8 Amazing Benefits Of Playing Video Games

Many fixed and different views mention video games. Most people think that playing video games is not good for their health.

They consider playing video games a negative habit. However, everything also has two sides which are both benefits and disadvantages.

You must have self-control in any case. You remain to play video games at a certain and proper time.

You play video games in control that brings to amazing benefits of health. Especially, not only the young nut also the old enjoys playing video games.

1. Improvement in the visual process

Contrast sensitivity is the ability to see in low light conditions such as when drive in the dark. In a recent study, the scientists have shown that this ability can be improved thanks to the game, especially shooting action game.

The research result of Daphne Bavelier- a scientist at the University of Rochester – New York showed that people who loved often played shooting games like Call of Duty or Unreal Tournament. They had a contrast sensitivity 50% higher than normal.

This result is similar to a study in 2007. The study pointed out that people who regularly played the action game for 1-2 hours a day could improve their vision by up to 20%. 

Besides, scientists also said that gaming in moderation was a good way to exercise and improved your vision without a doctor.

2. Increase in process of thinking

Games simulate stressful situations, so playing video games is a good way to train your brain. According to Daphne Bavelier- a cognitive scientist, playing action games can affect your brain in making faster decisions without losing accuracy.  You have to think quickly to deal with matters and situations in both game and real life.

3. Faster reflex and hand-eye coordination better

In shooting games, characters can run and shoot at one time. Therefore, both your eyes and hands work at the same time.

If you often play games, your hand-eye coordination will become faster. Your eyes will move faster when focusing on targets in-game.

Your hands also reflect quickly to move and shoot. Gradually, that will become your habit or natural reflex. You can apply it in real life to work more effectively.

4. Increase in concentration

It is obvious that people only want to do what they like, so they will tend to focus on their favorite things.

Therefore, when you play your favorite games, you will pay attention to enjoying them. You do care nothing around you because you only try to win the game. Besides, video games are designed very interestingly, so they are attractive to players.

This thing also makes concentration while gaming. Gradually, your concentration habit will become your skill when you do anything. You can apply it in working and studying.

5. Training perseverance and difficulties

In the game, obstacles that are set up for players go easily too hardly. There are many game situations, gamers have to face.

Even, they are really at a standstill and do not find any solution. At that time, they feel tired, bored, and exhausted. They may want to give up all the game. If they are without the patience to deal with game difficulties, they will not overcome and win the game.

This is a good way to train your perseverance and know how to overcome obstacles in-game and in real life. You never quit anything. You focus on your goal and complete it.

6. Reduction of stresses

In recent years, Jane Barnett- a professor and a professional group studied the mood change of 292 gamers from 12-53 years old before and after gaming.

The result showed that they felt comfortable and were relieved from stress after gaming. They also were satisfied and relaxed so much.

However, Mr. Barnett said that the satisfaction of players was different. This thing depended on the character of the player.

Therefore, if you make a conscious choice to play video games after work, you will recover your spirit faster. You can reduce stress and work better after gaming.

7. Working better in a team

There are many video games to work in a team. For example, Team Fortress 2 needs to operate with other online players to defeat their opponent. Multiplayer games help to heighten the own teamwork skill to support the team.

Many types of research indicate that video games improve your working performance better. Especially jobs need flexible hand-eye cooperation, good concentration, wonderful memory ability, and immediate decision. It will be easy to adapt to a new environment and deal with problems in working.

8. Slow aging process

According to the study of the University of Lowa (America), old people can prevent the aging process due to mental exercise.

For instance, video games require that players know speed using, mental control, and skill. These games are different from traditional awareness exercises such as puzzles, and crosswords. They are hard to predict situations that happen in-game.

Therefore, video games help you to have flexible awareness, attention, and good memory, especially for the old. The living cost of old people is improved so much.

On other hand, playing games also brings disadvantages if you lose control of gaming. You spend a lot of time playing games and neglect other things.

That is not good and can affect your health badly. Therefore, all things have to be in control. You will gain benefits if you do this thing.

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