Best Laptops Under 2000

In the present era, you can’t live without Laptops as they have become an important part of our life. Technology has advanced tremendously in recent years, and that has completely changed the outlook of laptops.

Now professionals have the freedom of working anywhere because of the portability, and laptops are quite handy if you want to finish the work while sitting outdoors.

But as the market is full of options it’s not easy to pick the ideal one. But as we are focusing on a budget of $2000 you will get plenty of options as there are so many choices at hand under this price range. And to help you pick the best laptop under 2000 we are here to help you.

Laptops are more popular as they offer the technological tools merged with their portability. Not only are they gaining their ground in offices and gaming world now many schools are starting to incorporate them into their classrooms as well.

And when you talk about gaming on these machines, it’s compulsory to have a dedicated graphics card and good battery capacity. If you have a strong GPU and high refresh rate display then you will certainly have a smooth gaming experience with your laptop.

To make your job easy we have gathered some of the best gaming laptops under $2000. But as you are paying a huge price of $2000, it’s not just for gaming.

So, these laptops are equally good for professional works like video editing, photo editing, 3D modeling, machine learning, and other graphics-intensive works. Let’s look at the list now.

Dell XPS 13

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Best Laptops Under 2000

Razer Blade 15

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Best Laptops Under 2000

ASUS ZenBook 15

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Best Laptops Under 2000


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Best Laptops Under 2000

Apple MacBook Pro 14

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Best Laptops Under 2000

Acer Predator Helios 300 (This is the best gaming laptops under 2000)

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Best Laptops Under 2000

LG Gram 16Z90P

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Best Laptops Under 2000

ASUS ROG Strix G15

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best gaming laptops

ASUS ZenBook Flip S 13

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Best Laptops Under 2000

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 (Affordable and the best laptops under $2000)

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Best Laptops Under 2000


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Best Laptops Under 2000

MSI Creator 15

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best gaming laptops

Let’s Look at Some Crucial Things That Can Influence Your Decision of Purchasing The Best Laptop Under 2000 Dollars ( Buying Guide – )


As we are discussing the laptops under the budget of $2000 it’s sufficient enough to get the top-notch processor. The processor is the key element of any computer as it plays a vital part in processing data.

If you pick at least a 10th generation i7 processor then it will be good. But if you are in search of a nominal choice, then you can think about getting an i7 9th generation processor, but it’s not as powerful as the 10th generation.

The stronger processor makes sure that your process of any exclusive tasks runs smoothly without any issues.

And if you just want to focus on gaming then, the AMD Ryzen can provide you better results in managing a heavy workload. When you talk about most strong processor in this budget it’s definitely AMD Ryzen 9.

But if you are interested in getting Ryzen 7 that’s also good.  It will help you in cost-cutting and focus on other needs.

Graphics Card:

You can’t afford to ignore this. It is a substantial unit if your main focus is on gaming or video editing. The best thing about the laptops that we have mentioned come with a dedicated graphics card and it is essential to evade any blockage while performing graphics-intensive tasks.

The minimum needed graphics for playing exclusive games is the RTX 2060. If you go for at least RTX 2070 GPU then it’s good if you are a gamer.

RAM & Storage:

When it comes to pointing out the operations of computers the RAM is very crucial. If the RAM is sufficient you can easily run multiple tasks at once.

If you want to run AAA titles then you need more RAM. You require at least 16GB of RAM when it comes to gaming on any gaming laptop. And you will get the best in this price range.

Getting more RAM is always better. But the 16GB RAM is important if you want flawless performance. And storage is always important for storing crucial files.

It is more of a personal choice as to how much data you need to store on your laptop. If you want you can also get an external storage unit and it is possible. But if you compare then internal storage is better as it is not traditional to always carry an external drive.


Selecting the ideal display is vital if you are into professional editing or want to play games flawlessly. And if you are into serious gaming, then refresh rate is the thing for you to look for.

A high refresh rate can provide you with smooth gameplay and upgrade your gaming affair also. And when it comes to professional work like photo editing or video editing, then you have to get a color-accurate display.

And in this case, you require more RGB or Adobe RGB coverage. So get a laptop with 100% RGB coverage and you will be good. 

The display size is always a personal preference. Many likes to have a larger display and some are happy with smaller panels. Your decision-making also depends on the resolution.

Gaming is more fun on a Full HD to QHD display, and the 4K UHD is excellent for other professional works like image editing or video editing.

Design & Portability:

Almost all of the gaming laptops are quite heavy as they use more complex elements inside. You have to compromise movability if you want outstanding performance.

The average weight for a gaming laptop should be around 5 pounds. So, if you get a laptop below this weight then it’s fine and if you want thin & lightweight laptops they are also at hand for professional work.

The material used for making these machines is quite exceptional. It looks very stylish because of its metal design, and some of the gaming laptops are built of plastic to avoid heating issues.

Battery Life:

A long-lasting battery is always needed for some people who like to travel a lot. When we talk about the gaming laptop the good battery life is around 3-4 hours.

To enhance the performance gaming laptops usually exhaust the battery very quickly. This is the main reason many people do compromise the battery life.

If you pick a non-gaming laptop that is the perfect choice for people who like to spend more time outdoors. Laptops like Macbook Pro and XPS 13 promise to provide more than 10 hours of battery, which is quite sufficient.

Which are the top & best gaming laptops under $2000?

You can say that the Asus Strix G15 is the best gaming laptop for under $2000. And after this, you can also look at Gigabyte Aorus 15P, Acer Predator Helios 300, or MSI GL66.

What are the best laptops for professional work in this price range?

Apple Macbook Pro is amongst the best laptops under $2000 when it comes to professional work. If you are more familiar with the Windows environment, then you can certainly go for the MSI Creator 15, Asus Zenbook 15, and Razer Blade 15.

Is a dedicated graphics card necessary for playing high-end games?

Yes, it is a must to have a dedicated graphics card to play AAA titles or other high-end games. With an integrated GPU you can only play casual games.


The budget of $2000 is sufficient enough to get a solid laptop for any work. There is no such thing as a perfect laptop no matter what price category. It is all about your requirements and you will pick accordingly.

For example, if you are into gaming, then you require a strong CPU & GPU combination. And for your convenience, we have included some of The Best Laptops Under 2000 Dollars that hold a fitting configuration to fulfill the demand for exclusive gaming.

And if you are an office employee then again if you look at the list there are some of the best choices for content creators also. So hopefully after reading all this you will make a wise decision when you pick your new device. Just have a look at the list and pick the best option which suits you best.

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