Best Budget Gaming Laptops For Beginners

Every passionate gamer wants to have a gaming laptop, but some of them can’t buy it as they are a bit costly. But you don’t have to worry about it as it’s not that difficult to get the best gaming laptop within your budget.

We have gathered some of the best gaming laptops for you and these laptops are quite affordable. And the best thing about this list is it’s not only for gamers but also for the people who expect their laptop to perform well when doing other tasks like photo editing, video editing, and even programming.

But when we talk about not so expensive laptops they are much better at gaming. You have to be careful while picking a gaming laptop. As all laptops are not gaming laptops as they do not have the features that are required for gaming.

That’s why gaming laptops usually carry a heavy price tag.  But if you look around you will definitely get the best laptops for gaming within your range. And those on a low budget can have them.

But when people get these laptops they don’t expect much from them, but they are good for playing all of your selected PC games.

The advancement in technology has resulted in remarkable improvement in laptop CPUs and GPUs, that’s why entry-level laptops became are so strong these days. Now let’s look at a few features that they usually have.

Whether you are using your laptop for gaming or for any other activity it is always beneficial to have a robust CPU and it is quite pivotal for a much faster computing experience.

All of the gaming laptops do have a powerful graphics card inside. And if we look at the laptops that are nominally priced they also have some powerful iGPUs like Intel UHD G1, AMD Vega 8. If you are thinking about using your laptop for just routine work then a laptop with 4 GB RAM is sufficient for you.

But when it comes to gaming you certainly need a higher RAM volume. So we have discussed about some of the specs that a gaming laptop comprise. Now let’s look at some of the best budget gaming laptops for beginners.

HP 15-DA0002DX Gaming Laptops

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Best Budget Gaming Laptops For Beginners

ASUS VivoBook F510UA Gaming Laptops

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Best Budget Gaming Laptops For Beginners

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Best Budget Gaming Laptops For Beginners

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Best Budget Gaming Laptops For Beginners

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Best Budget Gaming Laptops For Beginners

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Best Budget Gaming Laptops For Beginners

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Best Budget Gaming Laptops For Beginners

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ASUS VivoBook F510UA Gaming Laptops

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Best Budget Gaming Laptops For Beginners

Buying Guide For The Best Budget Gaming Laptop For Beginners:

Enjoying all the PC games, especially on your laptop is always fun, as it allows you to play with your online buddies, as there are many types of multiplayer games available. So as we have discussed all the laptops that are not that much expensive.

And they are quite decent for entry-level choices. But, it’s always very confusing when you have plenty of choices. So to make your job easy we have made this buying guide for you it will clearly help you.


Most people know that the important components of any laptop or desktop are its processor or CPU. It helps you to operate multiple tasks that usually you run on your laptop. And the most important task for a gamer is to play the entire modern PC game and it definitely needs a strong processor.

And for this reason most of the gaming laptops do have the strongest Intel Core i5 and AMD Ryzen 5 processors which are best suited for your gaming needs. And if they have AMD Ryzen 3 or Intel Core i3 CPUs that’s also fine for playing games at lower resolution.


Don’t think that if you have the decent processor then you will be good, you have to consider one more thing and that is graphic card or GPU. It is an important component in laptop that has an impact on your gaming. It’s important as it escorts the display of 3D graphics which is must for modern PC games.

But when we talk about affordable laptops, sometimes they have Intel UHD G1 Graphics, and AMD Radeon Vega 3. And much to your surprise, these GPUs are not so powerful, but there is an option of lowering the graphics settings to play your preferred PC games.


Sometimes the laptops get inoperable because you use your laptop for gaming and other activities and the RAM stores it all or it will remain in prime memory. And because of this, the RAM is full, and this results in delays. So, having a laptop with sufficient RAM capacity is always preferable. Not only this some entry-level options have 8 gigs of DDR4 RAM which is adequate for enjoying any of your designated PC games.


Storage has nothing to do with your gaming performance, but you can’t ignore this either. Usually, most PC games are huge in size, and it’s quite sensible to have a laptop that has a high storage capacity.

And the good thing here is all the laptops that we have mentioned above, of them, have SSD drives of either 128 GB or 256 GB capacity ratings where extreme is fine. 

A hard drive offers more capacity if you compare it to SSD, but SSD is preferred as this offer much swifter storage access.  You can enjoy a fast computing experience if you have them.


A better display obviously looks good and the main thing is it can provide you with an enticing computing experience. To enjoy top-notch picture quality, go for the laptop with a high-resolution display. And if you look at the list above some of the gaming laptops do have Full HD displays.

And when it comes to size, it totally depends on your personal choice. Or go for a 14-inch or 15.6-inch screen size option. And in these two the smaller 14-inch screen size gives you a strong laptop. And if you are interested in the bigger 15.6-inch screen size it provides an engaging experience when you game on your gaming laptop.


If you are going for a gaming laptop instead of a gaming desktop, then you may use it for other activities as well besides gaming. That means you will be carrying when your laptop to your school or to your work, for this you must have a long battery life.

The standard life of battery in laptops that we are discussing is up to 5 hours. But if you look you can get some models that provide you up to 8 hours of battery life and for a gamer it’s sufficient for a day.


This one is very important don’t forget to examine that your preferred games suits your laptops operating systems. Or else you can’t play any of your selected PC games on your laptop. And all the gamers know this about the PC gaming, that Windows 10 offers the best support in terms of the variety of games that you can enjoy.


The best thing about a gaming laptop is it can cater to you for both work and play. As they contain robust hardware inside it’s easier for you to play any selected latest game.

The laptops that we included in our list are quite affordable but they may not run all the advanced games.

But as we are focusing on a particular price range you have to compromise a few things. If you want a more solid laptop then it’s better to stretch a bit more to get some solid hardware specs. If you look at the laptops that we have stated above they are quite dependable also.

When we look at their specs each laptop has an edge over the other. Doing some research also helps if you are confused and find it difficult to make a decision.  

And one more important thing to keep in mind here is never to listen to people who usually say that a laptop that is not expensive enough will not perform well.

This is a misconception, there are many decent laptops with some good features that are nominally priced. And the best thing about them is you can play all your favorite games on them.

We tried our level best to help you in making a wise decision. But it all depends on your personal choice. Ponder all these things and get the best one that suits your gaming requirements.

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