Best Gaming Mouse For GTA 5

Having the best gaming mouse is vital not only for gamers but for some casual users also, an ordinary mouse will not do justice to intense gaming. It’s a personal choice to get the best gaming mouse but it’s very tricky.

The best gaming mouse should have a balance between attractiveness and ergonomics while offering the user all the important functions. Because of the stiff competition and gaming-themed hardware, some makers are simply going too far with surprising designs that make the mouse trendy but didn’t perform accordingly.

When your game you want to win the game so performance counts a lot. If a mouse looks cool but didn’t perform up to the mark then it’s of no use. So whenever you pick go for the best gaming mouse that performs better.

The keyboard and mouse are likely the most exposed exterior to wear and tear given that using these needs movement of its elements. When we look at the mouse some factors can seriously influence the user’s experience such as the size, shape, and weight.

The best gaming mouse usually has the balance of these three. The market is full of variety there’s a gaming mouse for every type of need. So, let’s look at some of the best gaming mice that are at hand.

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Things To Consider Before You Buy The Best Gaming Mouse For GTA (Buyer’s Guide)

If you’re confused by the options and variety you get in the market and not sure about which mouse is the best then we will help you. We will try to gauge gaming mice that fit best for the shape of your hand and will be appropriate for your gaming needs.


The shape of the mouse is very important and everyone’s grip is not the same and there are different sizes of hands also. The best gaming mouse is the one that suits a wide range of sizes and grips for gaming. To get the perfect mouse you need to know first what your gaming style is.

When we select a gaming mouse we have to look at the mouse grip first. Usually, there are three familiar mouse grip types palm, claw, and fingertip, you should know which one you like the most and then go from there. Second, your hand size should be according to your mouse grip.

You should be able to move your hands and fingers with much ease without straining your fingers. There are mice for small, medium, and large hands. If you want to know the standard sizes then your mouse should be between 60-70% of the length and width of your hand.

And Palm grips will need a more particular fit length-wise. Whereas fingertip and claw grips have a larger range of fit with much more variety.

You can read a lot about the product but if you want to get the best one then it’s better to get your hands on a mouse and playtest it. Because it will give you the feel and that certainly helps when you make a decision.

Ergonomic shapes are also very delicate as they try to fit the right hand and have the grip of your thumb also to help pickups, and ambidextrous mice are quite balanced ones and can fit both types of hands.

When you compare neither one has the edge over the other, they both are appropriate for gaming. Some likes to have the comfort of an ergo mouse and some think that the balance of an ambidextrous mouse is the best.

But after considering all the shapes the best thing to do is to go with a safe shape, with delicate curves for comfort. And try to avoid the ones with too many cuts because that kind of mouse forces you to grip it in a particular way for you to comfortably use it.


Most people usually don’t think about this but it’s a fact that the materials used for the mouse can certainly influence the feel of the mouse, most mice are built with ABS plastic, but what matters is its density and the kind of finishing it has.

The problem with plastic is that when your hands sweat you will still be holding that with sweaty, greasy palms. Silicon or rubber is the two materials that offer you the grip. And when it comes to grip go for the one that’s quite firm in its grip.

As it will allow you to move and pick the mouse effortlessly. But it should not be too grippy because it can stick to dust and make your thumb uneasy.

From the inside also the mouse should be perfectly constructed, there should be no problem when you twist the mouse, and no soft plastic spots. And when you shake the mouse there shouldn’t be any kind of tinkling of the internals.

Not only the mouse should be strongly built but it has to be lightweight also.  As many gamers usually tend to play better with lower weight, it should not be more than 100 grams. If the mouse is heavy then it will be quite difficult to move your hands swiftly.

Dots per inch (DPI):

DPI is for measuring how tactful a mouse is to move. Your cursor will move more per inch if you have a higher DPI. There is no standard set for the level of DPI for performance as it all depends on your personal preference,

Many professionals prefer a low DPI as it allows them to micro-adjust aim without even moving the mouse a few millimeters.

Almost all the latest mice can track exactly at low DPI, but the problem with some mice when it comes to high DPI is that the sensor is not tracking one-to-one physical movement and relies on software to shoot up sensitivity, this may result in inaccuracies.


The smooth line movement that you see on the mouse pad should be the same line on the screen. Agitation occurs when the sensor isn’t able to track in particular conditions, for instance, some sensors interpose higher sensitivities rather than chasing the dots per inch, and the result is an edgy mouse cursor.

And if you game on a non-standard top like glass, a sensor will have difficulty in chasing movement which will also result in edges. And the solutions for both these issues are quite simple just clean the sensor with a puff of air then you will be fine.


The distance of a traveling mouse should align straight to the distance a cursor moves. In this way, you can easily build up muscle memory for consistency. Acceleration is one more method of software that can help; acceleration shifts the cursor at an escalating rate when you play with the mouse much swifter.

If you shift your mouse 20 cm along the mouse pad steadily, with acceleration, the cursor will always be in another spot if you had shifted your mouse swiftly 20 cm.

Poll Rate:

The mouse reports back to the computer and it does it very often. And the poll rate of a mouse indicates that and measures it in Hz. Your mouse will speak more times to your computer for a report about tracking and location if the poll rate is higher.

So get a mouse with a high poll rate, and most of the advanced sensors have a decent poll rate. But there is one drawback also if you have a high poll rate, your CPU usage as your computer must report to your mouse more often if it’s above 500 Hz is pretty indistinguishable and all of the latest mice allow you to select your poll rate.

And the last thing to look into is the lift-off distance. A mouse comprising a low lift-off distance will not track instantly when you pick it up off the surface.

And a mouse with a higher lift-off distance can easily shift the mouse cursor a few millimeters off the surface. So it will be easy for you to carry on while picking up the mouse.


We have mentioned above some of the things that are crucial before buying the best gaming mouse. And the list that we have stated includes some of the best gaming mice with some exceptional features. If you go through all the details then you will certainly get the one that suits your gaming requirements.

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