Best 60 Percent Keyboards for Gaming

If you are reading this then it’s quite clear that you are one of those confused keyboard users who got stuck between choosing a tenkeyless, mechanical, or compact and 60% keyboard. But don’t worry it happens with most of the users.

And the fact is it’s really a very tough decision to make if you don’t have enough information about the product. The conflict between compact and mechanical keyboards can go on and on. And the users usually get caught in this.

Best 60 Percent Keyboards for Gaming

When we talk about mechanical keyboards they definitely have an edge over their counterparts, but the problem over here is the mechanical keyboard itself has so many choices that you don’t know what to do.

For instance, just have a look at a tenkeyless keyboard that doesn’t comprise a numeric keypad, 60% keyboard, which is much micro compared to the tenkeyless itself.

If you are interested in having more space on your desk then certainly the best 60% keyboard is the one you are looking for.

When we look at the track record, the best 60 keyboards have been marching against many opponents and are regarded to be variable of them all. The reason for this is these keyboards provide you sufficient room to navigate and target with your mouse.

Not only those, but these keyboards are also hard-wearing, variable, and comprise a longer keystroke and life span. Now let’s look at some of the benefits of having 60% keyboards.

It’s always better to go for 60% or tenkeyless keyboards over compact ones as mechanical keyboards comprise mechanical switches. And these switches are semiotic and strong and can easily upgrade your gaming affair.

Benefits Of 60% Keyboards:

As we have discussed above also 60% of keyboards are more compact and they can save your desk space with much ease. They are designed particularly for that purpose only.

Those who use their desk for other purposes also other than typing will appreciate the 60% keyboards.60% keyboards are like an initial step toward 40%.

If you think that 60% of keyboards are too small, then definitely you won’t like the 40% form factor also, and it may take some time for you to get used to them.

There is one way of knowing whether these smaller form factors are for you or not is by trying them in order, you can start from the larger form factors and then move to the smaller ones.

By doing this, you will easily know which one is best for you. To put it in simple words you better go for the one that saves you space without compromising the keys.

And most people think that 60% is the one. As it comprises all the crucial keys that most people use but stamps out the keys that usually people don’t use.

Looking at the size that they have, 60% of keyboards are a better choice for input keyboard shortcuts.

That’s very helpful if you are into arts & graphics designing, as designers use graphics tablets to draw & do their work, and they require a keyboard also by their side to input keyboard shortcuts.

The smaller keyboard is more capable of doing that. And it’s not just about saving the space of the desk they are quite helpful in minimizing your hand movements also. You don’t have to play your fingers more often to reach most keys on the keyboard.

And because the mouse is just beside you it can be grabbed easily. For many, this is not that much great, but it can certainly upgrade productivity for many.

So we have discussed some of the benefits of the 60% keyboards. Now let’s look at some of the best 60% keyboards that are at hand in the market.

Anne Pro2 60%

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Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gaming

RK Royal Kludge RK61 Wired 60% Keyboard

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Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gaming

Havit 60% Mechanical Keyboard

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Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gaming

Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming keyboard

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Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gaming

Kraken Pro 60- Bred Edition 60%

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Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gaming

Motospeed Wired/Wireless 3.0 mechanical keyboard

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Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gaming

Asceny One 60% Mechanical keyboard

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Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gaming

Redragon K552 Mechanical gaming keyboard

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Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gaming

Dierya DK61E 60% mechanical gaming keyboard

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Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gaming

Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gaming

Things to consider before getting Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gaming :

Switches and their types:

This one is a very complex issue as there are many types of switches. People usually drift to something that is quite in demand, but that’s not the way to go about it. You should be careful about what type of switch you are picking.

For instance, the Cherry MX switches are regarded as one of the best, particularly the Cherry MX blue and red because of their real feedback.

There are some companies you can easily trust as they are working really hard to churn out some unique tactile switches.

Wireless and Wired:

This totally depends on your personal choice. It’s up to you can go either way wired or wireless, but remember that the Wireless keyboards need Bluetooth 4.0 or higher for a flawless connection.

You just have to take care of the motherboard as it should support Bluetooth connectivity, and if not, then you can opt for wired 60% keyboards.

And one more important thing here is you should have at least 2.4GHz Bluetooth technology if you are urging wireless 60% keyboards.

And for those who travel frequently, and want to carry their keyboard with them and seek portability, going for wireless keyboards is the right option. As it allows you to carry them without handling the wires.


This one is obviously not that much important. But if you like RGB lights or LEDs or are interested in merging your keyboard with your gaming setup, then certainly you can go for a 60% RGB keyboard for gaming.

Keycaps and Its Material:

Whenever you get any type of keyboard, it’s always better to check its keycap types and overall build as it can definitely influence your entire gaming affair. When we talk about the keycaps, you will normally get ABS keycaps, and higher keyboards will provide PBT keycaps.

And much to your expectations, PBT keycaps are quite exceptional and retain their finish for a much longer time. And the material that almost all keyboards are made out of is plastic. But there are some exclusive options also that comprise metal backplates for more strength and overall severity.

Are these keyboards Ergonomic?

Yes, The 60% keyboards are certainly ergonomic, even though N-Key rollovers are usually missing from them. When we define ergonomics it’s nothing much but to uphold customer’s delight. The features you get with 60% are a function key, all those flashing RGB lights, and some spill-proof stuff also. And if a keyboard comprises all these features, then you can say that the keyboard is certainly ergonomic.

Which is the most economical 60 percent keyboard?

There are many keyboards that can come in this category and serve you well also. But the list that we have made totally focuses on all the types of keyboards, and that includes exclusive, and budget-friendly also. Budget is definitely important but you have to keep in mind that whatever type of keyboard you pick; it’s always better to look for its features and functionality. And sometimes it happens that when we go for the cheap keyboard it doesn’t work well and stops working within a short period of time.

Are 60% of keyboards superior?

The answer to this question depends on personal choice. Every individual has a different opinion when it comes to their choices. Most people prefer full-size keyboards and some prefer 60% keyboards because some people like to have all sorts of programmable keys, N-Key rollovers, and other added stuff that might help them in programming and gaming.

And there are some gamers who think that tenkeyless and 60% keyboards are perfect as they provide you more room on your desk. This will definitely help you in taking your gaming to another level.


So we have tried to cover everything from some of the benefits to the things that you should consider before buying the Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gaming.

We hope that this information will certainly help you in making a smart decision.  And one more important thing, the list that we have mentioned above is not bounded.

You can always do some research if you want to. Because there are many keyboards that you can look for. And the best thing about doing research is it will give you more information. The more informed you are about the product the wise your decision will be.

The reason why 60% of keyboards are widely used by many is that these keyboards are much more productive than any other standard-sized keyboard, but with few added features.

For instance, if you are not into programming and those programmable keys that you didn’t use on the keyboard are extra key placement for you.

Then no need to buy such a keyboard.  Not many people usually use the Numpad area and arrow keys. They are not that important but they are there as any programmable keys on the keyboard.

Because of this reason, 60% of keyboards are preferred by today’s gamers. So take your time to go through all the details that we have given you and pick the right one.

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