Best Automatic Paintball Gun USA 2022

Best Automatic Paintball Gun

When we talk about an automatic paintball marker it’s actually a paintball gun that runs with the help of battery-powered circuit boards to fire paintballs.

Most of the complete automatic paintball guns are equipped with various firing modes. It allows you to switch between the basic semi-automatic kinds to the fully automatic mode by just clicking one single button.

May be you are an amateur paintball player or a seasoned one and trying to start your paintball game, it doesn’t make any difference, you’ll require a new paintball gun someday.

The market is full of paintball guns, and to get the best automatic paintball gun for your next challenge may be a tough task.  

But you don’t worry about that as we have done this job for you by picking the best automatic guns that are available in the market. But before that let’s have a look at the types of automatic paintball guns.

Types of Automatic Paintball Guns:

Automatic paintball guns are mainly divided into two types: 

Mechanical – This type has defining mechanical systems that have the ability to reset/cycle after every trigger pull. 

But these are little bit heavier as compared to electrical markers as they use more parts to function.

It can also reduce the rate of fire and improves cycle time. The main benefit of this type is they don’t use batteries.

Electro-pneumatic –This type consist of a battery-powered circuit board to change firing modes and open fire.

It triggers the solenoid valve, accordingly firing shots without any mechanical action, which lessens cycle time after a shot and shoots up the fire rate. 

Which one is better Full Automatic Paintball Gun or Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun?

Naturally a semi-automatic paintball gun fires one shot at a time. So all you can do is quickly pull the trigger to escalate firepower. The issue with this is it has a slower fire rate; because they have a longer trigger cycle.

But a semi-automatic paintball gun needs less maintenance and certainly it’s much economical compared to a full auto paintball gun. If this gun ever breaks down, it’s easy to find parts to replace as they are easily available.

And when you look at the full-auto gun it may compel you to go for a professional help, particularly if you have one of the improved electrical models. A Dye M2 marker, for example, has the ability to charge wirelessly and needs updates once in a while.

There is one more type that is the electro-mechanical type these are basically mechanical guns comprising electronic trigger which electronically discharges the bolt to fire.

The basic firing mechanism is most similar to a standard mechanical gun. But the electronic circuit board gives you the freedom of   fully automatic firing, three-round rupture, and multiple firing modes.

The needed Maintenance

Almost all the electro mechanical guns can be maintained same as you maintain the mechanical marker. But you have to make sure that you are cleaning and oiling the gun immediately after the use .it is very important to keep the electronics dry at all times.

The Advantages

This one is regarded as the hybrid gun, so it can serve you the best of both worlds.
You have the dependability and it’s quite easier like a mechanical marker with the capacity to escalate your firing speed and shoot fully automatic.

If you want you can lessen the weight of the trigger pull and shrink the trigger pull.
Electro-mechanical type is very affordable if you compare it with true electro-pneumatic guns. The price is similar to most of the mechanical guns.

And the best thing is the parts that these guns comprise is almost the same parts as mechanical guns so replacement of parts is much easier.

However, if you are looking for automatic paintball guns then these are the best automatic paintball guns available in the market.

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun – Dust Dark Grey/Red 2-pc Barrel

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  • Integrated Break-Beam Anti-Chop Eyes + Multiple Firing Modes
  • Wrap-around fore grip for protection from elements and increased grip
  • Venting ASA regulator with ON/OFF lever

First Strike T15 A1 Carbine Airsoft Rifle / Full Auto

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  • CUSTOMIZE:Personalize your T15 A1 to your style of play – the First Strike T15  A1 Carbine Airsoft Rifle accepts multiple “real steel” parts so you can adjust your game play.
  • FEATURES Functional Spring-loaded Charging Handle Hi-Cap AEG Magazine Safety Marking Tape 13ci 3000psi Aluminum Tank Manual

Empire Mini Axe 2.0 Marker

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  • Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker
  • Dust Tan / Olive

Dye Rize CZR Paintball Gun

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  • Packed with features normally only found on high-end markers, the DYE Rize CZR delivers premium features without the pro price tag. The CZR gives you the ability to compete with any marker on the field through a proven, reliable platform that delivers.
  • Featured loaded with the precision True Core two-piece 14″ barrel, proven Hyper3 regulator, DYE Ultralite on/off Airport, and DYE Lever Lock adjustable clamping feed neck the CZR is packed with features that make playing paintball easier and more fun by adding more firepower to your game.
  • Innovations like the internal Anti-Chop eyes, screw together bolt design, DYE’s patented self-cleaning 4th generation Eye Pipe, and Color Coded O-Rings keep maintenance to a minimum and easy when required. Built to last and withstand even the toughest of games, the CZR performs in all conditions with minimal maintenance.

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker

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  • Both FSR and 68 Cal Paintball compatible
  • Polymer CQC shroud
  • 190mm Smoothbore Bull Barrel
  • Mechanical Semi/Full Auto Action
  • 2 pin field strip take down


Automatic paintball guns are more flexible and easy to use as compared to mechanical paintball guns.

Automatic paintball guns provide excellent shooting-range and they are quite accurate.

The triggers of automatic paintball guns are much more ductile and computerized. You just have to pull it once to execute several shots.

Fully automatic paintball guns are more resourceful as compared to mechanical guns. Because these guns have multiple firing modes and it can enhance your shooting experience.

Buying Guide for Best Automatic Paintball Gun


The weight of a paintball gun can remarkably influence the playing affair of a paintball shooter. One of the crucial elements of an outstanding simulation game is its portability. It is always easy to move around with lightweight paintball gun in a pretending game. No matter what, it’s better to go for a paintball gun that can be easily carried so that you can move swiftly.

Playing Style:

As everybody knows every paintball shooter has his own unique playing style. So, distinct simulation games are built to cover certain objectives. This usually has an influence on the playing style. So it’s always better to get a paintball gun that is adjustable to different playing styles.

Brand Reputation:

The paintball gun market is full of options and it’s quite competitive also. There are a number of paintball guns brands out there. It is important to know that a well-known brand may also sometimes doesn’t have a quality product. But if you are worried about sound quality, brand reputation is corresponding.  There are some brands that are ignored but produce quality guns.


An extremely customizable paintball gun has the ability to grow with you and enhance your game. You can also say that customization improves the quality of a paintball gun and makes it more resistant. Look for more rails as it will provide you more customization options.

Selective Fire:

A number of paintball guns comprise a technology that gives you the freedom of   changing firing modes. Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball is one among those guns. These guns have the ability to upgrade the variation of your firepower.

Power Source:

Usually most of the paintball guns use rechargeable batteries to shoot their paintballs. And some make use of various carbon gasses to power their shots. Electric paintball guns are more systematic as compared to gas-powering ones.


Every paintball gun is almost having the same competitive pricing. But only cost is not always guaranty you the quality. You just can’t buy a paintball gun because it is expensive.

It’s better to examine the features before you invest. So you listen to your pocket for a semi-automatic paintball gun. And always look for value rather than just the cost.

 Ratings and Reviews: Consumers ratings and reviews help you a lot as they provide useful information about the performance of a product. It’s quite beneficial when you read consumers reviews and gauge them with the seller’s approach. Ask your friends who already got the product as you can learn from their experience.

Ease of Maintenance:

Usually all the paintball guns are easy when it comes to maintenance. But, some paintball guns need special cleaning and maintenance. Read thoroughly the manufacturer’s guidance to know about the cleaning of your gun.

You need to go through your user manual carefully especially the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. Every paintball gun comes with exclusive particulars. Make sure to know about disassembling your gun, the required tools for doing that, and most important oil for lubrication.

The best way to maintain your gun is to regularly cleaning your gun straight away after you use it. By this way it will serve you more and it will be much effective also. Don’t forget to lubricate delicate parts when you finish your gaming.

Is it possible to carry an automatic paintball gun in arenas? This is the question that bothers most of the paintball players. It depends on depending on where you play. Some arenas have a severe ordinance to semi-auto firing only.

The reason for this is it allows you to set an automatic marker to shoot quickly without disobeying the rules. But there’s a restraint you cannot continue this for long, irrespective of the fact that you have upgraded your marksmanship on the paintball field. Mostly the standard is set at fifteen balls per second.


You can’t say that a gun is perfect or the best paintball gun just because it has the ability to fire continuously. Make sure it’s a type of gun that you can handle easily and it should be quite flexible, and more importantly has the firing modes approved in your arena.

Full auto and ramp shooting are two completely different modes. You are required to make use of the latter for an entire weapon. But, if you’re fine with a marker with just a full-auto and semi-auto, you will get more choices in the market.

If you are confused then a little bit of research will help you a lot. Go through the above mentioned buying guide take your time and pick the best one that suits your gaming style.