Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

As a gamer, you know that many things can easily influence your gaming affair. And the best mechanical gaming keyboard is certainly one of them.

Mechanical gaming keyboards have become very popular in recent times not only among gamers, but it’s also very well-liked by many casual users and even office workers.

Mechanical keyboards have a clear-cut edge over the cheaper membrane keyboard. When you use a mechanical keyboard your fingers will also feel the comfort that it provides. When you look at its features, it’s superior when compared to membrane keyboards.

Almost all the best mechanical gaming keyboards that are at hand in the market usually have Cherry mechanical switches. But there are some other switches also which are much cheaper and some of the brands are making their own switches also.

The mechanical keyboard has gained its ground very fast in the market. The reason for this is it has many advantages. Let’s look at some of the advantages of having a mechanical keyboard.

Advantages of Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

The best thing about this keyboard is its facile keystrokes. The keystroke of mechanical keyboards is swifter as compared to membrane keyboards.

It’s much faster:

With just a little bit of touch, you will register your keystrokes with much ease. No matter what you do gaming or just typing you will feel the improvement in your speed.

Especially in a fast paced game a mechanical keyboard can play a major role because you will react much faster. Almost all mechanical keyboards can upgrade your typing speed and support the pressing of six keys at once, and some latest models can also record an extensive number of keystrokes. All the gamers knows the importance of this an ordinary user don’t require this.


When you type on this you don’t have to push the buttons completely a little touch will do the job for you. As the response of the mechanical keyboard keys is superior and swifter, they are much easy on your hands and this relieves stress also.

Its keycaps are detachable so you can clean them easily. Many gamers now prefer these keyboards because of their smoothness and comfort.

Easy maintenance:

No matter how hard you try but there will be dust and sometimes some kind of liquid also in between the keys and on the keyboard. These keyboards are detachable so you can easily take the parts apart and clean them.

Not only cleaning but repairing is also very simple because of its removable keycaps. For example, when a key gets stuck when you are typing it is simple to access the internal mechanism and check what’s wrong with It. by just taking out the keycaps.

And in case of any key breakage, you can easily change the key individually. Other keyboards don’t have this option they make you change the entire mechanism for just one key. So, cleaning and repairing is not an issue when it comes to the mechanical keyboard.

Perfect for Gamers:

Compared to the orthodox keyboards these are much faster and it helps in gaming. You can react very fast and give yourself a hard time to your opponents. Just because of your fast moves you will have an edge in an intense gaming session.

Accuracy and speed count a lot when it comes to gaming and a mechanical keyboard has it all. When you go shopping there are many models from different brands and picking the top mechanical keyboards is not easy. We have made a list to help you out let’s check it.

Azio MGK1 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

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Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

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Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

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Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Things To Consider Before You Buy The Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards (Buying Guide):

We have discussed some of the benefits of mechanical gaming keyboards come: They’re far better than a standard keyboard. But if you want to get the best keyboard then there are some things you need to know first.

Select a Layout:

The foremost thing is the layout. This shows the way keys are placed on the board. Most people are usually used to the standard, 104-key “Full” layout most keyboards use, but this is not the only option there are ample to choose from.

Every layout is quite different from the others. When we look at the Full layout we can see several clusters of keys and in them, there is a small gap also. And, the main section comprises all the letters, backspace, escape, and punctuation keys.

And when you look carefully there are some arrow keys also in this part, most people don’t know that these aren’t included in every layout. And lastly, the number pad which is also known as the Numpad.

Many alternative layouts remove many keys from a layout to make it more compact. So there are no dedicated keys but particular key attributes accessed via key combinations.

Every keyboard manages this in a quite different way, but if you look at it, if a keyboard uses a layout that gets rid of keys, they’ll still be within your reach. It’s completely your personal choice, as some layouts will provide you with more space and some add more keys.

Full Size:

This is the most familiar layout you’ll see on most keyboards. It comprises the main section, navigation keys, committed arrow keys, and the NumPadyou. If you count it will be around 104 keys, but some boards may also comprise some extra keys like media controls and some.

96% layout includes most of the keys that you usually get in the full layout and shrink them all to make a smaller keyboard. And this is achieved by removing the keys; with the Full layout, the keys are taken apart into various groups with small gaps between them.

This looks tidier but your keyboard will take more space. We can say that this layout finally caters to you as a reasonable solution between the standard full layout and the more condensed ones.

Tenkeyless (TKL):

TKL is quite popular and well-liked by many this is the familiar alternative layout around, so it’s easy for you to find the boards that use it.

This is reasonable, as the idea of the layout is simple and plain: you have to have a Full keyboard, then cut off the part with the Numpad. Except for this, all things are the same; it banishes the Numpad to create enough space. If you are not using the Numpad frequently then you can go with this layout as it’s the safest.

65% and 60%:

If you are looking for a smaller keyboard then this layout is definitely for you. The 65% layout cuts off the Function Row, almost all navigation keys, and the gaps, as a result of this you get a much more condensed keyboard than the Full layout we begin with. It will save you some space but it will take some time for getting used to.

You can Customize a Mechanical Keyboard:

Most mechanical keyboards are popular because of their smooth typing experience, one more thing that is important is the level of customization you can get out of them. Many want their keyboard to be unique and for them, customization is the way to go.

For routine use, there are some regular customizations that almost all mechanical keyboards can offer. And the bigger one is the keycaps, there is a standard set for keycaps,

So if the switches on your board use the MX-style cross-stem you can go for any set of keycaps and install them easily. If you search on the internet there are plenty of alternative keycap sets, so it’s not that difficult to personalize your keyboard.


After reading all these things you are at least in a position now to make a wise decision when it comes to buying the best mechanical gaming keyboards. We have discussed some of the benefits and some important things about the product that you should know before getting it. 

Now you understand better what to anticipate when you are shopping around. If you don’t know much about this industry it’s quite difficult for you to pick the best from the lot.

But if you go through the information that we have provided you, you shouldn’t be having a tough time while looking for it. The list that we have stated above includes some of the best mechanical gaming keyboards on the market.  Just get the one that’s right for you.

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