Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

After the launching of the new PS5, fans around the world are thrilled and excited to enjoy the new version of Sony’s PlayStation.

And every passionate gamer is thinking about the type of monitors that the new PS5 will be adaptable with, and they are also interested in knowing what the well-known brands have to offer.

If you look at the market it’s full of choices and you can easily get confused by the varieties they offer. So we have tried to make your job easy by gathering the top products for the best gaming monitor for ps5.

If you are one of those who are thinking about what monitor will best suit your gaming needs, then we will help you.

We know it’s not an easy task to pick one, but if you go through all the details which we will be sharing with you it will be quite easy.

Usually, there is one more question that bothers the gamers and that is which would be better a TV or a monitor to play PS5. There are many reasons to buy a monitor instead of a TV let’s look at some of them.

Reasons to have a Gaming Monitor:

In today’s fast-paced world of gaming, every advantage counts when it comes to dominating the virtual battlefield. While many gamers focus on upgrading their PCs or consoles, one often overlooked component that can make a significant difference is the monitor.

A gaming monitor offers a multitude of benefits that can enhance your gaming experience in ways you never thought possible. From faster refresh rates to smoother gameplay and more vibrant colors, investing in a quality gaming monitor is like unlocking a whole new level of immersion and performance.

Imagine being able to spot enemies quicker than your opponents due to the lightning-fast response time of your monitor, or experiencing games in stunning detail with high resolution and crisp visuals that bring every pixel to life.

These are just some of the reasons why having a gaming monitor is essential for serious gamers looking to take their skills to the next level. In this article, we will explore the top reasons why owning a gaming monitor is not just a luxury but a necessity for anyone who wants to truly immerse themselves in the thrilling world of video games.

Higher Refresh Rate:

Today there are some TVs that can go up to 120Hz, and there are very slim chances that any of them provide 144Hz at 4K, that’s where you are better with a gaming monitor instead. As everybody knows that the PS5 is basically aiming for 120 FPS at most,

It can be a little bit too much if you are not using your monitor for any other use. So it’s better to use your PC with it as well, and that subsidiary performance can help you, this is very crucial and doesn’t forget about this.

Refresh Rate is Changeable:

This one is quite unique as G-Sync and FreeSync are normally related to gaming monitors, but there are some TVs also that are capable of supporting VRR.

If you look at the cost it’s not that much costly, if you want to get them on a gaming monitor you can do it easily. But the fact is an average model also comprises either G-Sync or FreeSync support.

Size is Reasonable:

Some people have issues with the space that they have, everybody can’t have a big setup for gaming. Particularly for those who are stuck with a desk or a poky room, a big TV is not at all a sensible choice.

Almost all the exclusive TVs are normally 55” or above, which is beyond doubt huge for a desk. And when you look at the 4K gaming monitors they can go as low as 27”, and that will be ideal for a desk.

No Bothersome Operating System To Deal with:

This is a fact – most TV operating systems are still not up to the mark even at this age. It looks like manufacturers are not serious about the user experience and are just focusing on providing superior picture quality.

You can see the gaming monitors do not have this problem because there’s no real OS running on them, other than the OSD menu, which is rarely required after the initial adjustment.

So these were some of the reasons to get a monitor instead of a TV. Now let’s look at some of the best gaming monitors for PS5 that are at hand in the market.

GAEMS M155 Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

VIOTEK Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

ASUS ROG Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

BenQ MOBIUZ Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

LG 32-inch Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

ViewSonic Elite Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

AOC Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

BenQ ZOWIE Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

LG 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

Dell 27-Inch Gaming Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

Acer Nitro 27-inch Monitor

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Best Gaming Monitors for PS5

Things to Consider Before you Buy a Best Gaming Monitors for PS5 (Buyer Guide) :

As you have seen above we have tried to give you details about some of the best gaming monitors for ps5. Now we will discuss some of the things that you should consider before buying a gaming monitor for PS5.

This buyer’s guide is very crucial for you as the ps5 itself doesn’t come cheap, and now you are interested in buying a gaming monitor for it, so it’s beyond doubt that the money you will spend on a monitor is not going to be little.

So, obviously, the type of monitor you choose should be picked after you have enough information about the product.

So let’s begin, we will look at some of the major features which are most vital for any gaming monitor built for ps5:

Screen Size:

When you have decided that you will get a gaming monitor for your game station, then you must also have decided whether you need the largest monitor around or not.

But the fact is, if a gamer has grown up playing on their TVs, then he knows how it feels to be able to sit back and chill on your bed or sofa while you play.

The size and shape of the screen will certainly influence the kind of resolution you will be getting. When we talk about the standard size then anything above 25-inches would be ideal for some serious gaming.

But, as we have stated above, it’s better not to have a huge size as a bigger screen means there will be a longer response time.

The Resolution:

At times it looks alluring or seems quite clear that the prime resolution to get your monitor at is 4K but it’s not that easy.

The reason for this is as you support all-inclusive 4K content you will be getting stunning quality visuals, there is one more thing related to it and that is you might be having an issue with slower response times and fewer frame rates, and that is not a good thing.

The Refresh Rate:

If you don’t want your screen to be tearing and are interested in lessening the overall delays then your refresh rate is so crucial.

As the ps5 has the capacity to interact easily with 4K content at a frame rate of about 120, you require a monitor that can at least match up to these levels.

These were some of the things to consider before you buy a gaming monitor for PS5. Now let’s look at some of the questions that are usually asked. If you have any confusion then this will certainly clear that.

Can monitors work with ps5?

Almost all the monitors are usually better at managing resolutions above 1080 or 4K if you compare with TV screens; it will not be a surprise if they go better with PlayStation 5 as the support for 4K high resolution is essential.

Now the main thing to think about is what type of monitor will be the best. If you are interested in buying an ultra-wide monitor, then it’s better to go with anything between 34-inches and 49-inches as these are absolutely compatible with the PlayStation 5.

And if you are thinking about having a decent enough 4K monitor, then you better go with a resolution of around 1080p as a lower one will make sure that you will be getting a reasonable option that comprises a higher refresh rate.

What would be better to play ps5 TV or Monitor?

As you make your any other choice, this choice also about whether a TV or monitor might serve better for your new PlayStation will totally depend on your likings and requirements. There is no standard set or way to gauge or evaluate whether one is having a clear-cut edge over the other.

It’s all about the gamers’ wishes as to how to use their options. You can definitely ponder factors like pricing and available space. For some gamers, the option to go with the TV might be the right thing to do as that is usually the way for many.

And there are reasons for that like the screen is much bigger, it allows you to interact with what’s on-screen with much ease and the best thing is you can always lay back and game in a more relaxed way.

But, if you look at it from another point of view then the whole purpose of the new ps5 is to invent and that also includes the frame rates. It’s a fact, that most TVs cannot manage frame rates past a maximum of 60, and for this reason, a gaming monitor looks better to some gamers.

But, when we talk about the core issue, you will definitely notice that if you want a good monitor, it is quite essential that you get something above 25-inches but the problem is they are usually a bit costly.


We have covered almost everything from the reasons to have a gaming monitor to the features that should be considered before you buy the Best Gaming Monitors for PS5.

If you look at the list that we have stated above you will find some solid gaming monitors with good features.

Gaming monitors can certainly help you in fixing the problem of input delays and responsiveness. So, take your time and think about your budget, the size of the screen, and how much resolution you want.

By deciding these things you can easily pick the best gaming monitor for PS5. Take your time and pick the best one.

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