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A mouse bungee is a thing that you can attach to your computer and it helps you in keeping your computer cord from getting complicated and getting in the way.

It has the ability to grip the mouse wire with its little gap between the two springs and allow the remaining wire behind while you get the needed cable to work.

You can move your arm with much ease without bothering about complex cords. If you have the braided mouse then it’s time for you to get a good mouse bungee for you.

Braided mice are more resistant and imperishable, but at the same time, they can be unprotected from scraping and slipping away.

These tiny but remarkable products are not that much expensive. But they can be very important and helpful for every gaming setup and workstation.

The best thing about this product is it’s not too heavy on the pocket. So anyone who is having an open monitor space can easily get it. Nobody will ever go back if they paired it up once with all their machines at home. Particularly the gamers, because playing games like League of Legends or CS GO you need to make a vital move.

And most of the time it happens that all of a sudden your mouse slips out of its place and runs and fell from the desk.

It’s annoying, but that’s where the best mouse bungee can help you. A mouse bungee will easily keep your cord away from creeping on the floor.

So you can say good bye to those irritating cable intrusions while playing games. And usually they come in almost all shapes and sizes for any kind of computer setup. If you are interested in getting the one with a USB extension or a retractable design, they have it all.

Advantages of Good Mouse Bungee:

Many people usually think that what it is and how can it benefit our work. Let’s look at some of the benefits of having it.


This thing happens with all most every person who uses the computer. Many people face the issue of cords being all over their desk or on the floor which creates a mess around their space. This can be easily managed by investing in some cord management products.

But there are cases where they don’t provide much-needed support to hold strong cables without sliding out from under if you put extra weight on them.

The bungee cord might be the right option for this issue as it provides sufficient support and tension so that cords don’t move.

As it comprises a no-slip design it’s quite handy in stopping strong cables from sliding out of place. So it definitely helps you in keeping your desk more organized with no mess around you.

It saves your space: Many people have the opinion that they require more space on their desks for their mouse as there are many wires to deal with.

But there is definitely a way to clean up these wires without getting another exclusive piece of furniture in order to make your room tidy.  Having a mouse bungee can certainly save you time and money.

User Experience is Better:

As we have discussed above mouse bungee has the ability to arrange your desk and consumes less space also.

There is one more thing and that is the improved user experience. Most people are not aware of the fact that when you have too much mess on your desk or around you, it can create some unwanted tension.

Resulting in higher stress levels, as our minds will naturally seek out solutions on how to resolve this issue.

That’s why it’s important for you to invest in a decent product that helps in cleaning up your work area.

And you can have a peaceful time to rest your mind. Besides this, if you don’t use an anti-tangle cord while gaming, this handy device can help you in keeping all those unseen wires at peace so there’s a slim chance of falling over them when you are into some intense gaming.

Best Mouse Bungees:

So we have discussed some advantages of having mouse bungees now let’s look at some of the best mouse bungees that are available on the market. 

Cougar Bunker RGB Mouse Bungee

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Best Mouse Bungee

AOBOR Mouse Bungee

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Best Mouse Bungee

Razer Mouse Bungee v2

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Best Mouse Bungee

Glorious Mouse Bungee

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Best Mouse Bungee

BenQ Zowie Camade 2

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Best Mouse Bungee

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Mouse Bungee (Buying Guide):

There are some important things to think about before you buy a mouse bungee and it’s quite difficult to know what makes the best mouse bungee. And especially for the gamers they should know that Is it good enough for their workstation does it have the right length or not.

This product is definitely very useful and handy, but it is shocking that mouse bungees aren’t as famous as they should be. You will not get much information about them easily.

That’s why we have gathered some information about this product for you. And now let’s look at the things that should be considered before you buy a mouse bungee.


The feet of the bungee is attached to the bottom of your table. It is vital to get your hands on a bungee that’s not prone to slipping. And it will be much better if you get a mouse bungee that comprises rubber feet.

This will keep your desk away from blemishing and it also safeguards slipping. Slipping can eliminate the motive of a bungee if you have added cords plugged into the very outset.


There are some impulsive gamers who very often lose their temper and take out frustration on their gaming equipment. It’s always better to have the heavy base of your mouse bungee.

This will not allow your mouse bungee to flip over whenever you tug your mouse. The base of the mouse bungee decides the firmness of the product. So think about it carefully while choosing.


The other thing to consider is its durability. Go for a mouse bungee that comprises double-stitching wherever possible so it can last longer. The material obviously is also very crucial. Today, there are some bungees built with stainless steel that are also at hand in the market.

Usually, they all give you a warranty and you can easily depend on them for years. The most vital part of the bungee to consider and to be careful about is its arms.

As these arms comprise spring and they can lose their elasticity or simply breaks off making the bungee completely useless.


If you are interested in getting the best mouse bungee, then better to go for the one with USB inputs. This isn’t a must and doesn’t straightaway influence the user experience. But if you have additional inputs it allows you to change your cellphone on the table.  


The arm is the operational unit of the mouse bungee. It is the mouse that manages all the cords in place and sorts out things.

A supple arm is one of the features of the best mouse bungee. This movability permits the user to tug and pull the arm as wishes.

The arm will swiftly manage itself as per the situation. There are multiple clips on the arm that grips the cord of the mouse.

And those clips should not be too hefty or too soft. The reason is if it is too hefty, it will damage your cord and if it is too soft, it won’t grip the cord well.


So we have tried to give you information about every aspect of the best mouse bungee. We have discussed some benefits and provided you with the details about the things to consider before you buy the product. We have done our job by giving you all the details now it’s your turn to pick the best one.

We know selecting the best mouse bungee is not an easy thing to do, and it’s not a cakewalk when there are so many to pick from. That’s why we have accumulated some of the best and made this list for you.

Maybe you will get what you’re looking for. If not, then it’s always good to do some research it will certainly help you. The more information you get about the product the better your decision will be.

It doesn’t make any difference what type of gadget you use laptop, tablet, phone, etc. A good mouse bungee can definitely help you in having an easy time with your machines and enjoy using them without having problems such as wires getting in the way or cables swinging from desks. So take your time and pick the best one.

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