12 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Review

Minecraft is a trendy game with around 126 million players. The Multiplayer mode intrigues Minecraft and is highly valued among advanced players. 

There are multiple ways of playing Minecraft, and the most well-known is a Minecraft server on the web. This article is for you to take your gaming experience to a significant level on cheap, quick, and dependable Minecraft hosting with your number one mods.

A Minecraft server is a private multiplayer gaming network that allows players to pick team members. By using a server, you can undoubtedly control precisely who will play with you and who will not.

This article will consider the best Minecraft waiter host, discuss their key features, and give tips for picking the best supplier. 

Let’s get started with a detailed minecraft server hosting review!

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What is a Minecraft server?

Assuming you have at any point played Minecraft, you will know that the multiplayer mode makes it an even better gaming experience. One of the numerous abilities that Minecraft can help you create is teamwork.

A Minecraft server is a private network that any player can create for a multiplayer experience, letting others join and play.

A server can have IP and username restrictions to help control the players who can get to it, as well as orders and settings including, yet not restricted to, rules, enabling PvP, limiting the number of players at a time, and so on.

Minecraft servers expect the hardware to run on, obviously, so it involves a cost in such a manner – and assuming you are going the hosting course, that implies an expense to rent the equipment required.

How to choose the best Minecraft server hosting service?

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When it comes to picking a host, here are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. A few factors that you must take into account while picking the perfect Minecraft server for you are explained below:

Things to Consider Before you Buy The Best Paid Minecraft Server hosting (Buying Guide)


We cannot stress enough the significance of hardware as much as possible while running web multiplayer games.

If you are planning on having multiple players with various mods, Minecraft can be demanding about hardware.

Picking the right sort of processor (and enough RAM) to deal with such heavy hardware necessities is basic in keeping your multiplayer environment optimized.

In picking the hosting for your Minecraft server, the hardware will be a dealmaker or a dealbreaker.


Since you depend on third-party services to deal with hosting your Minecraft server, costs will likewise be an element. 

Besides the hardware, your web hosting service will likewise be giving security, maintenance, plugins, features, the rundown goes on. Luckily, a few hosting companies offer a few sorts of plans that take care of no matter what.

Easy Configuration:

Can we just be real for a moment, you would rather not sit around idly and get baffled by a complicated setup process, so web hosting suppliers that offer an easy and quick setup are alluring. 

All things considered, it is something to be beginner-friendly, but ensure that the hosting company gives you full control over your server so you can roll out any fundamental changes with regards to settings, etc.


There is often a probability that things will turn out badly, even with the best hosting companies, as it is most likely the case that you will require customer support sooner or later. 

Whether you find yourself unable to change a significant setting, or you want help to protect against or answer something like a DDoS attack, it quickly becomes essential to have customer support that answers rapidly. Any downtime could put off your valuable players, all things considered.


Furthermore, overall the server really must constantly be up, if not players will leave, take their game somewhere else, and you might lose money. This is a situation you need to stay away from no matter what.

A portion of the things you should search for include FTP access while you’re exchanging among mods and the control panel.

Best Minecraft Servers:

1. Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting (It’s The Best Minecraft Server Hosting):

Hostinger guarantees the best web hosting solution for the ideal website yet spends significant time in Minecraft server hosting, offering plans made particularly for the game, including assets that hope to advance Minecraft’s performance to the core.

Hostinger lets you set up a Minecraft Virtual Private Server (VPS) in seconds, saving valuable time for as cheap as $8.95 monthly expense. 

12 Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Hostinger plans do offer 2GB to 8GB memory for Minecraft hosting, dual CPUs, DDoS protection, full-time support, free MySQL, and, surprisingly, a portable application – with each plan guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime.

With a couple of clicks, Hostinger allows you to deal with your VPS effectively, focuses on protecting and securing your data, and even offers a money-back guarantee.

The instant setup makes your server ready in seconds; you’re all set when you’re registered and paid for the account. 

The setup is the only efficient feature of Hostinger, as backing up your records takes just a single tick, and modpacks and modules are not challenging to install through the control panel. 

Hostinger’s support group likewise readily responds to any inquiries about the method involved with setting up your Minecraft server, and helpful web-based tutorials are also given.

Hostinger offers Minecraft hosting servers in five areas, specifically the US, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, and Lithuania. Hostinger is considered the best hosting service for Minecraft servers.

12 Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting Pros:

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Great customer support
  • Easy server management

Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting Cons:

  • No dedicated hosting
  • VPS plans are not customizable

Is Hostinger Good For Minecraft Server Hosting?

Yes, Hostinger is a good option for a Minecraft server. It offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space, as well as a free domain name and SSL certificate. Additionally, its customer support is available 24/7.

2. ScalaHosting (Best Online Minecraft Server Hosting):

The answer is yes if you were wondering whether you can host a Minecraft server on a VPS. Minecraft is a popular computer game that can be hosted on a server to play in multiplayer.

You can rent a pre-built Minecraft server or set it up on a VPS, which will reduce the expense and give you complete control of your game. This is precisely where ScalaHosting rises to shine.

ScalaHosting’s VPS hosting solution makes setting up a Minecraft server more reasonable. ScalaHosting has four Minecraft hosting plans: Zombie, Slime, Guardian, and Giant. 

The Zombie plan offers 2 CPU Core, 4GB RAM, 80GB SSD, limitless MySQL Databases, 4TB transfer speed, and 1GBPS uplink ports for $61.95 each month.

ScalaHosting uses virtual-dedicated servers not to lose your resources and keep the best performance from hardware, implying that the help you buy is not shared across different people from the same server.

The most expensive Minecraft server hosting plan ScalaHosting offers will impair you by $249.95 per month. However, it comes with eight times the amount of RAM and 640GB of SSD storage. 

Like Hostinger, ScalaHosting even allows you to manage with your VPS easily and has created its control panel, which comes in-built with all the server types available.

You do not need to install anything on your system to manage your server using ScalaHosting, as it has incorporated a “Live Console” of your Minecraft server and Web-Based FileManager.

Pros of ScalaHosting:

  • Massive product variety
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Configurable VPS plans

Cons of ScalaHosting:

  • Lack of content on the support site

3. Shockbyte (Best Hosting Servers For Minecraft):

Shockbyte excels in in-game server support and only takes care of Minecraft players. This web hosting provider even hosts other game servers for titles like Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved, Arma 3, and Hytale.

Shockbyte offers server rentals for as cheap as $9.99 per month, which includes 24/7 customer support across three continents.

Shockbyte’s Minecraft server hosting plan also includes a free subdomain, an automated system to help with instant setup, complete protection from DDoS attacks, and a 100 percent uptime. Their plans offer 1GB to 16GB of RAM starting from $2.50 per month.

Shockbyte has standing in Minecraft web hosting, offers robust hardware, and permits the latest Java Edition and Bedrock Edition to support all Minecraft server variants – Spigot, CraftBukkit, Forge, Sponge, BungeeCord, Vanilla, and Snapshots.

Shockbyte’s premium subscription levels, the Spartan Plan, Zeus Plan, and Titan Plan, are rightly named as they offer intense performance levels, including 10GB, 12GB, and 16GB of RAM and unlimited slots.

It implies a seamless multiplayer gaming experience with the assurance of no downtime. Not just that, in case you feel like the plans do not meet your requirements, Shockbyte even offers you the liberty to customize your plans.

Pros of Shockbyte:

  • 100 percent uptime guarantee
  • The expert game server provider
  • Customized high-end plans

Cons of Shockbyte:

  • The money-back-guarantee lasts 24 days

4. Apex Hosting:

Does the comfort of installing and playing your modpack of decision with only a single click sound too enticing? Well, with Apex Hosting has made that possible, and from modules to mods, to even small games and maps, this supplier makes Minecraft hosting a simple task.

The multitude of advantages you get with Apex Hosting incorporates a wide range of 16 server areas which include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Poland, France, Germany, Russia, Israel, Australia, China, and Singapore. The different server area choices help in keeping the latency at a super-low level.

One of the main reasons Apex is liked by a lot of Minecraft players is presumably the full server control it gives, alongside top-notch support, quick connections, and lots of server variant choices. Apex Hosting’s auto backups are another thing worth taking into consideration.

The lag-free servers of Apex Hosting are one of the reasons why it is a popular name in Minecraft. Not just that, these servers are completely secure and give an easy and simple to-navigate control panel for users, alongside quality help and any semblance of video tutorials for beginners.

Pros of Apex Hosting:

  • Multiple server options
  • High level of control
  • Auto backups

Cons of Apex Hosting:

  • Can be a bit pricey

5. Bisect Hosting:

Bisect Hosting has been admired by gamers all over the world for its commitment to keeping Minecraft server hosting as simple and as affordable as could be expected.

Whether you are hosting a small multiplayer community or a gigantic one, Bisect’s servers won’t let you down with their unlimited slots.

Bisect Hosting gives various adaptable choices in Minecraft server hosting with budget and premium hosting plans that start from 1GB up to 32GB of RAM (starting at $7.99 each month). 

Bisect Hosting gives a simple setup, unlimited slots in premium packs, free MySQL, free subdomains, modpack updates and that’s just the beginning, settling on this web hosting provider for your Minecraft is an appealing choice.

The budget and premium pack options permit you to pick the important features custom-made to your definite requirements, and their 24/7 support team will make sure you get all the help you could need.

With eight server areas across the globe, you have a few decent options for guaranteeing latency is kept at bay.

Those servers are strategically positioned across the United States (in California, Florida, Texas, Oregon, and New York), as well as in the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Brazil, Germany, Russia, and Canada. It is likewise important that your server is safeguarded from DDoS attacks at no extra expense.

Pros of Bisect Hosting:

  • Flexible options
  • Budget-friendly
  • DDoS protection

Cons of Bisect Hosting:

  • No telephone support
  • No dedicated IP for budget plans

6. ScalaCube:

For as low as $2.50 for the first month and $5 from that point on – for a server that presents 768MB RAM and supports 10 players – ScalaCube guarantees an affordable yet solid Minecraft server hosting.

The platform supports a single-click installation for whatever modpack you might need to use. They even let you create your own Minecraft launcher using custom servers. 

The launcher allows you to design your server’s settings with only a couple of clicks.

Some other very impressive features of ScalaCube include its user-friendly interface that is all well spread out and safe, stable, incredible support team, and lag-free service. 

ScalaCube also offers BungeeCord and modpack support, full file access, free MySQL, a backup system, a website, and all the more. In addition, this web hosting service provider is an extraordinary value for money.

You get a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, and unlimited storage within servers is available to enhance your gaming experience. It likewise helps that there’s a good selection of the server areas across the United States and the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

With regards to picking your Minecraft game server, ScalaCube offers a wide variety of options including Forge, Snapshot, ATLauncher, FTB, Void’s Wrath, Cauldron, Bukkit, PaperMC, Spigot, and much more.

Pros of ScalaCube:

  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple server locations

Cons of ScalaCube:

  • Limited support tools

7. MCProHosting:

Launched in 2011, MCProHosting offers Minecrafter server hosting with the choice of 22 server areas across six continents. 

In association with Cloudflare Spectrum, MCProHosting gives proactive and real-time information, over 37 TBPS (37,000 GBPS) of migration bandwidth, different traffic routes, and latency of up to 17 percent for $6.99 each month.

At the point when we tried MCProHosting’s service for playing Minecraft, we were especially dazzled by the time machine feature, which enabled auto backups for our server every hour. 

MCProHosting offers server management services that are a good idea if you want help or do not have any desire to deal with your own Minecraft server. 

The Express plan comes with 20 mods and 25 plugin solutions for $7.99 per month, the Premium plan comes with 50 mods, 35 plugins, and unlimited storage.

There are additionally Ultimate and Extreme bundles that give you 100 or 150 mods, 45 or 60 plugins, limitless slots, and strife support. The Extreme plan is the main pack that offers an additional GB of RAM.

The dashboard is also very easy and somewhat simple to use, with every one of the features in tabs on the left-hand side for simple access to additional items and features that MCProHosting has to offer.

The Minecraft server hosting supplier also offers all-day, 24/7 customer support using a live chat feature on the website, guarantees 99.9 percent uptime, and its safe installment system runs on a protected SSL-encrypted connection.

Pros of MCProHosting:

  • 22 server locations
  • No upload limits
  • Impressive uptime

Cons of MCProHosting:

  • Expensive

8. GGServers:

One of the reasons why GGServers is on this rundown is for its user-accommodating methodology for newbies.

Its tweaked Multicraft control panel is not difficult to navigate, allowing users to oversee game servers, screen chats between players, and create universes in only a couple of clicks.

It also supports the most well-known modpacks and server versions, including Java, Bedrock, Paper, Spigot, and BungeeCord. You can switch between server types whenever you want through the control panel.

Other than that, GGServers empowers adding players as sub-users if you need to co-deal a server with them. Go ahead and set their jobs and permissions from the control panel as you see fit.

Pros of GGServers:

  • DDoS protection
  • Nine servers spread across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • Multiple support options, such as live chat, knowledge base, discussion forums, ticket support, and Discord community
  • No overselling
  • Free subdomain
  • Instant setup

Cons of GGServers:

  • The money-back guarantee only applies within 24 hours after purchase.
  • Only Premium customers can access the free MySQL database and servers in Asia and Australia.

9. MelonCube:

To give the top Minecraft server hosting service quality, MelonCube involves top-of-the-line hardware for their servers, for example, DDR4 ECC RAM and SSD or NVMe drive. The US-based web hosting company guarantees a high uptime rate.

In addition, they offer pretty generous compensation. If the downtime lasts as long as 15 minutes, go ahead and report to customer service to get a 10 percent service credit.

All plans include unlimited storage and a free MySQL database, so you can have as many Minecraft mods and custom .jar files as you need to tweak your world.

MelonCube offers more than 30,000 single-tick Bukkit plugin installers to improve your gaming experience significantly further.

Moreover, MelonCube offers free trials for platforms like BuyCraft, Enjin, and Minetrends to every one of its users. These platforms can help you bring in money through the server and grow a community.

Pros of MelonCube:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Instant setup
  • Node monitoring
  • DDoS protection
  • On-crash restart
  • FTP file access

Cons of MelonCube:

  • Servers located in Northern America and Europe

10. Nodecraft:

It is very simple to set up a Minecraft server with Nodecraft because its hosting services are not difficult to use, simple, and mobile-friendly, all because of the NodePanel 2.

Nodecraft enables a user to create servers for more than 28 games. You can create modded servers, install plugins, change configurations and mod packs effectively and access them on mobile phones.

There are more than 100 mod packs on the panel and you can choose from the Spigot, Forge, and Sponge, and that’s just the beginning. The basic plan of Nodecraft gives 1 GB RAM, 5GB SSD, and unlimited player slots. You can also pick the Omega plan that gives 4 GB RAM and 20 GB SSD.

Pros of Nodcraft:

  • Offers top-class customer support
  • No branding fees
  • Provides hosting for several games

Cons of Nodcraft:

  • Expensive

11. CubedHosting:

CubedHost is one more solid option. It surely is the best Minecraft server hosting that offers instant setup, and that implies you can immediately set up a Minecraft server and begin playing with your pals.

It offers auto installation for more than 100 server types with modules like Bukkit and Spigot. CubedHost supports different server types like Twitch, ATLauncher, Technic, FTB, and Curse.

It likewise gives an IP address to a default port of the server to reduce the number of connections. The hosting equipped by CubedHost is safeguarded with DDoS protection layers that cover each hub of the network.

Pros of CubedHosting:

  • Free web hosting
  • Multiple server locations

Cons of CubedHosting:

  • No subdomains
  • The trial period is short

12. Sparkedhost:

Sparkedhost is the last web hosting service provider on our rundown. It offers the best Minecraft server hosting with advanced features to give the best Minecraft experience to its users.

Sparkedhost equips you with various kinds of web hosting plans, specifically Budget, Extreme, and Enterprise, and you can pick one according to your necessities.

Moreover, the Minecraft hosting that is offered by Sparkedhost accompanies a DDoS protection system to ensure the security of your Minecraft server. 

Pros of Sparkedhost:

  • 99.9 percent uptime guarantee
  • 24-hour money-back promise
  • Free trial

Cons of Sparkedhost:

  • Poor customer support

What is the best Minecraft server hosting?

There are a lot of Minecraft server hosting providers out there, and it can be tough to decide which one is the best for you. My personal favorite is Hostinger, which has tons of different game modes and servers to choose from. They also have a great community and support system, so you’re guaranteed to have a good time!

How do I host a Minecraft server 24/7 for free?

You can’t. Minecraft servers require dedicated hardware and a constant power supply, which most people don’t have laying around. You could try using a service like Amazon EC2, but that would get expensive pretty quickly. Your best bet is to find a local Minecraft server provider.

Can you host a Minecraft server for free?

Yes, there are a few ways to host a Minecraft server for free. One way is to use a service like Mineplex or Cubecraft, which provide free servers. Another way is to use a program like Multicraft, which allows you to host your own server for free.

What is the Best Minecraft server hosting for mods?

There are a lot of different Minecraft server hosting options out there, so it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. If you’re looking for a server that supports mods, I’d recommend checking out Hostinger. They have a great selection of mods available, and their servers are always up and running smoothly.

Where can I host a modded Minecraft server?

There are a few different options for hosting a modded Minecraft server. One option is to use a hosting service that specializes in Minecraft servers. Another option is to use a VPS or dedicated server to host the server yourself.

How do I host a better Minecraft server mod?

There are a few ways to host a better Minecraft server mod. One way is to make sure that your server is running the latest version of Minecraft. You can also install mods that are specifically designed for servers. Finally, you can use plugins to improve your server’s performance.

What are the top 3 best Minecraft servers?

There are many great Minecraft servers out there, but here are three of our favorites:

Hostinger – Hostinger is a company that provides server hosting for Minecraft, and they are the best company for this purpose.

The Hive – This server is great for players who want a challenge. It has a variety of different game modes and features custom-built maps and mods.

Mineplex – This server is perfect for players who want a lot of action. It has tons of mini-games and player-versus-player (PVP) modes.

Minecraft is perhaps the best game, and it has a large number of dynamic users. If you have any desire to play Minecraft with your plans in multiplayer mode, you want Minecraft server hosting to set up your own Minecraft server.

Likewise, there are different hosting service suppliers accessible on the internet. However, finding and picking the best one is surely a difficult task. In this article, we have listed the best Minecraft server hosting and talked about their pros and cons so you can pick the one that best suits your necessities.

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