Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 Dollars

If you have a perfect monitor it will definitely give you an edge in your gaming sessions. Any deal gaming monitor can enhance your game and you will get better at your preferred game.

The gaming industry is booming right now, but there are some things that are good but didn’t help you to become a top gamer.

The market is full of headsets comprising RGB lighting and gaming chairs that are quite trendy also but nobody is serious about gaming monitors. And this is the question that most gamers usually have in their mind.

Most gamers are quite serious about their gaming and want to be professionals. So to make their presence felt at the gaming arena they should be having the best gaming monitor. But usually what happens is the gaming monitors have higher prices just because they are termed as gaming monitors.

But there are some solid monitors that are not that much expensive and have some good features also. When we talk about gaming monitors they should be tailor-made for gaming.

As there are many options available in the market people usually get confused, And if you are one of those who got stuck by looking at the technologies that are at hand, we will help you to pick the best gaming monitor for your needs.

But before that let’s have a look at the things that you normally have in a gaming monitor and it’s not available in regular ones.

You can’t get a decent response time and refresh rate in the regular monitor but a gaming monitor can provide you that. And if you are into competitive games like COD these monitors are like a blessing for the gamers. Winning and losing a game is totally depends on your ability to react to your opponent’s moves in real-time, without any delay.

Gaming monitors, usually are a bit expensive as compared to regular monitors. The reason for this is they comprise specs that allow them to run swifter. But thanks to the rise in technology, manufacturers are churning out some solid gaming monitors that are not that much expensive.

ViewSonic VX2452MH Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

• This monitor is the best fit for your office or home.
• Full HD screen with 1920x1080p resolution offers a vast viewing area, with a crystal clear 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.
• The VX2452MH is ergonomically designed with tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment to suit any desk or workspace.
• The sleek design with glossy black features a non-glare screen that prevents distracting reflections
• VX2452MH is VESA wall mount compliant.

Samsung C27F398 Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

• Extremely immersive 1800R screen curvature for a lifelike viewing experience
• Windows Compatible: Windows 10, 8.1, 7, and Mac OS X; More flexibility with 4 HDMI 2.0 and 1 DisplayPort 1.2 port for multi-device connections
• Rapid 4ms response time for a clear picture during fast-moving scenes
• Color gamut (NTSC 1976): 72 percent, brightness minimum: 200cd/m2; Windows Compatible: Windows 10. Outputs: Audio / Headphone (3.5 millimeter)
Product Dimensions Without Stand: 24.5 inch x 14.5 inch x 3.2 inch; With Stand: 24.5 inch x 18.4 inch x 9.6 inch
Refresh Rate is 60 Hertz

Dell SE271H KYKMD Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

• Great picture quality – Get excellent picture quality with colors looking consistent across an ultra wide viewing angle, thanks to in plane switching panel technology
• Comfort View – Protect your eyes against harmful blue light (with wavelengths close to UV rays) with Comfort View feature which reduces blue light emission
• Flicker free – The Dell 27 Monitor controls its screen brightness using direct current, enabling a flicker free viewing experience
• Stylishly designed – with thin glossy bezels and a matte screen
• Elegantly designed – with a smooth curved back in a classy black piano finish, supported by a robust, sturdy stand.

AOC G2590FX Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

• Advanced AOC shadow control enhances your viewing experience, no matter where you play.
• AOC gaming monitor with super smooth refresh rate of 144Hz and 1ms Rapid Response Time for a lag-free experience.
• AOC Low Input lag delivers super smooth Display from the video signals.
• AOC Low Blue Mode and Flickers for wellbeing during extended gaming sessions.

• Enjoy lag-free gaming with the fastest refresh rate at a refresh rate of 144Hz.
• Experience stunning visuals and super-smooth gameplay with the 1ms response time.
• The Anti-Blue Light function lets you filter out harmful blue light.
• The low input lag performance helps you react faster to the game for the competitive edge.
• The ergonomic stand and multiple ports make it easy to set up and use.

Acer H226HQL Bid Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

• Picture-in-picture technology allows you to watch your favorite TV shows in one window while working on your computer in another.
• 2-watt built-in speakers give you a great sound experience.
• Designed for comfort and convenience.
• All-digital circuitry helps reduce signal noise and distortion.

• Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
• IPS panel for amazing image quality.
• VGA, DVI & HDMI inputs
• 21.5-inch screen size
• Black cabinet color

HP Pavilion 25xw Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

• Developed with clarity in mind. The 25-inch diagonal screen delivers Full HD clarity with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.
• Captivating imagery: Enjoy rich, vibrant colors with a 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio, and quick 7ms response time.
• A stunning vantage point for everyone. Get a full view with the open wedge stand design.
• Experience the difference with IPS technology. View consistent high-color fidelity, ultra-wide 178-degree viewing angles, and crisp, vivid imagery with In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology.

• The perfect viewing experience: The Ultra-wide screen format offers a viewing experience that’s perfect for watching movies, editing photos, and playing games.• True-to-life colors: The remarkable color accuracy of the IPS technology delivers bright images that are clear and vivid from any angle.
• Get the details: Full HD 1080p resolution and a 5M:1 dynamic contrast ratio help to ensure that every detail is clear and vivid.

Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

• High-quality display for gaming: Full HD monitor with a 1ms response time, refresh rate of 144Hz, and a high contrast ratio of 1000:1 for a high-quality picture.
• Adaptive sync technology: The monitor supports adaptive sync technology for fluid and responsive gameplay as well as reduced input lag.
• Quick response time: Fast response time of 1ms means you get to enjoy fast-moving action sequences in almost real-time.
• Great viewing angles: The TN panel has a superior vertical viewing angle of 160° and a substantially horizontal angle of 170°.
• Sophisticated design: The sleek design of the monitor is suitable for both home and professional use.

LG 27MP59G-P Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

• A breathtaking Full HD display for your games and movies.
• AMD FreeSync technology for fluid and responsive low-latency gameplay.
• Enjoy the best in the class gaming experience with 1ms Motion Blur Reduction.
• Multitask like a pro with the most advanced On-Screen Control.
• Enjoy the ultimate personal viewing experience with a 27″ screen with a 178° wide-viewing angle.
• Smart Eye-Care Technology: Flicker-free and Low Blue Light.
• A wide range of ports for all your devices.
• A stylish and modern design that fits perfectly in your gaming setup.
• Dual-hinged arm allows you to adjust the height and easily swivel the monitor to the perfect viewing angle.

Asus VG245H Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

• 1ms response time: for smooth visuals without smearing or ghosting.
• Eye care technology: with flicker-free technology to reduce eyestrain after-images.
• Game visual & game plus mode: enhances color performance to deliver vivid gaming visuals.
• Adaptive sync: Synchronizes the refresh rate to the GPU of your AMD Radeon-based graphics card for the fast, smooth gaming.
• Ergonomic stand: with full height, tilt, swivel and pivot adjustments to provide you with a comfortable viewing experience.

• Full HD 1920 x 1080 panel with 1ms response time and Free-Sync technology for a tear-free experience with AMD Radeon GPU
• Ergonomic stand with full height/tilt/swivel/pivot adjustments to accommodate any desk
• Game Visual & GAME plus functions to enhance color performance and control

BenQ ZOWIE RL2455T Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

• Get the competitive edge on the battlefield with this display.
• It’s the perfect companion for console and PC gaming.
• Catch your enemies off guard with the customizable Black eQualizer feature.
• The stunning, immersive visuals will keep you on the edge of your seat.
• The enhanced color accuracy is perfect for gaming, movies or any other multimedia application.
• The built-in speakers are a great addition.
• The display is compatible with most HDMI and VGA devices.
• The display is VESA compatible.
• The display is built to last with a stable and durable design.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Best Gaming Monitor Under $200:

Gone are the days when you use to go to the market and pick a monitor and come back. Today it’s a complex decision to pick the monitor.

As there are many things to consider like quality and size, curves, and material. There are many more things, but let’s discuss some of the important ones.

Almost all gamers think that a bigger monitor can provide an extra surface region to display your game, and the resolution determines the detail of that picture.

But if you want to get the best try to balance the two. If the resolution is too high then it will blow a monitor and it can’t handle it, and if the resolution is low on a monitor then it’s quite fine but rather more blurred.

But you don’t have to worry about it as there are some standards for what resolution you need to have in a particular monitor.

As we are focusing on our budget and which is $200 we are a little bit restricted. You will not find a decent 1440p 144 Hz monitor for under $200. So, we will be looking at the FHD resolution that the entirety of our stated monitor assists.

Resolution and PPI:

You must have noticed that when you are looking for the most acceptable monitor under $200, 1080p monitors are easily available.

Here the PPI comes into play. Whenever you want to compare two monitors with similar quality you use PPI (pixels per inch) it’s a valuable metric. If you look at our list most of the monitors comprise the same quality; the PPI is different because of the monitor size.

Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate is there to indicate how quickly the monitor refreshes, and that can definitely influence the performance of star gamers. If the refresh rate is quick, then the monitor responds to your data naturally, and it will be easier for you to adjust to emerging conditions.

Many people regard144 Hz as the best quality level for online play; but, manufacturers are currently churning out monitors that provide refresh rates as high as 240 Hz.

A high refresh rate is indeed a blessing for gamers, but a higher number is not good for everybody. As it all depends on the usage of the computer, it’s always better to take care of screen resolution, the type of panel, and the accuracy of color.

Response Time:

One more factor that limits the capacity of a monitor’s refresh rate is the response time. This refers to how much time it takes for a pixel on the monitor to replace one color and then onto the next. Usually, these two variables are enormously banking on each other.

Different monitors comprise diverse response times. Some of the monitors shoot up to 1 to 2ms response time, and not only this there are some slow monitors also with up to 20ms.

All these understandings don’t make any difference to you unless you really unearth the specs and the regular refresh rate can easily provide sufficient understanding.

Response time is crucial as it will result in blurred images when there is fast motion if your response time is slow. And your monitor didn’t also keep up with the game.

If you want to have a clear and sharp image at all times, then a high refresh rate merged with a swift response time will provide it.

What is it that makes a Gaming Monitor best?

You can say a gaming monitor is best or ideal when it is able to exhibit the fast-moving pictures on the screen with clarity and without any interruption. And when it comes to colors they must be accurate and your monitor should not get influenced by the light in the room.

Is a gaming monitor good for Personal Use also?

Yes, definitely a gaming monitor can also be used for personal use. But, you may not be able to take benefit of all the functions that the gaming monitor provides.

How to pick the Best Gaming Monitor?

It depends on the budget, so decide first how much you want to spend on a gaming monitor, and then select the functions that you need the most.

What is the Best Gaming Monitors Under $200?

The best monitor for 200 dollars is a Dell UltraSharp 23 12-inch LCD monitor. With a price of only 200 dollars, it offers great quality and performance. It comes with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, 5ms response time, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 250 cd/m/2 brightness and an 80000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

For the money, the Dell Ultrasharp series is a pretty good choice & Best Budget Monitor. You can find the review of the Dell Ultrasharp U2412M here or you can check out other Dell Ultrasharp monitors here. Also, keep an eye on the latest deals going on at Amazon, because often they offer great discounts on the Dell Ultrasharp monitors.

If you’re looking for a 200-dollar monitor, then look for one that is 24 inches and 1080p.  Sony KDL-24EX420 is the best you can get for your price range.


We have tried our level best to provide you with all the details about the Best Monitors Under 200 USD.

We covered some benefits and features you get in the gaming monitor that you didn’t find in a regular monitor.

But as we are focusing on a specific budget so there are some limitations. And when you look at the list that we have stated above it includes the best that you can get under 200.

As we have discussed earlier don’t forget these things before you buy a gaming monitor.  If you are into gaming and just game occasionally then it’s fine you can pick anything. But if you are an expert then your main focus must be on high response time and refresh rate.

It’s always better to make sure that the product you are buying has a good overall rating. And also check whether the product that you are buying has an image of customer degradation.

Almost all the new monitors use some advanced properties to manage the frame and refresh rate according to your wish. We know it’s quite difficult to pick just one from the lot.

But we have done our job by giving you all the details about the best gaming monitor. Now it’s up to you to select the best from the list that we have stated above. It’s not necessary that you will get the best from the list only. We have made that list just to make your job easy.

If you want you can do some research, it will take some time but you will get an idea about the product. And when you buy you will make a wise decision. So take your time and pick the best one.

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