Best 32 inch Gaming Monitors

If you’re looking for a good gaming monitor, it’s tough to find the perfect one. There are so many models out there and each has its own set of features that might or might not be suitable for your needs.

It can be difficult to figure out which model is best for you without getting overwhelmed with all the options available.

We’ve taken some time to research some of the most popular monitors on offer today and have come up with this list of the Best 32-Inch Gaming Monitors in 2024.

Are You looking to buy a new monitor for your computer? and you want the best possible gaming experience. There are many choices out there, so it can be hard to choose which one is perfect for your needs. Fortunately, we have done the research for you! In this article we will discuss our top picks of Best 32 Inch Gaming Monitors that would suit any gamer’s needs.

It’s always a great experience for the gamer to play with some lively colors with each passing pixel. And when this happens you always want some more. If you have a high-definition monitor it takes gaming to another level, particularly if they are broad enough to cover your surrounding vision. You can also say that, having a 32-inch gaming monitor is like a boon to a gamer.

But most of these monitors are quite expensive though, but if you look at the results that it gives you it’s worth it.

But in the end what everyone wants is a worthier, capable, and working monitor. So having the best 32-inch gaming monitors for gaming is very beneficial.

Usually, all the gamers spend quite a long time in front of the monitor. It’s a machine that completely influences our lives and our health also.

So it’s always better for the users to get the best. Screens comprising finer resolutions or substantial sizes can be astonishing for both work and play.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an exclusive display or a more economical option; a 32-inch monitor is always better than the smaller models.

Everything appears very clear on this monitor, because of the higher resolution a bigger viewpoint on the screen is easily possible, it’s thrilling to game on these monitors.

Reason To Have a 32-Inch Gaming Monitor

If you are a passionate gamer, then you know the importance of a new monitor. It’s always good to look around for the best possible option.  

If you have decided to get a computer screen then it’s a big investment, and if you pick smartly, it will definitely last for years.

32-inch monitors can be very helpful for those people who have a little bit of extra desk space and are interested in fitting a lot of stuff onto their screen at once.

If you are one of those who multitask more often, then a bigger monitor with a larger resolution will improve your productivity.

A 32-inch gaming monitor is fantastic for gamers. You can easily notice the difference between your current monitor and a 32-inch gaming monitor.

When you play your selected game on your current monitor, it’s good but it can’t match the top quality that a 32-inch monitor provides.

The execution is so remarkable that you will be delighted. This is the reason that usually a 32-inch screen has a heavy price tag.

Nowadays, almost all 32-inch screens comprise a decent set of specs similar to their smaller counterparts, so don’t bother about the specs you will not miss anything.

All you need is enough space for one, then a 32-inch monitor will definitely serve you well; it’s the best inclusion to a strong PC setup.

Now picking a 32-inch monitor is becoming a more obvious thing, because of this the market is full of some latest models.

Almost every brand is busy making a 32-inch model, but out of those which one is good? To help you out we have gathered the best 32-inch gaming monitors.

The best gaming monitors have a high refresh rate and low input lag. A couple of other things to consider when looking for a gaming monitor are its brightness level and response time. The best monitors have these two features in check; they come with LED backlighting which has excellent contrast levels while also being brighter than their LCD counterparts. If you’re looking for superb picture quality, go with an OLED TV as it provides better black and white reproduction levels.

We have compiled a list that will provide you with enough information to make an informed decision on which product suits your needs best.

We hope this article helps you in choosing the Best 32 Inch Gaming Monitor for yourself or someone close to you.

ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor VG328H1B 32″

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best gaming monitor

Best 32-Inch Gaming Monitors

  • ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB ) technology enables a 1ms response time (MPRT) together with Adaptive-sync, eliminating ghosting and tearing for sharp gaming visuals with high frame rates.
  • FreeSync Premium technology to eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates
  • Shadow Boost enhances image details in dark areas, brightening scenes without over-exposing bright areas

BenQ EW3280U 32-inch 4k Gaming Monitor

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Best 32 Inch Gaming Monitors

SEE MORE – Incredible 16: 9 image quality with 4K UHD 3840×2160 resolution and 95% DCI-P3 wide color gamut on an IPS panel make games and movies look amazing.

  • EXPERIENCE MORE – Sharp details, every time. Proprietary HDRi enhances HDR content with intelligent control, clarity refinement, and vivid colors for game or movie enjoyment. FreeSync and Super Resolution improve video performance
  • HEAR MORE – Hear what you’ve been missing. 2. 1 channel speakers w/a 5W subwoofer and DSP-powered custom audio options reveal new levels of sound quality and intensity
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    Experience more detail than ever before with the BenQ GW2765HT 27″ LED monitor featuring a 2560 x 1440 WQHD display, HDMI input, integrated speakers & a stand that delivers height adjustment, tilt & swivel capabilities for comfortable viewing angles. The BenQ GW2765HT is also VESA

MORE CONVENIENCE: What you want, how you want it. Access preferred settings with an included remote control, 5-way navigator, and a volume wheel

  • CONNECT MORE: Versatile USB-C, HDMI, and DP (DisplayPort) ports let you connect various devices to your monitor. EW3280U USB-C offers video transfer and 60W power delivery

LG 32GK850G-B 32″ QHD Gaming Monitor

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Best 32 Inch Gaming Monitors

QHD RESOLUTION: watch games come to life with vibrant QHD clarity and detail; the precise 2460 x 1440 resolution and impressive 31.5 inches of screen size combine for a thrilling, immersive gaming experience

  • NVIDIA G SYNC COMPATIBLE: this monitor supports NVIDIA g sync, an advanced display technology that nearly eliminates screen tearing and input lag for a smoother, faster gaming experience
  • 144 HERTZ REFRESH RATE: games played on this monitor are noticeably smoother and clearer when compared to game play on monitors with refresh rates of 60 Hertz or 75 Hertz

Sphere lighting: gamers can customize the LED Sphere lighting with an array of different colors and lighting modes to enhance the gaming experience; Brightness: 350nits (typ) / 280nits (Min)

  • Advanced gaming Features: dynamic action sync assures smooth, action while the Black stabilizer reveals enhanced Detail in dark scenes; The crosshair feature enhances accuracy in FPS games

Sceptre 32″ QHD 1440P Gaming Monitor

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Best 32 Inch Gaming Monitors

QHD RESOLUTION – QHD resolution is aptly named for having four times more pixels (2560 × 1440) than HD and delivers a splash of transcendent color and piercing clarity.

  • UP TO 85HZ REFRESH RATE – Up to 85Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync™ technology, images change faster and smoother than the standard, reducing screen tearing. The high refresh rates allow you to enjoy fast action games without any motion blur or ghosting.
  • FAST RESPONSE TIME – Playing Fast action games and watching action adventure movies always require fast and accurate Pixel response from an LED. With quick Response times, ghosting and blurring are reduced so the user can enjoy the display with clarity and precision.

ADAPTIVE SYNC – The Best 32 Inch Gaming Monitors offers a DisplayPort that supports Adaptive Sync, which is the latest and most exciting advancement in PC gaming. This technology allows you to synchronize the refresh rate of your monitor with your graphics card, eliminating screen tearing or stuttering.

  • MULTIPLE PORTS – Two HDMI ports perform up to 60Hz and ONE DisplayPort provides up to 85Hz refresh rate, delivering a versatile advantage in all action-packed gaming sequences and work tasks. A headphone input jack is also available for your convenience If you are in a quieter or public setting.

BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor

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Best 32 Inch Gaming Monitors

Panoramic entertainment: immerse yourself in Gaming on the 31.5″ Screen of 2560×1440 resolution with 1800R curvature

  • 144Hz refresh rate: high refresh rate of 144Hz offers smoothness and fluidity for game playing
  • Display HDR 400 VESA Certified: offers greater brightness and contrast level to deliver users a detailed and vivid image performance
  • Free Sync 2: empowered by AMD Free Sync 2 technology to eliminate choppy tearing and broken frames and ensure smooth game play
  • Connectivity: USB-C enables SuperSpeed USB data transfer and 2K video delivery on one cable

Asus XG32VQ 31.5 Gaming Monitor

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Best 32 Inch Gaming Monitors

ENHANCED CUSTOMIZATION FEATURE – The ASUS exclusive GamePlus hotkey provides in-game enhancements such as a crosshair overlay, an onscreen timer, and an FPS counter.

  • MARATHON READY – The ergonomically-designed stand with full tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment plus VESA mount compatibility allows you to play games for long hours without straining your eyes or neck.
  • BEST 32 INCH GAMING MONITORS – Featuring a superfast 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate, this curved monitor with FreeSync technology delivers the smoothest gaming experience without screen tearing or stuttering.

ASUS Eye Care technology minimizes eye fatigue and ailments with flicker-free backlighting and blue light filters

  • Exclusive game plus and GameVisual now with new MOBA mode for color enhancements for more focused gameplay.
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Things To Consider Before you Buy The Best 32-Inch Gaming Monitor: Buyer Guide

The above-listed 32-inch monitors are the best ones. We have tried to select from a wide range of specs to provide you with the best.

But if you are not that good with computers, you may find it a little difficult to know all the terms. But you don’t have to worry, we will help you out.

There are many factors that can affect the quality of your monitor, including resolution, color accuracy, contrast ratio, response time, and viewing angle.

Below are some of the things to consider when buying a 32-inch gaming monitor.


If you want to play games on 1080p or 1440p, then it’s better for you to go for the resolutions like 2160 x 1440 and 1920 x 1080. And if you are into 4k gaming, 3860 x 2160 is the resolution to look for.

These are the most appropriate resolutions, which can provide you with a 3D gaming experience when switched on. It’s quite simple, the more you increase the resolution, the more captivating the image comes out.

Response time:

This one is very important; try to go in-deep when pondering the exclusive attributes of a given monitor.

If you look at today’s gaming standards, the response time you need is a minimum of 5ms to play games smoothly without any delays. Don’t ever get confused by monitors that attract you by their pleasing looks.

It’s better to go for the monitors that have a 1ms response time; if you get these monitors then certainly you can bank on them for future gaming sessions.

Most gamers know, that the lower response timings are the main reason for motion dimness and all types of visual harshness.

 The motive of Your Monitor:

But before you think of anything else, you have to be very clear about the reason for buying. For what purpose you are buying this monitor. Are you buying this particularly for gaming? Or you want to use it for some other stuff also. Like photography, video editing, animation, etc. Or it’s just for the routine use. Because the specs you look for gaming is completely different.

So the features of your monitor mainly depend on its purpose of it. For instance, if you are into creative work, then you can go for a bright IPS panel that comprises a decent color reproduction. But, particularly for gaming and basic use, a TN or a VA panel is appropriate.

Refresh Rate:

This one is the most crucial aspect to ponder before getting any gaming monitor. Almost all gamers know this, the Refresh rate is gauged by how quickly the pixels are generated. Usually, it’s measured in hertz (Hz).

Almost all the gaming monitors in the present era start from 60 Hz and goes up to 240Hz, which is considered the best refresh rate figure you can attain.

To make it simpler, if the refresh rate is higher, then your monitor will be much faster, and quickest in generating pixels and decreasing the overall delays between two separate moving pictures.

Types of Panel:

Almost all the best monitors today have these panels; basically, there are three types of panels. Every panel is quite distinct when you look at its angles, quality of image, and color spectrum. In the cache, you will find the IPS panel, TN panel, and VA panel.

  • IPS panel:

This is one of the exclusive panels and it’s ideal for works like rendering, and this one is quite capable of generating maximum color perfection.

  • VA panel:

This panel is not so good with response times. It will be around 10ms, which finally results in visible input and output lag. But at the same time, the same panel comprises finer viewing angles, a decent contrast ratio, and resourceful image depth. These types of panels are usually good for monitors which we use for routine work.

  • TN panel:

If you want the best response rate then this panel can provide you. And one more thing, this panel provides degraded viewing angles also.

Are 32-inch monitors good for gaming?

In general, yes. They’re not as big as TV screens (typically 36 inches) but they have a more defined resolution. You also don’t need to sit so close in order to see everything clearly.

However, it’ll depend on the games you play. For example, RPGs require less precision than genres like FPSs. So if you mostly play RPGs then 32-inch monitors are great!

It also depends on what you expect to be doing when you game. There are a number of considerations in this regard,

So I’ll walk through the possible ones. Keep in mind that different monitors are better at different things, so there is no one size fits all monitor.

In particular, it’s not a good idea to select the monitor for your needs based on other people’s opinions or as they were conveyed by someone with an interest in selling them – either outright or indirectly thru talk show appearances where they have been paid as “guests.” Follow this link to read more about the gaming monitor selections and what makes one better than another.

If you want a surround-view effect. The distance from the player’s eyes to the screen adds up and this is even more true for 32-inch or bigger screens that are spaced apart.

With a 30″ monitor (a very common size) placed at 16 inches in front of your eyes, the “walls” on either side would feel like they were 90 degrees to each other (due to the right/left discrepancy).

But with a 32″ monitor set up at 15 inches away, those “walls” would now be only 75 degrees apart. If one went back another 6-8 inches and started playing video games again at 20-24″,

Which is the best 32-inch gaming monitor?

The best 32-inch gaming monitor is :

Samsung SC32C330 Dell SE2717HX
Viewsonic VX2757-mh
LG 27GL600F-B

With a 32-inch screen, this is enough real estate to give you an expansive experience. It has the ultrawide VA panel that provides deep blacks and natural colors, and a refresh rate of 144Hz will give you smoother and more responsive gameplay.

It has AMD Freesync technology built in to eliminate tearing or stuttering during average use, but it also upscales lower resolutions for good visuals when connected to games consoles or old systems with low-resolution output like Nintendo Switch.

The 1920×1080 resolution is high enough for 256ppi without being too taxing on your GPU compared with 4K offerings at the same price point, so even people on lower budgets

Is 32-inch monitor overkill?

No, the human eye can’t see that much resolution. It’s demonstrated how what we see of the world in front of us is a big blur at any given time – our brain fills in detail from past experience and creativity but if you were to extrapolate out detail on anything seen, you’d never be able to perceive all of it without having superhuman eyesight.

Blurry or not, every letter or pixel is still there on the monitor and your eyes would not be capable of seeing them even if things appear blurry from far away. It’s just about your position with respect to your screen – projected onto a larger surface but where that distance compresses pixels together enough to seem more defined. You have great.

That’s hard to say. The best course of action is to explore all your options and see if there are any quality monitors in a size better suited for your needs. You might find, for example, that you prefer a 24-inch monitor because it’s easier to carry around or fit on a desk and does not take up too much space.

The phrase “overkill” means using more than what is needed; needless or extraneous violence of words, tactics, measures, etc., with respect to the object one, professes to be combating or destroying. some people might think 32 inches is too big and overkill when considering the size of their desks because the monitor may take up space where they would like other items as well.

How far should I sit from a 32-inch gaming monitor?

You should sit about an arm’s length away, with the screen slightly below eye level.
The size of your monitor is a personal preference that you can set to suit the majority of your needs. However, here are some guidelines on how far apart from and high up from a monitor you need to be in order to work comfortably.

The distance between the head and eyes when looking at a computer is called the visual angle of convergence or workstation distance (see Figure 2). This is like tracking alignment for people who do 3D artistry rather than design – as they look at their monitors, they adjust their distances until there are no visible “convergence” points in their peripheral vision.


We know how hard it is to pick the best from a lot. But we have done our job by picking the best 32-inch gaming monitors for you.

It’s not that the above-mentioned products are the only ones on the market. But we have tried to gather the best ones with some solid features and that too quite nominally priced.

If you want you can do some research also and pick anything that suits you. Most specialists say that 32-inch monitors are here to stay.

This was the same case with 19-inch screens when they were new. But with the changing time, things changed from better to bigger.

People say this trend will proceed, but if you look at the desk size this might be close to 32-inch. So if you pick the best 32-inch gaming monitor you will be good for years. So take your time and get the best one.

A top-quality monitor can enhance your gaming experience. Today almost all the games have thorough graphics and are designed for high-resolution displays.

When purchasing a gaming monitor, you should look at the higher refresh rate, high resolution, and wider viewing angle.

And if you get all these in your budget then you are on your way to enjoying your gaming to the fullest.

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