Best Gaming Headsets For GTA 5

If you want to have an immense gaming experience, then all of your senses must be involved in the game.  And only a good gaming headset for PC gaming can provide it. Usually, all gamers look for two things when it comes to a gaming headset.

And that is perfect and exact audio and a good medium for communication also. Many gamers prefer a 5.1 or 7.1 gaming headset for that surround audio effect that helps in tracking the moves of your rivals in first-player shooting games.

Online gaming is all about communication as it helps to execute perfect team plays. And only a decent gaming headset can offer this because these features cannot be found in a speaker.

Gaming headsets are certainly a perfect solution to any of your gaming audio requirements. But, because of growth in technology, the market is full of options but you have to pick the right one. 

So, for doing that you have to be quite clear about what to look for in a gaming headset. The foremost thing to decide is what do you want? A Gaming headphone or a pair of gaming headset. Because, there is a difference between a gaming headset and gaming headphone.

Conventional gaming headphones are ordinary headphones that are good for music enjoyment. But they do have some features that are excellent for gaming needs too. Like, they have this audiophilic attributes such as exact sound stage and the mesmeric sound affair that makes them a reasonable pair of gaming headphones.

But, not every audiophile headphones comprise a mic or has any kind of mic attachment slots. If you compare to gaming headphones, gaming headsets are uncomplicated. As they comprise a built-in mic that can be detached and every manufacturer makes it differently

Some of the mics have some extra features also like noise cancellation and bi-directionality. There are many benefits of having a gaming headset let’s look at some of them.

Benefits of Gaming Headsets:

Conventional gaming headsets are crafted for gamers who want an appropriate and more portable solution for their audio gaming needs that can help them in listening and communicating in-game without bothering too much about the technical details that are needed in setting up various devices. Genuine gaming headsets were not designed for routine use.

They usually featured styles from video games. Many gamers buy them because of their bold and gaming inspired designs but they are not as trendy as conventional music headphones. But, in last few years, manufacturers have upgraded their design game.

If you look at today’s gaming headsets they look much more stylish and trendier, with sleek designs and compatible microphones. All of the latest gaming headsets make for perfect multi-tasking audio companions for gamers who don’t have the money to spend on apart machines.

Because you don’t have to purchase a separate microphone, gaming headsets are a much more practical solution.

Every game is different from the other and their requirement also differs. Some games need exact directional sound cues that are very vital for team success. This is the reason many professional gamers prefer surround sound.

When we look for the best gaming headset for PC gaming it should comprise all the features that can enhance your gaming experience and that too at a reasonable price. Now, let’s look at our list of the best gaming headsets for PC gaming.

Logitech G530 7.1 Gaming Headset

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Best Gaming Headsets For GTA 5

Plantronics GameCom 780 Gaming Headset

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Best Gaming Headsets For GTA 5

ASTRO A40 with MixAmp 7.1 Gaming System

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Best Gaming Headsets For GTA 5

Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

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Best Gaming Headsets For GTA 5

Sennheiser PC 363D 7.1 Gaming Headset

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Best Gaming Headsets For GTA 5

Things To Consider Before You Buy The Gaming Headsets For GTA 5 (Buying Guide):

Most people think that buying a gaming headset is quite easy and simple thing to do. But it’s as crucial as buying a monitor for your gaming setup. It’s very important as the sound aspect of the gaming affair counts a lot. A decent gaming headset can certainly make your gaming affair far more mesmeric and exceptional. Now look at some of the things to consider before buying a gaming headset.

Surround or Stereo:

This is the most common question you come across when you look for gaming headsets, and that is stereo or surround. Stereo uses only two different channels of audio, and it’s for your left and right ears. Surround sound can use up to 8 channels (7.1) to offer an outstanding soundscape for your gaming affair.

Surround Sound:

When you consider it, surround looks like it would be the ideal choice for a gaming headset. The problem is that you will not get that full experience from just using a headset.

Genuine surround sound requires surrounding you, with the help of the space in the room and speakers to give the effect.

A headset usually doesn’t have that much space. As there are not enough space many makers compromised they can choose to have the surround sound made real.

This is good, it is not as exact for exceptional audio as true surround sound and the audio is of bad quality due to the excessive sound manipulation needed.

This results in multiple types of surround sound. This can be attained by having different speakers for each audio channel. This provides more exact positional audio than the real surround.

However, the audio quality is sacrificed due to the requirement of fitting more speakers in the same space. These tiny speakers don’t have the exactness of two full-size speakers.

To pick between actual is down to your choice. If you are much into FPS gaming, then you should go for the multi-speaker variant due to its fine positional audio. And when you look at sound performance than precision, then virtual is a thing to go for.


The concept of providing separate channels for the right and the left ear is not new. It’s an old thing and has been around for a very long time, but the progress in quality is quite remarkable. The prime benefit of opting for a stereo headset is that the sound quality is pure.

The reason for this is there is no virtualization of the surround sound aspect. The speakers are also bigger because there is no need for much surround.

Don’t get confused with this, a better quality stereo gaming headset can be outstanding for positional audio. Because you will not be getting anything to hear something from the back.

In-Ear or Over-the-Head:

Because there are too many options you will be always left with a choice. This is again all about your preferences, for any type of headset you have the option of in-ear or over-the-head.

If you are a gamer then no confusion whatsoever, the over-the-head style will always work for the gamer because of the speaker size and comfort.

And when we look at the In-ear it comprises many micro speakers and it’s very average when it comes to positional audio. This is the reason why a gamer is so desperate to get a set of in-ear gaming headphones anywhere.

 Mic or no Mic:

Most gaming headsets usually comprise a boom-style microphone attachment. But the sad thing is, that many makers prefer this as a money-saving area.

So you will get top-notch audio quality, but your friends might face the issue of not getting your orders properly. That’s why you can always think of going with headsets that are apart and a combination of microphones.

In the end, this can save you money as you just require to purchase a decent pair of headphones and a microphone apart.

When we talk about the best quality in mics clip-mics also serve well as they are not obtrusive and provide you the top quality.

You will not wear an over-the-head microphone with a headset at once. People may try it but it is not recommended.

Wireless or Wired Headphones:

This is also a thing to consider and an issue for many users. Some are inclined towards wired headsets, whereas some think that wireless gaming headsets are the best thing to go.

As we have discussed above it really depends on your personal preference and your particular setup. Both are good for you if you are having a home PC and a decent desk. If you are into console gaming than it’s better for you to go for wireless.


We have discussed almost all the things that can help you in making a smart decision when you buy your best gaming headsets for GTA 5.

Just go through all the details and pick the one that suits your gaming style. You can certainly consider the products that we have mentioned above in the list as they comprise good features.

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