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How to Pick the Best Game Controller for Your PC?

It’s tough to play video games if you don’t have the Best Game Controller system. Sometimes a decent keyboard and mouse are good for your shooters and strategy titles. Some people don’t mind having a touch screen for smartphone puzzles.

But if you have a dedicated gaming controller then you can be at your best in most games.  This is the reason almost all game console comes with a gamepad or two, and why they all can be easily attached to your PC with some fixing.

Many people like to play games on their PC as it has the biggest library of titles stretching the widest range of genres and hardware requirements so it’s better for you to invest in a game controller.

It’s beyond doubt that you can play Fortnite with your current mouse and keyboard but usually, the games that you pick up from, Humble Bundle, or Steam will feel much superior if you have dual analog sticks under your thumbs.

There are several gamepads and various types of gaming controllers you can associate with your PC. We have assembled some options for you it will help you in picking the best game controller for your PC.

Utilize Console Controllers with Your PC:

When we look at the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One S, PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series X they all are exceptional.

And if you are having a Switch Pro game controller for your Nintendo Switch, then no need for you to look for the gamepad as you already have a gamepad and you can use with your PC. These game controllers are very strongly built and you can rely on them for have PC compatibility also.

Best Game Controllers Xbox :

Best Game Controller

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  • Experience the modernized design of the Xbox Wireless gaming Controller in Robot White, featuring sculpted surfaces and a refined geometry for enhanced comfort and effortless control during gameplay with battery usage of up to 40 hours.
  • Stay on target with the hybrid D-pad, textured grip on the triggers, bumpers, and back-case. Plug in any compatible headset with the 3.5mm audio headset jack.
  • Connect using the USB-C port for direct plug and play to console or PC. Support for AA batteries is included on the rear.
  • Seamlessly capture and share content with the Share button.
  • Use Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth, or the included USB C cable to play across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11 devices.
  • Compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11 devices.

It doesn’t make any difference whether you get it with the Xbox One or Xbox Series, or you bought it personally, the Xbox Wireless Game Controller is instantly compatible with any Windows 10 PC as a wired controller; all you have to do is just plug it into a USB port and you are good to start playing with it.

Most of the game controllers that manufactured in the last five years can be paired wirelessly with your computer over Bluetooth.

If you are interested in using multiple Xbox gamepads, or if you have a primitive Xbox Wireless Gaming Controller without Bluetooth, you can get the $25 Xbox Wireless Adapter to attach up to eight gamepads to your PC directly without bothering about Bluetooth pairing.

If you want to look for some more options, then there is Xbox Elite Wireless Game Controller Series 2 it’s also one of the best wireless gamepads.

Best Game Controllers For PlayStation :

Best Game Controller

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  • Bring gaming world to life – Feel your in-game actions and environment simulated through haptic feedback*. Experience varying force and tension at your fingertips with adaptive triggers*.
  • Find your voice, share your passion – Chat online with the built-in microphone. Connect a headset directly via the 3.5mm jack. Record and broadcast your epic gaming moments with the create button.
  • A gaming icon in your hands – Enjoy a comfortable, evolved design with an iconic layout and enhanced sticks. Hear higher-fidelity** sound effects through the built-in speaker in supported games.
  • DualSense Controller PS5 and PC compatible. Not compatible with PS4.

The PS4’s DualShock 4 and the PS5’s DualSense Gaming Controllers also has the ability to work with your PC with the help of a USB or Bluetooth connection, with some of the Steam games only.

Steam provides a PlayStation Composition Support choice in its game controller settings menu that should get both controllers to perform like an Xbox gamepad, and at the same time helps button remapping.

You also have the option of using the 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter, a $20 dongle that attaches to your PlayStation gamepad and various types of controllers and accordingly maps it to work in Windows.

And if you are looking for the roundabout setup, then using a DualShock 4 through a program called DS4Windows is not a bad idea. It’s free third-party software that deceit your PC to think that the DualShock 4 is a much more obvious (for PCs) Xbox gaming controller, like the Steam configuration mode and 8Bitdo USB adapter perform.

Best Game Controllers For Nintendo:

Best Game Controller

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  • Take your game sessions up a notch with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Handheld Nintendo Switch gaming at a great price
  • Comes with a charging cable (USB C to USB A)

The Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons are also good for your PC as it can also connect but you need to push it.

They’re quite exceptional on the Switch, but if you compare it with Dualshock 4 or Xbox wireless gaming controller they don’t feel quite as solid and they are not much comfortable also. Rather, you can go for the Switch Pro Controller.

It’s a powerful and hefty traditional gamepad that can work with your PC with much ease, and that’s because of the Switch Pro Configuration Support option in Steam’s controller settings menu. There are two choices below PlayStation Configuration Support.

For non-Steam games, WiinUPro and WiinUSoft you can use your Switch Pro Gaming Controller, as will the 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter.

Best Game Controllers For Third-Party PC Gamepads:

Best Game Controller

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  • 【Universal Compatibility】T4 pro-Wireless Game Controller Comes with Phone Bracket. It supports Android phones and tablets, Windows XP/ 7/8/10 ( Not Support Bluetooth Connection), macOS, and Deeply Supports Apple Arcade, MFi Games, and Switch Games.
  • 【Semi-transparen Cover.RGB Backlighting】Semi-transparent cover specially treated with matte finish shows excellent contents. The stunning colorful LED backlight on ABXY buttons and right joystick glows even in the dark. Compared to the traditional controller, it is cooler!
  • 【Dual Vibration. And Configurable Keys】Asymmetric vibrating motor with 5-speed levels enhances immersion in games. Provides a real-time and realistic gaming experience. Configurable M1 – M4 Buttons for Assign Complex in-game Macros.
  • 【2.4GHz / Bluetooth 4.0 / Wired 3 Connection Ways】10m(32.8ft) connectivity range covers the living room and bedroom. No wires, no mess, no hassle. Just wirelessly connect to your device and get to the gaming. PC only supports a Wired connection and 2.4 GHz connection.
  • 【Rechargeable battery】Standard Type-C Interface, Faster Charging, And Less Latency. 600mah Large Capacity Battery Sets Gaming Free From Battery Hassle.

If you want more options other than this mid-range of gaming controllers, then third-party gamepads offer much more variety and choice.

There are wired and wireless choices that range from $20 to over $200, and its pricing depends on its build quality design, features, and customization options.

The ones that are not exclusive gamepads from third-party manufacturers can be either good or bad in terms of how powerful they feel and how well they perform, so it’s better for you to always read the reviews of inexpensive and unknown gamepads that pretend to be good.

Most people go for the 8Bitdo Pro 2, an astonishingly flexible game controller that feels good and comprises loads of attributes and it’s not that expensive also.

It comprises programmable rear buttons, supports various configuration profiles, and can be enormously tweaked with 8Bitdo’s optimum Software. It can also work with the Nintendo Switch which means it can pull double duty for you if you want.

Custom PC Game Controllers:

Best Game Controller

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  • We use only authentic official controllers to build our customized controller. Custom controller design for tactical eSports Gamers.
  • You can activate the remap program during the game and assign a maximum of 14 buttons (X, O, Triangle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, L3, R3 ) to the rear buttons.
  • 6 in 1 interchangeable thumbstick, 3 different heights, 2 different ergonomic thumb grip designs, domed or concave. You can operate the controller flexibly, capture targets faster, and improve accuracy.
  • Take your game to the next level with the fully modular EDGE CONTROLLER. Interchangeable thumbsticks, play wired or wireless, switch thumbsticks in seconds, and remappable rear button configurations on the fly. With this highly engineered controller, the standard for top-notch gameplay has been elevated.
  • The package contains EDGE Controller, 6 in 1 interchangeable thumbstick, user manual, and after-sales service card. Please note controller doesn’t come with a cable or any other accessories. The controller does not fit the official charging station.

If you are ready to spend, then you can certainly go for enthusiast-level gamepads from companies like Scuf, Evil Controllers, and Controller Chaos.

These companies usually redesign first-party Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox gamepads, rebuilding them inside and out with custom designs, modified buttons, and often some kind of electronic trait to get an upper hand in games like Call of Duty and Fortnite by giving particular inputs that take benefit of certain mechanics.

These companies allow you to make your perfect gamepad from the ground up. You can go for different colors, patterns, and finishes that are at hand, with some added options like whether the analog sticks are concave or convex, stretched triggers, and even artificial bullet face buttons.

These gamepads usually have rear paddle buttons, and they offer multiple programmable inputs for your fingers that recline on the grip.

Custom Xbox One gamepads can work straight away with any Windows 10 PC, sometimes the various internal trait mods may not function with PC games like they will on the Xbox One.

Custom DualShock 4 controllers can work on your Windows 10 PCs with both a USB adapter and a tool like DS4Windows, but any added electronic mods in them are more distrust.

These gamepads are usually full of features it’s fascinating and customizable, but they’re a bit exclusive.

They all are a little pricey, with fully overhauled game controllers easily costing around $200. If you just need custom colors but are not interested in rear paddles or added features, the Xbox Design Lab allows you to make your own first-party Xbox Wireless Gaming Controller with your preferred colors and designs for a fraction of the price.

Best Game Controller for Arcade and Fight Sticks:

Best Game Controller

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  • Compatible with Sanwa Denshi buttons and joystick that is perfect for customization
  • Supports the XINPUT and DINPUT when being used on PC
  • A SONY PS4 Controller is required when using on a PS4 Game Console

If you want to copy the arcade cabinet controls then Arcade sticks, or fight sticks, are controllers that can do it for you.

They normally comprise a single eight-direction joystick and several big buttons, placed on a very big, flat base that you can set on a table or your lap.

They’re regarded as very crucial tools for passionate players of fighting games, like Guilty Gear Strive and Street Fighter V. They are also good for vintage arcade games, most of them are at hand individually or in compilations on every game system.

Hori is one of the well-known brands, with sticks for all three major game systems. Serious arcade sticks like Hori’s Real Arcade Pro series are famous for using similar sticks and buttons as Japanese arcade cabinets, which normally justifies their high price.

If you are interested in getting an arcade-style experience but don’t want to have the same intense build quality, then look for 8Bitdo’s Arcade Stick which provides enthusiast-level responsiveness and strong arcade parts for wireless connectivity and at a much lesser price.

If you want keen directional controls and more face buttons but like to grip your controller in your hand still, you can go for a fight pad like the Hori Fighting Commander or the Razer Raion FightPad.

These are gamepads that just take off the attributes that fighting game enthusiasts don’t require, such as analog sticks, and replaced it with  offering outstanding direction pads and three-by-two face button layouts.

Enthusiast Gaming Controllers: PC Racing Wheels and Flight Joysticks:

Best Game Controller

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  • TRUEFORCE: Unleash your passion for racing with high-definition force feedback. TRUEFORCE connects directly to game engines, processing at 4000 times a second to produce next-gen realism and detail in supported games
  • Programmable dual clutch: Get off the starting line faster with maximum traction and minimum smoke in supported games
  • Control the race: 24-point selector, RPM LEDs, integrated Xbox One or PC game controls, and progressive brake spring all help you maintain control of your vehicle at high speeds in supported games
  • Crafted with Premium Materials: refreshed Logitech G design with brushed metal wheel, hand-stitched leather wheel cover, and polished metal pedals
  • Compatible with most racing games on PC and Xbox One, with select titles specially designed for TRUEFORCE. Works on Xbox Series X.

What is the best game controller for PC?

There is no one “best” game controller for PC. Controllers that work well on console gaming systems, such as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 4, may not work as well on PC. Some controllers designed specifically for PC gaming, such as the Steam Controller, may offer a better experience. Ultimately, it depends on the individual’s preferences and the games they want to play.

If you’re into driving simulators or flight simulators, then you may think about investing in some simulator-worthy equipment.

Racing wheels are steering wheel controllers that allow you to drive cars in racing games by genuinely turning a wheel rather than tilting a stick.

The same goes with flight joysticks allow you to fly planes with a life-like full-hand grip to command your pitch, roll, and yaw. These are quite different types of controllers.

But they do have three crucial common aspects: They’re built for very particular games and genres, they usually comprise multiple, modular elements, and they can be exclusive. Hope all this stuff will help you in picking the best controller for your PC.

Before you get the new controller for your PC, try to get more information about the product as it will help you in making the right decision. The more informed you are about the product the wise your decision will be.