Best 13 Inch Gaming Laptops

Gone are the days when people use to play outside and there was some kind of physical activity. Now due to various reasons, most people are enjoying games on their laptops only.

And they are quite passionate about playing games on laptops. And because of this trend, the gaming industry has also transformed tremendously.

Manufacturers are working nonstop to come up with Laptops that can provide you a better and plush gaming affair. With the advancement in technology gaming industry has become very competitive. And the manufacturers are churning out new models according to the demand and trend.

Today more people are opting for portable laptops and they are much in demand due to their lightweight and compact design. The 13 inches size is quite fitting when it comes to carrying around. Nobody wants to carry a bulky laptop with them.

The 13-inch gaming laptops have gained its ground very fast in the market. The reason for this is that they are an excellent unification of portability and proficiency. Students and professionals also like this size as it can be easily adjusted in school bags and office briefcases.

But when it comes to picking the best 13-inch laptop, particularly for gaming is not an easy task. Because all the laptops are designed differently. And they all comprise specific attributes and functionalities. And it’s not possible also to check all of the specs and features.

There are many aspects that make a laptop perfect. And it’s always confusing when you have plenty to pick from. To make your job easy we have gathered some of the best 13 inch gaming laptop to help you pick the best.

A 13-inch laptop is ideal for gaming but you have to make sure that the GPU withstands your selected games.

If you compare it with a larger screen it would not be that gripping. But, it is still perfect for playing games.

The important thing is the specs and features should be good for gaming the size of the screen is secondary. If the specs of the laptop are amicable with your game type then screen size is not that crucial.

Reasons to have a 13 Inch Gaming Laptops :

There are many benefits of having a 13-inch laptop; you will definitely realize this when you buy it. The obvious one is its portability.

They are quite handy when it comes to carrying them around. If you are looking for something compact and not so heavy then a 13-inch gaming laptop is for you. Not only has this it has high processing speed and power in a tiny package.

As they comprise a whisky Lake Intel Core i7 processor, that makes it 4 times swifter in processing the game content. Almost all the 13-inch gaming laptops comprise NVIDIA GeForce graphic card, and this gives you much clarity when you play huge memory games.

So, let’s look at the list of the best 13-inch gaming laptops that are the perfect unification of movability and power.

HP Envy 13

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Best 13 Inch Gaming Laptops

Dell XPS 13

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Best 13 Inch Gaming Laptops

Razer Blade Stealth 13

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Best Gaming Laptops For Sims 4

Microsoft Surface Book 2 with 4k display

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Best 13 Inch Gaming Laptops

Apple MacBook Pro 13

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Best 13 Inch Gaming Laptops

Buyers Guide: Things To Consider Before You Buy A Best 13-Inch Gaming Laptops

The more you know about the product the better your choice will be. You just can’t grab anything without knowing much about the product as it’s an expensive device.

Features and specs certainly indicate whether it is the best device or not, but how do you know whether it’s good for you or not?

The answer is quite simple; you should know your needs and priorities. If you know this then your task is easy. And your job will be much easier if you ponder some aspects before picking a laptop.


The reason these machines are so popular is that 13-inch laptops are ultraportable. It is the perfect blend of screen and weight. For instance, when we look at Dell XPS it weighs just 2 pounds but comes with a 13.3-inch display.

Some 13-inch laptops are also heavy but not as much as that 15 or 17-inch laptops but considerable when you compare them to other laptops of their size.

So, it’s better to get a laptop with lesser weight as it is the main reason for picking a 13-inch laptop.

Battery Life:

No matter which size of laptop it is 13 or 17 inches the battery life is the most crucial feature of any gaming laptop.

Portable devices need to give long runtimes; or else their movability will not be of much use. Try to get a laptop that comprise at least 9 hours of battery time. And if you get something around 13 hours that will be fantastic.


Memory always counts a lot no matter what you do. But, if you are getting it, particularly for gaming, then it’s better for you to go for a laptop with solid memory.

Almost all the games today require more space. And the size of games is escalating with every passing day. So, to evade any space shortage, it’s better to go for at least 8GB RAM.


When your budget is limited, then you have to sacrifice a few things. Usually, people aim to get maximum power in a limited amount.

Certainly, you can do this, but some other features will not be as refined as compared to exclusive laptops. Getting a perfect laptop is not the deal but getting maximum features at a low price is what you should look for.


Most people generally think that this feature is not crucial but it’s very important particularly if you plan to use the laptop for work.

But this also depends on person to person, it’s usually quite easy to type with a bigger keyboard, and a laptop that comprises a larger frame will tend to have a bigger keyboard in general.

So if you feel it’s comfortable to type on a micro keyboard, then a 13-inch laptop is the best pick for you. And if you are one of those who like a keyboard with more space to free your hands, then you can also think about a 15-inch laptop.

Screen size or display size also plays a crucial part when you pick the best. But as people are looking for portability the portability comes at a price. And sometimes it’s harder to play on or use these machines if you have bad eyes.


If you are one of those who like to multitask then you should think about the ports. Because your laptop’s ports permit those to attach to distinct peripherals and this can be very handy.

If your laptop comprises more ports then it can connect to more devices. But when you compare a 15-inch laptop with a 13-inch laptop then most 15-inch laptops have more ports.

But if you look closely there isn’t that much big difference as they usually just add 1 or 2 extra ports.

All the 13 inch gaming laptops discussed above are quite exceptional. And some of them are quite amazing and true ultraportable gaming laptops that can certainly provide you extreme accuracy.

One of the above mentioned laptop comprises features like biometric lock system and updated NVIDIA graphic card and that usually attracts many users.


Hope we have given you enough information about the best 13-inch gaming laptops. We have tried our level best to give you enough knowledge about the product.

So you can get the best. The list that we have provided you is not the ultimate. But the products that we have included are tested and reliable.

And if you are still confused then it’s good for you to do some research. And as we have discussed earlier if you have more knowledge then you will pick the best product.

In the last few years technology has progressed remarkably, and these compact devices have become our everyday requirement.

So the makers are churning out some polished designs and this is leading to confusion for many. But now you have a list of the 5 best 13-inch gaming laptops that are quite competent.

It’s not that difficult for you to pick the best. Take your time go through all the details and get the best one. We are sure that if you pick anything from the list it will definitely match your requirements, budget, and needs.

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