Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

Every gamer knows the importance of a keyboard; they are definitely a key to intense gaming. If you look at the market there’s a huge variety in the types of keyboards that are at hand, but most people tend to go for something that is usually accepted by society.

For example, in this era people are talking about mechanical keyboards, but some are still using membrane keyboards. The reason for this is many people usually are hesitant in using the new technology. That’s why even after the advent of new input devices, some people do stick to old conventional ways of typing.  

Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

The same is the case with one-handed keyboards the people who used them are quite happy with their performance. For example, the best thing about such keyboards is you don’t have to bother about accommodation, size, and complications.

At first, it certainly looks like an unreal idea, but for some gamers, it’s a new thing to talk about. So let’s discuss some of the types and advantages of the one-handed keyboard.

What Is a One-handed Keyboard?

The idea of a one-handed keyboard for gaming is quite simple. Primarily it’s a keyboard that only provides keyboard keys for just one hand. It’s not a substitute for a standard full keyboard, but you can use this concept for good use. One-handed keyboards give you multiple costs, performance, and space advantages that a standard keyboard can’t provide.

Kinds of One-handed Keyboards:

Mainly there are two methods of crafting a one-handed keyboard. The easiest and usually economical approach is to make a pad that is similar to a hatchet to a full-size keyboard. The keys will comprise all the similar labels and layout as the leftmost part of a basic keyboard.

This makes for an easy change. And the other type of approach is an exclusive pad with custom controls. These basically comprise scroll wheels, directional pads, and more. These pads are usually more ergonomic and much less like playing on a basic keyboard. That has many benefits, but it will take time to get used to.

Switch Types:

Like any other gaming keyboard, one-handed keyboards offer multiple options when it comes to key switch type. The low-end products will make use of membrane keys.

Then there is another one like mecha-membrane keys that provide the feel of mechanical switches and uses membrane switch technology as a portion of its design. And when you look at the Opto-mechanical switches they also have gained some ground as well, but the contemporary gold standard is the main mechanical switch.

Benefits of one-handed gaming keyboards:

The prime benefit of one-handed gaming keyboards is obviously the cost. If you are using a keyboard that comprises high-quality switch technology and keycaps, it’s a little bit more costly to expand it to a full 101-key keyboard.

Most of the gaming keyboards deal with this by just comprising keys normally used during gaming.  But there may be a problem with that and that is you may end up with an uneven keyboard.

So if you are interested in using it for other tasks like writing or general productivity, it won’t be good to use. In this situation, you can definitely consider a one-handed keyboard. It has the ability to sit next to your basic keyboard and is always ready to be in action whenever you want.


One more important benefit of these keyboards is their advanced ergonomics. You can say that no need for you to shift your hand around and the pad is built to support your hand when you game. Customize pads like the Razer Tartarus comprise thumb controls, particularly curved key surfaces, and a big manageable wrist pad.

Size is Compact:

The next benefit is size. You can easily keep your big keyboard aside and utilize your remaining desk space only for the pad and mouse. This allows you have much more pleasant gaming, as it will be easy for you to set your arms at any angle you prefer.

If you have a gaming laptop then these pads are even good. The keyboards designed for these laptops are quite tricky to play on. If you are interested in having your screen straight ahead of you, then it will not be comfortable for you.

But, a one-handed gaming keyboard allows you to position your mouse on both sides of the laptop. So that you can adjust the screens to the exact center and near to your face. It’s a good chance for portable gaming.

Gaming Performance:

Above all, these pads provide a gaming performance advantage. They can enhance your performance as they comprise a shape and size that helps you in not move your hand, look down, or even think about the keyboard.

So we have discussed some benefits of a one-handed keyboard. Now, let’s look at some of the best one-handed gaming keyboards that are available on the market.

So, that list that we have made for you includes some exclusive products. They are quite reliable and reputed so you can bank on them.  So let’s look at the list.

Koolertron One-handed gaming keyboard

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Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

Skywin Programmable gaming keypad

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Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

AULA 30 programmable keys one-handed gaming keyboard

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Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

STOGA one-handed gaming keypad

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Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

RedThunder One-handed gaming keyboard

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Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

NPET T20 One-handed Gaming keyboard

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Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

Razer Tartarus Pro gaming keypad

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Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming keypad

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Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

Enhance one-handed gaming keypad

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Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

Redragon K585 DITI Slim one-handed gaming keyboard

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Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best One-Handed Gaming Keypad:

Mechanical or Membrane:

As we stated above, there’s the vast world of committed keyboards that anyone can easily lose into. It’s always better to go for the mechanical keyboards, particularly if you are eyeing one-handed gaming mechanical keyboards. Some People also name this a left-handed gaming keyboard. So yes, if you want you can use this term when looking for the best available one-handed keyboard.


This is not the must thing to look for. If you don’t have any problem with flashy lights and twinkling and you can survive easily then, of course, you can certainly go for something plain and simple. And if you want, then almost all the one-handed gaming keyboards do comprise RGB profiles.

Switch Type:

It’s better not to compromise on this one. As switches certainly play an important part in the speed of your typing. But the actuation point has to be lowered, and the keys are easy to click, you don’t have to worry.

Programmable keys:

When we talk about mechanical keyboards, usually you will be getting Macro keys, and they can easily upgrade any idea of having additional hotkeys. Most people wanted to add these extra keys to their tiny one handed keyboard. If you are interested then go ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it worth buying one-handed gaming keyboards?

If you are a gamer then yes, as they are very good for gaming. Because you know that they have a limited number of keys only. There are only a few alphabets so if you want to type more it’s quite difficult. But, if you are planning to game with the less packed area on your table, then one-handed keyboards is definitely a thing for you.

Are there any right-handed gaming keyboards also?

If you are a right-hander then the only thing you can do is you can get the same keyboard and just place it on the right-hand side. It’s quite simple but there are some models that are right-handed for people who can’t game with their left hands.


So we have discussed almost everything from some advantages to features that should be considered before buying the Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards.

When looking for distinct gaming keypads, you have to make sure that the product you are eyeing should comprise all the necessary elements or features to experience a quality gaming affair.

You should be also careful about excess sizes and the number of key joins to a single unit. It’s always better for you to go for the product that falls in the recommended category.

That’s why we have included all the top-quality gaming keypads in our list. You can easily pick any one of them as they are productive and effective in their ways.

We have done our job by providing you with all the details about the product. Now it’s up to you to pick the best one. We know it’s not easy to just pick one from the lot but if you go through all the details it will be easy for you. Take your time and get the best one.

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