Best Gaming Laptops under 600 Dollars

When you have just $600 as your budget to buy a gaming laptop then definitely it’s not an easy task to get it. But don’t worry we will help you to find the best gaming laptop under 600 dollars in this price range.

Usually, people think that it’s not possible to get a gaming laptop on this budget. And rightly so, finding a gaming laptop under 600 dollars is a daunting task. But somehow we have gathered some machines that are reasonable in this budget.

But you have to pay some extra bucks if you want to take advantage of having a dedicated GPU. Or else, you will get the integrated graphics card, which is not appropriate for exclusive gaming.

So, one important thing to do before buying a gaming laptop is, to ponder about the games that you are actually interested in.

Because the games that you are interested in decide what type of specifications you want to look out for in a gaming laptop.

And as we are focusing on a specific budget here it will be good if you know what to expect in this price range.

The operating system (OS) is crucial as not all games are launched for all operating systems. Meaning, that there are some games that you are interested in that might not be playable on your system, so make sure which games you can play on which gaming laptop before you get the gaming laptop.

The gaming laptop that you want to buy must manage the titles you want to play. Most of the gaming laptops are good when you play occasionally but when it comes to serious gaming you need a solid machine.

The list we made comprise some of the best gaming laptops under $600. And they are worthy enough. Some of them are exceptional options for exclusive gaming, while others are appropriate for basic gaming with average hardware.

But as we have discussed earlier also this is not the ideal price range to get a hardcore gaming machine.

Now you have two choices either you can increase your budget to $700 to $800, or you can pick a regular gaming laptop for basic gaming. So now let’s look at the list of best gaming laptops under $600.

HP 15 Gaming Laptop

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Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 Dollars

Dell Inspiron 15 5593 Gaming Laptop

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Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 Dollars

Lenovo Ideapad 3 Gaming Laptop

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Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 Dollars

Lenovo Ideapad L340 Gaming Laptop

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Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 Dollars

Acer Swift 3 Gaming Laptop

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Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 Dollars


Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-50RS Gaming Laptop

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Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 Dollars

Asus Vivobook 15 Gaming Laptop

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Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 Dollars

HP 14 Gaming Laptop

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Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 Dollars

Buying Guide – Things To Consider Before You Buy Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 Dollars


The Control Processing Unit also called Processor, has the ability to influence the performance of any laptop and not just the gaming laptop.

Almost all the games need extra CPU power. Better to have a stronger CPU on any gaming laptop. A good quality chipset is what you can get in the price range of $600.

A 9th generation i5 processor is the way to go. But there is one more option you can look at, get at least a 10th generation i5 if any laptop is not having a dedicated GPU.

And when it comes to AMD, then it should be at least Ryzen 5, and the latest 4000 series is a better option. But it’s not a bad thing if any laptop offers a 3000 series Ryzen processor at a reasonable price.

Graphics Card:

If you are into serious gaming try to get a laptop with a dedicated graphics card. The Graphics Card, GPU, is as crucial for a gaming laptop as the CPU is.

The gaming laptops under this budget usually comprise integrated graphics. But the problem here is the budget that we are focusing on is not a reasonable for gaming laptop.

So there will be a compromise with graphics performance. But the point to mention here is that most improved integrated graphics are more than enough to manage casual gaming. So, you can certainly think about a pre-supplied GPU for informal gaming.

RAM & Storage:

Random Access Memory is one more crucial element that helps in processing data. A swifter and fair amount of RAM is eminent for a gaming laptop.

All the laptops under this price range of $600 offer up to 8GB DDR4 RAM, which is the minimum memory for any gaming laptop.

But more RAM is always a good sign for gaming. And when we talk about storage it helps to store data. So if you want to store large files on your computer obviously you need more storage.

At least the storage should be 256GB, and it’s better if it’s SSD storage. We don’t have many options with more storage; otherwise, most laptops offer 256GB storage for under 600 dollars, an SSD is a new standard. And almost all laptops are following this norm.

Battery Life:

Battery life is the main issue when it comes to gaming laptops as most laptops heat up while intense gameplay. And they usually consume more power also because of this reason.

As these budget laptops are not that much stronger it is a positive thing from the battery perspective.

You can get around 5-6 hours of battery for laptops under $600 with much ease. You will be comfortable all your day when you do your routine multitasking. But when you have a long gaming session, it can’t be the same.

Is a dedicated graphics card a must for a gaming laptop?

A dedicated graphics card gives extra memory for graphics processing, also called Video RAM. The VRAM plays an important part in upgrading graphics performance.

All the gamers know this; most exclusive games are graphics-intensive. And mainly, for this reason, a dedicated graphics card is recommended for advanced gaming.

Is a budget of $600 sufficient for a gaming laptop?

It all depends on your gaming needs. If you play occasionally and are not a serious gamer, then it’s easy for you to get a gaming laptop in this price range.

But if you are interested in playing AAA titles, then it’s better to stretch your budget to at least $600 to get a reasonable laptop that can match your needs.

Gaming laptops add more value to the gaming affair for people who want a strong gaming unit that is also very portable.

These devices are built with high output elements and support a host of titles to allow for a magnifying gaming experience.

No matter what price range it is these machines are usually ahead of regular laptops in this aspect, that’s why they are a bit expensive also.

If you want to enjoy some intense gaming on your laptop, a regular laptop will not serve you accordingly.

But it’s not just about gaming also if you get the right specifications; your laptop can also be a storage and entertainment hub.

So having a gaming laptop, especially for gaming purposes is good. The high output units that it comprises will work better as compared to your regular laptop for most needs.

There are many reasons to get a gaming laptop. Gaming laptops are quite strong they are specially built with some of the best elements available to provide you with an exceptional gaming experience.

If you want to have a great time when you play, then just go for the gaming laptop. Not only these machines are quite good at handling games, but gaming laptops can also take care of your everyday tasks with much ease.

It can serve you equally well if you want to do video editing and content creation, gaming laptops will manage all of these things.


Hope we have helped you in making your mind about to choose which is the best gaming laptops under 600 dollars. But as we have focused on very tight budget, it’s very tough to get genuine gaming laptops available in this price range.

But still, some of them are quite good and can provide you with an outstanding gaming experience with a dedicated GPU unit.

And when you look at other options in this list they are appropriate only for moderate gaming. And the most important thing to mention here is that this list is not ultimate.

But we have tried our level best to gather some of the best in this price range. But it’s not easy to get an ideal gaming laptop in this budget. But the good thing about this list is they all are reasonable gaming laptops. So take your time and get the best gaming laptop. 

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