another level.  

Samsung G7 Odyssey showcases its technological brilliance and outclasses its competitors with much ease. The impression is backed up by Samsung’s Core LED mood lighting to enthrall users. When we look at the performance of this monitor it is outstanding as well.

Overall you can say that Samsung Odyssey is a remarkable gaming monitor that easily shelves the idea that VA panels are slower when it comes to gaming.

Response in 1ms is an attribute that lives not just on the paper. There are various levels of user-configurable overdrive. This one is a blur-free and swift panel even at its lowest level.

When it comes to colors Samsung Odyssey offers lively and sharp colors that can easily compete with any IPS monitor. On top of that, there are exceptional levels of black and contrast that are specific to VA tech. It’s too good to believe, but it’s Samsung Odyssey for you.

Although G7 comprises HDR support and has local dimming, it converts only into eight edge-lit vertical zones.

After reading all the aspects of this monitor you can easily say that we have one of the best and fastest gaming monitors on the market. When you have a 240Hz refresh rate, 1440p resolution, and 27-inch proportions it’s like a blessing for most gamers and games.

The 1000R curve provides intensity in gaming. This one is a little bit expensive so if your wallet allows you then you should go for this one. But certainly, for gamers, Samsung Odyssey is a perfect gaming monitor with acceptable performance and design.

Acer Nitro XV282K KVbmiipruzx 28″ UHD (3840 x 2160) Agile-Splendor IPS Gaming Monitor | AMD FreeSync Premium | 144Hz | 1ms | TUV/Eyesafe | 1 x Display Port 1.2, 2 x HDMI 2.1 & 4 x USB Ports

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Best Gaming Monitor

If you are searching for a high refresh rate 4K gaming monitor then you can go for  Acer XV282K KV as its one of the first high refresh rate 4K gaming monitors to feature HDMI 2.1 connectivity also– permitting the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S consoles to utilize 4K 120Hz.

The Acer XV282K KV monitor comprises a low input lag of just 4ms, so there will be no issues of delays. It also possesses a swift 1ms GtG pixel response time speed for no visible trailing behind quick-moving objects.

Let’s Look at The 3 Response Time overdrive modes: Off, Normal, and Extreme.

The ‘Extreme’ mode force too swiftly and it causes overshoot the reason for this is too much inverse ghosting, and when you look at the ‘Off’ and ‘Normal’ modes they perform the same. At 120Hz and 144Hz, you can’t notice any kind of ghosting or overshoot when you use either off or Normal overdrive mode.

But in case you are using a variable refresh rate (VRR), like AMD’s FreeSync Premium, NVIDIA’s G-SYNC Compatible, or HDMI 2.1 VRR, and your frame rate is rough 60FPS this can fully change the refresh rate to 60Hz to shield tearing, you can notice some overshoot.

This is not good for gamers as many games will run at ~60FPS as 4K UHD resolution is quite demanding. So, when you have low frame rates, you’ll have to pick between having some inverse ghosting or some screen tearing (with VRR disabled).

The amount of visible overshoot will differ on the game, but most of the time it’s not that bad its minor, and this will depend on your sensitivity also.

VRR doesn’t have any issues with compatible AMD and NVIDIA cards in the support of around the 48-144Hz range as the monitor is not officially certified as G-SYNC Compatible by NVIDIA. When you use VRR through HDMI 2.1, you can swap the overdrive setting, but as there’s not much difference between off and Normal, it’s of no use.

To use the full HDMI 2.1 capabilities, you have to set ‘HDMI 2.1’ to ‘On’ in the OSD menu as it’s disabled by default.

The 4K UHD resolution leads to the high pixel density of 157 PPI (pixels per inch) on the 28″ screen of the Acer XV282K KV. You will have a lot of screen space as well as bright details and text.

The Acer XV282K KV offers a gripping picture quality due to its 4K UHD resolution and lively colors, while its swift response time and VRR support up to 144Hz provide you with excellent gameplay. With added HDMI 2.1 you can enjoy these advantages on the PS5 and Xbox Series X as well as on PC.

If you look at the Acer XV282K KV it’s an outstanding gaming monitor with lively colors, sharp details, and effortless performance. It’s indeed one of the best-rated gaming monitors.

BenQ MOBIUZ EX3415R 34” Ultrawide Curved Monitor for Gaming | 144Hz 1ms| HDRi Optimization | Dual Speakers + Subwoofer | FreeSync Premium | Eye-Care & Height/Tilt Adjustable Stand

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Best Gaming Monitor

No matter which panel you buy when it comes to gaming monitors you’ll always make a compromise. Sometimes you go for a lesser high dynamic range (HDR) rating to get a higher refresh rate, bigger screen size for a heavy product, or anything else in between.

It’s happened very rarely that an ultra-wide display offers everything without almost no sacrifices except for the high price.

The BenQ Mobiuz EX3415R also compromises on a higher HDR rating or more lively color in chasing the record-setting input-latency results. But If you’re a BenQ admirer, the EX3415R is the best gaming ultra-wide display that you can get.  

The Mobius EX3415R is a 34-inch monitor and it’s a curved one comprising 3,440-by-1,440-pixel resolution and contains an IPS panel with a local refresh rate of 144Hz.

It can shield screen tearing with much ease as it has support for VESA DisplayHDR 400 and AMD FreeSync Premium. The rating of curvature is 1900R.

Now days almost all the curved displays in the 21:9 aspect ratios have this degree of the curve as standard. But it’s a bit not much of a bend compared to some 1000R models like those recently seen by Samsung.

Many people like the 1900R rating on an ultra-wide panel, especially gamers as the additional width provide sufficient space to work on easily while the gentle curve also allows you to plunge into the action during FPS games.

The monitor is placed on a black-necked stand supported with an off-orange-shaded, Y-shaped base. The base helps the monitor to go up and down this will be around 4 inches, and it can bend forward and back from -5 to 15 degrees, and rotate left and right also.

The BenQ can’t spin from landscape to portrait mode, but as not many people spend a grand on a monitor just for writing some code on it, that shortfall of adaptability is logical.

The Mobius is not heavy also as compared to its competitors, at 18.9 pounds when you look at other monitors in this size category they are between 20 and 40 pounds. You can also use a four-direction joystick that sits under the monitor next to an input selection button and the power button.

Its job is to navigate via the EX3515R’s crabbed onscreen display (OSD) menu. The ultra-wide monitor is not just good for gaming usually the monitors in this category serve more than just that; they are quite exceptional when you watch a movie in the CinemaScope aspect ratio.

Dell 144Hz Gaming Monitor 27 Inch Curved Monitor with FHD (1920 x 1080) Display, Nvidia G-Sync, and AMD FreeSync HDMI, DisplayPort, VESA Certified, Gray – S2721HGF

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Best Gaming Monitor

Many people think that a gaming monitor is good only when it’s extravagant or expensive, and shines in every single screen-quality aspect. But the Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitor (S2721HGF) proved it wrong. Now you can get outstanding gaming performance at an affordable price.

This is the best affordable gaming monitor and Features a 27-inch 1080p (1,920-by-1,080-pixel) panel and comprises a 144Hz refresh rate.

It’s not that exceptional when you look at its contrast or color, but by having very low measured input lag and Nvidia G-Sync/AMD FreeSync smoothness, this monitor can certainly satisfy PC gamers looking for a solid midsize screen that too in their budget. This one was the most well-liked budget gaming panel in 2023.

The Dell 27 looks very plain when you compare it with other exclusive brands like Alienware 25 and Alienware 34. The bend screen is encased with a manageable black band and a narrow black bar flush with the active display on both sides including the top, with a little bit wider bottom baseplate holding the Dell logo.

It’s placed on the same plain black stand with a hexagonal base that holds the monitor firmly. The stand is not capable of rotating sideways but can slide and tilt up and down (vertical height 15.5 to 19.4 inches, vertical angle -5 to 21 degrees).

For a budget panel, a 27-inch screen with a vertical alignment (VA) TFT panel with a 1500R curve and comprising a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels and a refresh rate of 144Hz is great. And the best thing is it supports both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync adaptive-sync technologies to tackle the issue of screen tearing.


For a budget monitor, Dell’s input lag is splendidly low. When tested with an HDFury Diva HDMI matrix, it measured an input lag of 1.7 milliseconds (ms) with a 60Hz signal. And if you convert it to the monitor’s native 144Hz refresh rate, that’s an input lag of 0.7ms.

The colors are quite natural and well-soaked, and the green grass and the blue skies look good. Shades are not specific, but you will get a well-balanced look. It shows delicate details well both in sunlight and shade.

Even when you check with some classic games. It will perform excellently; you will not face any issue of screen tearing even if you spin around.  The Dell 27 is equally good with non-gaming content also.

When it comes to colors it is quite sharp and it should satisfy gamers who want to watch anything on their monitor. In this price range, the Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitor is an extremely high-quality display.

The contrast is not exceptional, but it’s really hard to find a gaming monitor in this price range with excellent contrast.

When you look at its colors they are quite balanced and instinctive, with smooth motion, and extremely low input lag it ticks all the boxes for a fulfilling and very affordable gaming monitor.

ViewSonic ELITE XG270QG 27 Inch 1ms 1440p 144hz (165Hz OC) GSYNC Gaming Monitor with IPS Nano Color Elite Design Enhancements and Advanced Ergonomics for Esports

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Best Gaming Monitor

When it comes to gaming monitors, most of the time the prospective buyers usually have to choose between: speed and performance for multiplayer games like Apex Legends or Counter-Strike: or quality of the visual for content like movies and TV shows.

But when you look at the  ViewSonic’s Elite XG270QG you can have the best of both worlds too in a single display and this is quite exceptional.

This 27-inch 1440p monitor comprises a max 165Hz refresh rate and doesn’t try to compete with the flashy crowd.

It lacks a little bit in its design flair, but it makes up for that with swift response times and low input lag on an appealing, color-accurate panel that you’ll enjoy when you watch your favorite shows. So, this one is perfect for both a passionate high-speed gamer and cinephiles.

The Elite series of gaming monitors illustrates a fresh design ethos at ViewSonic. Whereas when you look at the company’s earlier gaming displays they were ruled by drab grays with no RGB to be seen, the Elite monitors are completely black with a fair amount of RGB highlighting in different parts of the housing.  

You can see the first bit around the back of the display, where it circles the stand mounting bracket with a hexagonal ring. You can program these lights to show either static or pulsing rings in different colors, and that includes a full rainbow that seizes offbeat attractiveness like pink on yellow with a blue matte background.

The monitor comprises a 2,560-by-1,440-pixel native resolution, and the in-plane-switching (IPS) panel has a borderless design.

It technically does have a tilt, but it’s tiny enough that you might miss it unless you thoroughly look for the seam where the screen ends and the housing starts. The unification of IPS and a high refresh rate plays a major part in making this panel such a gaming standout.

The base of this display is made of metal and holds an arm that allows the monitor to rotate freely up to 45 degrees left or right, and it can tilt between -5 and 20 degrees into portrait mode so you can use it as a side display also.

There are 2-watt speakers on the back that you can ignore also, as there’s a headphone pass-through port on the bottom of the unit and USB connectivity for a USB headset if you want to use that option.

If you are worried about the ports, then ViewSonic has one HDMI 2.0 port and one DisplayPort 1.4b port, three USB 3.0 ports, and a single USB Type-B upstream port for connecting the monitor to your PC.

Because of its 165 HZ maximum refresh rate, this display is perfect for multiplayer gamers who play titles like Destiny 2 also which shoots up right around the 150fps to 180fps mark.

Unlike most gaming monitors, which usually fill one niche or the other, the best thing about ViewSonic Elite XG270QG is this is an all-around option for those who want to have a lively, solid monitor for both their main gaming display and to watch their movies and TV shows.

So you can say that it’s really hard to find something thing wrong with the Elite XG270QG. Indeed it might be a little bit expensive for some buyers, but by looking at its performance in everything it sets out to do, it’s worth the extra money.

No matter what you do enjoy games at high refresh rates or just watching movies   ViewSonic Elite XG270QG will not disappoint you.

GIGABYTE M34WQ 34″ 144Hz Ultrawide KVM Gaming Monitor, 3440 x 1440 IPS Display, 1ms (MPRT) Response Time, 91% DCI-P3, HDR Ready, 1x Display Port 1.4, 2X HDMI 2.0, 2X USB 3.0, 1x USB Type-C

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Best Gaming Monitor

The Gigabyte M34WQ is a 34-inch ultra-wide monitor comprising a swift 144Hz refresh rate. It’s one of Gigabyte’s M Series gaming monitors, built with both efficiency and gaming performance in mind.

It comprises some exceptional additional features, which include a built-in keyboard video and mouse switch (KVM), which allows you to manage two sources with a single keyboard and mouse.

This monitor is outstanding for a bright room, with great reflection handling and high peak brightness in SDR.

As it has a swift response time at the max refresh rate the Motion looks striking, with its low input lag, and support for both FreeSync and G-SYNC variable refresh rate technology it provides you with almost a tear-free gaming experience.

But the problem is it has low contrast and an average black uniformity, so it’s not the best when it comes to a dark room. But when it comes to gaming The Gigabyte M34WQ is an exceptional gaming monitor.

The best widescreen gaming monitor provides a more mesmeric gaming experience, and with its fast refresh rate and low input lag, this is a force to reckon with in this category. Its IPS panel can provide great colors and sharpness, irrespective of having a limited contrast.

It’s not as flamboyant as other alternatives, but it is quite solid and practical for all types of use.  So if you are looking for an ultra-wide monitor this is one of the best ultrawide monitors you can buy now.

MSI Full HD 1920 x 1080 360Hz 0.5ms Built-in USB Hub DisplayPort HDMI G-Sync Technology Built-in RGB Narrow Bezel LED Backlit Gaming Monitor (Oculux NXG253R)

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Best Gaming Monitor

Last year when ultra-fast 360Hz-refresh-rate gaming monitors were first launched in the market they were quite expensive.

Today, with its increased demand and ample choices, the latest models like the MSI Oculux NXG253R are taking advantage of Fast IPS technology and chopping the price in the process in the MSI’s case its less than what those models were priced.

There is this giant Nvidia G-Sync ad that covers almost half of the back of the display of this, MSI performance is quite superb thanks to Big Green’s help. The Oculux’s built-in input latency analyzer is a mandatory tool for passionate esports contestants.  

Although the 24.5-inch 1080p format is quite confined for content lovers, bigger swift IPS options like Gigabyte’s 32-inch Aorus FI32Q fill that role perfectly.

The MSI NXG253R is for esports gamers, you can say that it’s not the fastest screen you can buy but its additional features and solid performance will certainly not disappoint you. Its unification of speed and color quality is exceptional.

The MSI Oculux NXG253R is a 24.5-inch, 1,920-by-1,080-pixel monitor comprising a 360Hz refresh rate, designed around a Fast IPS panel.

Most of the 300Hz-plus monitors launched this past year—particularly the swift IPS entries—are all reasonably priced.

Unfortunately, some of them do compromise on their build quality and added features, both of which just got stripped away in favor of savings.

The MSI sets a new standard for high-performance gaming, if you are seriously into gaming and planning to take an esports career seriously in games where the right gear is critical to success then this one is a must-have for you.

You have to train like a professional if you want to do well as a current and hopeful esports player. The MSI has a 360Hz display with a built-in latency analyzer to scan and tune its equipment before they go on the field.

This feature can adjust your mouse and monitor to their max, and with everything turned on you can notice the difference easily.

As a passionate gamer you know monitor can play a major role in winning, and certainly displays like the Oculus NXG253R just highlight the briefness of your play that much more.

The MSI Oculux NXG253R fits into a slot that high-refresh gaming fanatics have supported over the past year, while also improving the 360Hz category with a swift IPS display that works to enhance color quality.

If you are into games that can hover around 400fps, then Oculus is a well-priced choice that comprises all the attributes you need. So the NXG253R is a striking entry into the 360Hz tier of gaming displays and a great pick if you are into the above-mentioned games.

AOC AGON Curved Gaming Monitor 35″ (AG352UCG6), 1800R, Uwqhd 3440×1440 VA Panel, G-Sync, 120Hz, 4ms, DisplayPort/HDMI

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Best Gaming Monitor

If you think that the display you have had all the things you need, then you better think again. The Agon 2UCG6 from AOC is from the series of the company’s collection of gaming monitors and this ultra-wide console comprises the kit you’ll need for many future sessions.

But some strange design choices are not so good. The Agon AG352UCG6 from AOC is a bit of a mishmash when you look at the design of the monitor. You can straight away tell that it’s a gaming display, but it’s not among the best-looking panel available on the market.

In this price range with rocking G-Sync, it could be much better. The front side is just fine it’s mainly the rear that looks a bit dull.

This is quite unusual as the company makes some striking displays. A firm stand grips the screen in place and is identical to other stands you get with AOC displays.

It is very comfortable you can do your job with much ease as it allows you to raise, lower, and rotate the screen.

The port selection is solid you’ve got HDMI, DisplayPort, and even USB ports with charging capabilities.

And as usual, there is an AOC headphone holder on the right-hand side and some LED lighting also at the bottom. This lighting has basic controls, allowing you to pick between green, red, and blue as well as some brightness levels.

When we talk about the AOC display they normally come alive in games. The ultra-wide display with a curvature of 1800R gives you the freedom to enjoy games at a resolution greater than 1440p — this needs more power from your GPU but is the quite reasonable mid-ground between 1080p and 4K without spending big money.

It’s also a big console, coming in at 35 inches, making it appropriate for consoles and various machines that can be hooked up to the rear.

The colors are very excellent and factory calibration isn’t bad either. It’s easy for you to throw this monitor together and get gaming right away; as it has the best color reproduction you can take advantage of it.

This is not at all a bad display as AOC makes some remarkable panels, and almost all of them are well-liked by the people.

Display quality is superb, and gaming is excellent, but the only problem is its design that is dragging the AG352UCG6 below other displays. All in this entire one is tailor-made for gaming with its remarkable color reproduction.    


ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ 27” 4K UHD 144Hz DP HDMI G-SYNC HDR Aura Sync Gaming Monitor with Eye Care

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Best Gaming Monitor

Many passionate gamers think that the ASUS ROG PG27UQ is like a dream gaming monitor for them. Although this opulent monitor was introduced way back in 2018, this model is still a force to reckon with and can easily compete with the strong and expensive high-end monitors of today.

The reason for this is its attributes; specs and performance make this monitor a future-proof one. When it comes to buying any hard wear and accessories PC admirers go deep. And particularly when they buy a gaming monitor things are no different.

So let’s have a look at this exclusive monitor and check whether it can meet the expectations, or if it’s all just a puff. Indeed this monitor has a bizarre price tag. But still, many people bought it and started gaming on this particular model.

This is a huge amount of money, which may be more than your entire PC setup, and ASUS claims to provide you the experience that you probably never had with any monitor.

And the way it’s going for the next 3-4 years, this still will be the most awaited monitor for pro gamers and admirers. And if you are looking for the best 27-inch gaming monitor then this will be your next one.

When you first look at this monitor, ROG looks aggressive in its gaming and design style. ASUS equipped the monitor with more extras that show off your passion for gaming.

With different lenses for the bottom lighting and projector effect on the rare, it makes the conditions of your setup pleasantly combative for hardcore gaming.

As far as the ports are concerned you have a 1.4 DisplayPort and 2.0 HDMI port. So, no matter whatever your PC’s output system is, you don’t have to buy a converter.

Many people still like to have HDMI over DisplayPort. But the problem is you will only get a 60Hz refresh rate when you use the HDMI input port.

Certainly you will also have an external power supply and regular cable—so you don’t have to bother about tools to assemble this elegance. Snaps fit almost everything.

This one is remarkable when handling graphics-intensive games; ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ is still a force to reckon with and can beat competitors even this year.

As it has the G-Sync technology it helps to differentiate it from other monitors with low specs. You will see some spectacular visuals even on 4K resolution.

The dark locations in the game come with sufficient lights and colors to upgrade your gaming experience on this hi-tech system. When people spend on 144Hz monitors to get the most enhanced gaming experience. They don’t regret it when they see the results.

It feels more crispy and responsive when you game on a 144Hz refresh rate. If you had used an exclusive monitor to the game, you will experience the difference.

When you have a monitor with higher refresh rates, then you will not have any screen tearing issues whatsoever. If you are into games that mostly have sunny locations; the HDR capability provides an exceptional look like no other.

For gamers who want to become professional, they can use this as a regular productivity monitor, its 4K resolution will get them remarkable scaling and superior text reading.

Because of its high DCI-P3 color gamut, photo editing and videos on this monitor will provide much detail and exact results. If you compare this monitor with today’s exclusive monitors then the color reproduction for graphics-intensive tasks seems way more accurate in this one.

And it’s not just for gaming it’s for professional graphical tasks also. And if you want to use this hardware for gaming purposes then you will have to wait at least two more years.

So, if you are interested in getting an exclusive monitor for both gaming and professional tasks, you won’t be disappointed after spending your money.

When you pay a hefty price then you should get more attributes and convenience than the rest of the other monitors that are available on the market.

Besides the RGB Logo, harmonized RGB lighting, protector effect, and others, Asus applied some premium attributes in this creation.

For your benefit, the monitor panel is a flicker-free one. So if you game for hours then doesn’t worry its blue light filter ensures a soothing feeling to your eyes.

So, you can say goodbye to any eye-straining issues. And as far as lighting is concerned it’s exceptional as it has the ambient lighting convenience too.

The best things about this monitor are the functions and adjustability of the stand. You can rotate, pivot, bend, and manage the height to make it more comfortable to stare at its striking display for hours. And on top of that, the VESA mount compatibility makes it more convenient.

If you don’t have any issues with your budget and your finances are allowing you to spend then you don’t have any valid reason to miss the experience that the monitor has to offer.

As this one is the best Asus gaming monitor with many features and after getting the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ monitor you will not regret it.

As we have discussed earlier it’s pricey but its features justify its price. And these features can enhance your overall gaming experience. You can say that this one is a much future-proof monitor for your PC setup; it will serve you even after 3 to 5 years from now.

We have discussed almost everything that you need to know about gaming monitors. But before you buy there are certain things that you should consider. Let’s put some light on the crucial factors.

What brand of a monitor is best for gaming?

It depends on what kind of gaming you do.  The recommended resolution is 1920×1080, but it would depend on the graphics card you are using.  If you are playing first-person shooter games then it is recommended to use a monitor with a refresh rate of 120 Hz or higher.  

For MMORPG games, 60 Hz should be more than sufficient.  The most important thing you should look for is of course that the refresh rate is higher than the fps of your game.

What gaming monitors do gamers use?

Gamers are generally very critical of the games they play; thus, they want only the best in terms of monitors. Lately, some of the most highly-regarded gaming monitors are Asus VG278H, BenQ XL2420T, and Asus VG248QE.

What’s the best monitor for a warzone?

If you like to play warzone then you should buy a 144-165hz monitor. It will increase your reaction time, give you more frames per second, and make you more competitive. If a person has a lower Hz monitor and you have a higher Hz monitor and you are both on the same ping then you will always beat him.

I would suggest you use BenQ. These are the best monitors for gaming I’ve ever used. The colors are very accurate, and there is no issue with ghosting. There is no obvious backlight bleeding and the colors are vibrant.

What is the best monitor for Call of Duty?

The best monitor for Call of Duty is a 24-inch monitor with 1920*1080 resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time. In today’s day and age, you need a monitor that can keep up with your game.

If you get a monitor with a high refresh rate, you no longer have to worry about frame rate drops when you’re playing fast-paced games like Call of Duty. Even a 30hz monitor can show improvements.

Also, you shouldn’t focus on screen size when it comes to gaming. You should focus on refresh rate and response time instead. A bigger screen will make it harder for your eyes to adjust in-game, and response time shouldn’t be a big concern.

In short, the best monitor for Call of Duty will be based on the same criteria as any other game: look and feel. Many games require high frame rates, and the players will be able to notice the difference between a normal monitor and a gaming monitor during these instances. Gaming monitors take the time to ensure that every frame is more responsive and every detail is sharper than regular monitors.

To be honest, there is no best monitor for Call of Duty. The graphics are quite less demanding than that of most PC games, so if you want to play Call of Duty fluently, you don’t need the best monitor. That’s because most of the graphics in the game are pre-rendered.

However, if you are a hardcore gamer and want the best graphics, then you should consider three things: Dynamic Contrast Ratio, Response Time, and GBs of memory.

The dynamic Contrast Ratio is the difference between the darkest black and the brightest white. Response Time is how fast the pixels light up when you turn on your monitor. It is measured in milliseconds, so the lower the better.

Again, the faster the pixels light up, the smoother the graphics will seem. GB of memory is how much memory the monitor has. The more GBs the better, because memory affects the overall performance of the monitor.

If you want a good monitor but you don’t want to spend too much money, I suggest a 19″ monitor. It is good enough for gaming.

What is the best budget monitor for gaming on PC?

The best budget monitor for gaming is BenQ. Although the price is a bit more than mainstream monitors, the picture quality is amazing. Viewing angles are wide and the build quality is outstanding for the price. The monitor supports AMD FreeSync, which is especially good for gaming.

When you’re just starting in the gaming world, there’s one thing you’ll quickly learn – you get what you pay for. While some budget monitors are cheaper, they usually won’t be of the same quality as the more expensive monitors.

A lot of the time, these budget monitors won’t last more than a couple of months. The only way to find out for certain is to go online and read reviews from other users. It might be a good idea to search for reviews from people in your country.

What is the best ultrawide monitor for gaming?

If you are looking for the best ultrawide monitor for gaming, you should look for the ones with a 120Hz refresh rate. This means the ultrawide monitor will show you 120 frames per second i.e. 120 images in one second. This is the perfect refresh rate for gaming.

Well, it all depends on how much money you want to spend. However, if you’re on a tight budget and want to get the most bang for your buck, then look no further than the ASUS VG248QE.

This is the best ultrawide monitor for gaming in my opinion (I’ve personally owned this one for a year now and I’m very satisfied with it). It has a 24-inch full HD display (1920 x 1080p) with an IPS panel, 144Hz refresh rate, and response time of 1ms.

BenQ monitor: 24 inch, 1920×1080 resolution, 1 ms response time(1ms GTG), 144Hz refresh rate, 2 ms MBR, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 300 cd/m2 brightness, 170/160 viewing angles, tilt, pivot, height adjust, VESA mount.

It also comes with a few extra gaming-oriented features such as full ergonomic tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment with VESA mount capability. It’s also designed with a thin bezel, making it great for multi-monitor setups.

What are the best gaming monitors for Xbox series X?

There are different types of gaming monitors available in the market, so choose according to your needs. If you want to enjoy the latest games at Ultra-HD resolutions then you can go for the AOC Agon AG241QX 24-inch monitor with WQHD resolution.

This monitor is a high-quality display equipped with a quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440. With AOC brightness compensation technology, you can view ultra-bright images with high contrast.

Also, you can easily connect it to PS4 via an HDMI port. If you don’t want to break your bank, then you can go for the BenQ GL2460HM 24-inch monitor. It is a good monitor with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

You can easily connect it with your PC via Display Port. A great thing about this monitor is that it has a low response time of 1ms. It is an affordable monitor with a stylish and sleek design.

When you play games on a PC, you not only get to enjoy the games but also get the maximum out of your gaming experience by choosing the best gaming monitors on the market.

These gaming monitors bring a lot of things for the player that he or she does not get on their regular monitors. Some of these features include a faster refresh rate, a better audio system, and a better resolution.

The thing is that these monitors can be a little costly, and it can be difficult for regular people to decide which gaming monitors they should get.

What is the best affordable 4K monitor for gaming?

The three most important things in a 4K PC monitor are screen resolution, refresh rate, and panel type. You need all three for a good 4K experience. Panel type is particularly important for the best gaming monitor because TN panels have the fastest response times, allowing them to display action more smoothly.

But they have limited viewing angles and worse image quality than IPS panels. IPS panels have slower response times and motion blur, but they have excellent color quality and viewing angles.

That’s why IPS is great for photography, but TN is best for gaming. If you want 4K without paying too much, you should get a 24.5″ 2560 x 1440 monitor with a 60 Hz refresh rate.

The ASUS PB278Q is a really good 4K gaming monitor. It has an IPS panel, a 60 Hz refresh rate, and even a few gaming features like a crosshair overlay. The only downside is its mediocre contrast ratio and response times.

Currently, Dell U2715H seems to be the perfect 4k monitor for gaming as it costs under $500. It is 27 inches big and provides a great gaming experience with its 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. It has a very fast 1ms response time. It also boasts of great connectivity options.


So we have discussed the importance of the Best Gaming Monitor for gamers and mentioned the list that we have made for you.

The list includes some of the best gaming monitors that are available on the market. For your convenience, we have discussed some of the pros and cons of the stated products also.

After reading all this stuff hope you will make the right decision and pick the best. But don’t forget to consider the things that we have mentioned in our buyer’s guide.

As you are spending your hard-earned money you should get the best. So go through all the details and pick the one that suits your needs.

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