Best Paintball Mask on Amazon: Anyoupin Paintball Mask 2023

Anyoupin isn’t a brand that most of us would recognize straight away. This generic and budget-friendly paintball mask certainly isn’t designed for serious paintball players who regularly train on the field or take part in competitions.

However, it is so cheap that it serves as an excellent disposable paintball mask. It’s nicer than what you would get at as a rental and a hell of a lot more hygienic.

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Key Features of the Anyoupin Paintball Mask

  • Extremely affordable
  • Goggles detach from the mask
  • One size fits all
  • Lightweight yet durable

The Design

This paintball mask is not unlike the GXG XVSN- another budget paintball mask that I would categorize as disposable. However, it is slightly more expensive (by about $4) and sports a better design.

This paintball mask is designed to protect your face, forehead, chin and ears. The mask itself is constructed out of an impact resistant ABS composite. Essentially, it is a cheap and hardy paintball mask, just like the XVSN.

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Anyoupin Paintball Mask

The goggles are detachable from the mask and can be worn independently. This is great because even if you do decide to chuck this mask at a later stage and buy something a bit nicer, you can keep the goggles to use for other things. 

The goggles fit snugly into the body of the paintball mask and it is the adjustable band of the goggles that keep the entire thing secured on your face.

You might be concerned that this would make the mask liable to slip in the middle of a game, but this is countered by the molded chin and forehead guard.

While you will be grateful for the ear guards if you ever have the misfortune of being shot in the ear, it can cause a little discomfort if you have a wider head and it makes it rather uncomfortable to wear if you wear glasses.

That being said, the foam padding on the interior is softer and considerably more comfortable than the rubberized padding found on the XVSN.

As you would expect on a budget paintball mask, the Anyoupin has a single-paned lens. While this offers an improved field of vision, it also increases the likelihood that your mask will fog up if you don’t apply an anti-fogging spray to the inside of the lens before you play a game.

I like that this paintball mask comes with a short visor as it can drastically reduce the glare from the sun. However, it is a bit flimsy and I would wager that one bad fall is all it would take to break it.

It Has Good Ventilation

What I really like about this mask is that it has surprisingly good ventilation for such a cheap paintball mask.

There are large vents located on the forehead guard with auxiliary vents around the ear and cheeks. All of these vents mean that this paintball mask cycles hot air out of the mask really well.

The mouth and nose guard consists of an internal and an external layer, with a bit of spacing in between the two.

The internal layer consists of circular vents that have smaller openings to prevent any debris that made it through the external layer from reaching your mouth. The external layer of this piece consists of longer slit vents that have wider spacing between the grates than the internal layer.

The combined effect of this double layer is that you can suck fresh air into your mask extremely efficiently without worrying about your mouth and nose being exposed to paint splatters, mud, and any other debris.

Do Not Use the Rental Masks

If you are going to play paintball for the first time, or as a one-off event then you might be inclined to just show up and use the rental equipment.

This makes sense if you do not intend to get into the sport yourself, and you will be able to enjoy yourself using a rental marker.

However, you should still purchase your own mask beforehand. Why? Because rental paintball masks are really unhygienic.

Hundreds of strangers from all walks of life have stuffed their heads in those masks and then gone on to breathe heavily sneeze cough, and so on in that mask.

Paintball is a physically demanding sport and you will be breathing heavily- especially if you are not used to that form of exertion.

I visit paintball fields very frequently and while I never rent any of the equipment, there is no doubt in my mind that most places only clean the masks once in a millennium.

A cheap paintball mask such as the Anyoupin doesn’t cost much, and you can be certain that you are the only person who has ever worn that mask. It’s way more hygienic and for 18 bucks, you won’t feel too bad about chucking it out after one use.

Who Should Buy this Paintball Mask?

Now that you know about the design of this mask and its pros and cons, you need to consider whether this paintball mask is the right one for you.

I’ll say outright that I do not recommend you buy this mask if you intend on getting into paintball and playing with any sort of regularity unless you are on an extremely tight budget.

Perhaps you want to save your money for a nice marker, and so are happy to opt for a cheaper mask in the beginning.

However, you will have a much more enjoyable time in the field with a comfortable mask. This mask may be more comfortable than the XVSN, but it’s still a far cry from many of the nicer paintball masks on the market.

best paintball mask

It’s a lot easier to say who this marker is for than who it isn’t. On a really tight budget? Buy it. Only play paintball extremely sporadically?

Buy it. Don’t want to stick your head inside a stinky petri-dish of a paintball mask? Then don’t use the rental masks, rather buy a cheap one.

In most other cases, it is probably better if you invest in a higher-quality paintball mask.

Which is the best paintball mask for beginners?

There are a lot of different paintball masks on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. A good option for beginners is the JT Spectra Flex 8 & Anyoupin Paintball Mask. It’s comfortable to wear and provides good protection from paintballs.

Final Thoughts

This is a cheap marker. It is durable enough for you to play paintball safely and cheap enough that you won’t feel bad about throwing it away after very little use.

Everyone has played paintball a couple of times in their life, but not everyone decides to take it up as a sport. The Ayoupin paintball mask is an excellent choice for those who are going to play paintball but do not necessarily delve deeper into this exhilarating and healthy activity.

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