Best Affordable Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X

The gaming industry is changing continuously and that too at a rapid pace, all the diehard fans of the game are purchasing all those things that can help them in their gaming. The market is flooded with products that can help you in having a great gaming affair.

Like you will get headsets that contain RGB lighting and gaming chairs to provide you much comfort. But sometimes people just overlook the importance of a good gaming monitor.

And that’s not right thing to do because if you are interested in enjoying and magnifying your gaming sessions then a reasonable monitor will definitely help you. These monitors are capable of boosting your gaming sessions; and you can also master your selected games.

If you spend a lot of time playing your preferred games and are interested in becoming a professional gamer. Then you have to use the best gaming monitor as an average gaming monitor can’t help you. But the gaming monitors are a little bit costly.

The logic behind gaming monitors being expensive is they are tagged as gaming monitors, but there may be some genuine reasons also. But there are some solid gaming monitors also in the market that you can get at a reasonable price.

But don’t get confused and pick a regular monitor instead of gaming monitor because the screen of regular monitor is normally made for watching videos –and because of this, they don’t comprehend more than a 60Hz refresh rate.

And all the movies are fine with less than 60 frames per second, and the games that we play can escalate up to 150 fps, and if you have those extra refresh rates it definitely counts a lot.

When it comes to technical qualities a gaming monitor is very supreme and it’s not fair to compare it with a regular monitor. It’s beyond doubt that if you have a gaming monitor then definitely it can boost your performance.

According to the games that you play colors do play an important part in setting up the mood; this happens if you are into single-player games and not much in competitive ones. This is the time when the display panel technology of a gaming monitor slips in.

And when we talk about a fair bit of response time and refresh rate in a traditional monitor it’s tough to get it. But a gaming monitor can absolutely give you that.

Gaming monitors are exclusive but as a result of the tight race in the market and modern technology, you can get some solid gaming monitors at an affordable price. And to make your job easy we have short-listed some of the best gaming monitors with some outstanding attributes for you.

ViewSonic VX2452MH Gaming Monitor

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Best Affordable Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

Samsung C27F398 Gaming Monitor

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Best Affordable Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

Dell SE271H KYKMD Gaming Monitor

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Best Affordable Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

AOC G2590FX Gaming Monitor

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Best Affordable Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

Acer H226HQL Bid Gaming Monitor

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Best Affordable Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

HP Pavilion 25xw Gaming Monitor

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Best Affordable Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor

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Best Affordable Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

LG 27MP59G-P Gaming Monitor

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Best Affordable Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

Asus VG245H Gaming Monitor

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Best Affordable Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

BenQ ZOWIE RL2455T Gaming Monitor

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Best Affordable Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

Things To Ponder Before Buying a Best Affordable Gaming Monitor:

You have to think about many things like quality size, and material before you get the best gaming monitor. So let’s put some light on important ones.

If you are thinking that a bigger monitor has the ability to add the surface regions to exhibit your game, it’s not like that. Just have a look at the market there are plenty of choices at hand when you search for the best gaming monitor.

High resolution can harm your monitor very severely as it can’t administer it, and low resolution is manageable but will give you all the dull images. To get an excellent outcome balancing is the right way to go.

If you are worried about these issues then go for the conventional set for what resolution you need to have in a particular monitor. Here we are talking about a limited zone because we have a budget in our mind. So you can say we are a bit squeezed.

Certainly, you will not get a 1440p,144 Hz monitor on a small budget. So, the best thing to do is go with FHD resolution as it has the ability to support many low-budget monitors.

Resolution and PPI:

When it comes to comparing the monitors with similar qualities then you can use PPI (pixels per inch) it’s a valuable metric. This is evident that when we start looking for an affordable gaming monitor, a 1080p monitor is the first monitor to appear in front of you. This is where the PPI comes into play.

Refresh Rate:

Usually, a refresh rate shows how briskly the monitor refreshes, and this can definitely influence your gaming affair. A faster refresh rate helps the monitor to respond to your data quickly, and you can handle any condition with much ease.

144 Hz is fine for online gaming as it’s the best choice at hand for online gaming, a high refresh rate is good for gamers not for everyone. But there are some monitors that can provide 240 Hz refresh rates also.  

Response Time:

This point is also very supreme as it can regulate the capacity of a monitor’s refresh rate. This indicates the total time is eaten up by the pixel to transform from one color to another on the monitor.  Observe these deeply and you will find that these two adaptable are very much bank on each other.

Response time is vital because it can lead to dull images when the motion is faster and a slower response time. The monitor will not match up with the game with that kind of slow response time. A swift response time united with a high refresh rate can certainly give you continuous crystal clear pictures.

Which attributes make a Gaming Monitor best?

The monitor which didn’t get influenced by its surrounding lights and colors without any fault is a good monitor. And if it’s showing the faster images on the screen with much ease, that too without any hiccups then you can tag a gaming monitor as the best.

Can a gaming monitor serve the user for daily work also?

Yes, the gaming monitor can definitely serve you well with other tasks also besides magnifying your gaming experience. And you can simply use a gaming monitor for your daily work as it has many functions. This is also one of the reasons the gaming monitor is in much demand.

When we talk about a gaming monitor it’s certainly the most vital thing for PC gaming. Your display dominates how you’ll watch your game’s display whether that’s resolution, widescreen or ultra-wide screen, or HDR color support.

Definitely, it’s not possible for everyone to get the most happening 4K gaming monitors around with high-refresh rates, extreme brightness, and built-in dimming technology.

The best thing happened for gamers in recent times is that display technology has advanced tremendously. And as a result of that, we have some good gaming monitors on the list of affordable gaming monitors.

So if you think that just because you are focusing on a particular budget you may get an average gaming monitor, then you are completely wrong.

Because of much advancement in technology and tight competition in the market, you can get a solid gaming monitor easily.

In fact, this is the right time to pick the best affordable gaming monitor as there are plenty to choose from.


Now you know all the details about the best affordable gaming monitor for Xbox one X. There are some benefits that you know and we covered the things that should be pondered before you get one. As we have focused on a specific budget we didn’t open up much.

The reason these gaming monitors are expensive is they contain some exceptional specs. That’s why we have assembled some of the best gaming monitors with some strong attributes and they are not that expensive.

So you can get the best gaming monitors on a low budget and enjoy gaming. Don’t forget the things that you have to consider that we have already mentioned above. But these two are certainly the prime factors the response time and refresh rate.

You can’t just pick anything as it will definitely influence your gaming affair. But if you are one of those who play occasionally then you can pick anything.  

All of these monitors are more feature-packed, so nobody can say that because the price is less they are not powerful enough. So you will get the best take your time and select one.

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