Best Paintball Pistols

If you have the best paintball pistol then it can definitely give you a clear-cut edge during play.  A paintball marker is a weapon that can enhance your game; a standard paintball pistol is very effective and can cater to you as a side arm solution.


Best Paintball Pistols

There are some situations in your game where taking aim and firing an enemy with a traditional marker is not possible, in this kind of scenario the solid design and simple-to-use features of pistols come into play.

Most of the people think that paintball pistols are quite solid and you can pick any. But this may not be the case. In fact, there are a lot of designs to consider when picking out a side arm to help alongside your standard paintball gun.

Common Paintball Pistol Types

The most common type of paintball pistol you will get on the market is the pump-action type. These pistols comprise a pump component that requires manual operation so that you can set your next round of ammunition up before taking a shot.

Pump paintball pistols are quite moderate enough in their build and design; they are simple but powerful and durable also.

You can bank on them in tough situations and they are quite effective. Irrespective of their limitations, pump-action pistols are very well-liked by players, even the seasoned players of paintball also appreciate them.

Semi-automatic paintball pistols are very familiar also. The feasibility of these pistols is remarkably simple; all you have to do is just pull the trigger whenever you want to take a shot.

There are some verities within this category. Besides the standard manual models, electro-pneumatic semi-automatic pistols are also gaining their ground very fast.

Advanced Paintball Pistol Varieties

If you wanted a pistol that can fire more swiftly as compared to traditional models, then a ramping paintball side arm can be your best pick. For the operation of a ramping paintball pistol, you can shoot up the firing rate of your weapon by continually pressing the trigger.

The best ramping pistols can deliver spectacular firing rates of 20 rounds per second. All the rookies to paintball often like ramping pistols because of their fast firing rate as it can make up for imperfection in exactness and aim.

Fully-automatic pistols adapt the functions of ramping pistols and capitalize upon their strengths.

They are an excellent pick for those who want quick-fire performance but are not interested in continuously pulling the trigger. And if you are a beginner a fully-automatic paintball pistol is not ideal for you, as it needs a lot of practice before it can be used effectively.

A paintball pistol is quite same as a paintball gun but this one is smaller. It is much like a real pistol when you compare it to the size of a rifle. Normally a rifle needs two hands to hold and fire, but for a pistol only one is enough.

It’s beyond doubt that a pistol is much lighter to carry and quite handy to shoot, be it in paintball or as a real firearm.

The cost of that lighter weight means that you have to manage with fewer paintballs for ammunition as the paintball pistols can carry fewer paintballs only. It’s quite similar to the original revolver; so pistols can carry only a few paintballs.

The main rule of ballistics in both paintball and firearms is that a longer gun barrel is always more precise. When you talk about close range, pistols that shoot paintballs may also be as precise as a rifle-style paintball gun.

But with longer ranges, paintballs fired from a pistol may not reach the target as regular as a longer paintball gun.

A paintball gun that has a long barrel permits the paintball to precede in a straight line for a longer period before going out of the gun.

Less ammunition can be held in pistols for paintball, that’s why it needs more frequent reloading. So the time you spent reloading can better be used to fire paintballs. Standard paintball markers usually comprise large hoppers holding hundreds of paintballs.

But when you look at Pistols they can hold a few paintballs only. After looking at the paintball ammunition capacity of the standard paintball gun, it’s better to keep the pistol as a backup weapon only.

There is only one place where the pistol is superior in paintball as a backup weapon. When your enemy listens to your paintball rifle’s huge hopper is bare, he will be tempted to come around the corner for a perfect score, but he will take your paintball pistol shot right in his chest.

A paintball pistol is quite small and solid and easy to carry, it’s not only perfect for expert paintballers but rookies also who don’t like the weight of a rifle.

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Things To Consider Before Buying a Best Paintball Pistol

First, you have to consider your personal preferences in a paintball pistol. What do you want from it when it comes to power and exactness? If you are a new player, you don’t have to look for too many features.

Personal Preferences:

But, if you are planning to build a genuine arsenal as you go more deep in this game, make sure to buy the best paintball gun that will offer those features. The best way to go about this is try other guns first. Just borrow one from a friend and get the feel first. This will give you an idea about your personal preferences and you can decide what you want in a gun.

Speed and Accuracy:

One crucial factor to keep in mind when purchasing a paintball pistol is its speed. You have to know how fast it can shoot. If you are interested in using it on real paintball combat instead of just training,

One that can shoot swiftly will give you an edge over your other teammates if they are carrying a heavier gun.

Check it should be a precise paintball handgun and must have a good range. Learn more about its maximum range as it will give you an idea about its performance.

Size and Weight:

This one is quite vital because it should feel good when you hold it in your hands. The grip should be firm and it shouldn’t be too light. It should have a significant weight. If it’s too light, then you may get the feeling as if you are holding a toy.

Most of the players pick a paintball pistol that looks real. Hold it and try, to make sure that it has a good weight distribution, while the magazine is loaded.

Almost all paintball pistols are usually more solid but some guns are longer. So pick the one that is tailor-made for you.


Nobody wants to have a pistol that looks more like a toy. As it will affect your game. Most players prefer a pistol that looks more realistic. A lot of people go for the real design as it can also serve as a self-defense gun. Go for the one that looks like a real gun if you are planning to use it for self-defense.


This one is a more important factor to consider. You should know how much you can afford. If you want your pistol to last a little longer then it’s better to increase your budget. You will get a better pistol if you pay a bit more.

A cheaper pistol doesn’t serve you for long compared to a more expensive one. Besides, it will also not offer you the features you are craving. If you want to customize your pistol to suit your needs, get ready to shell out more money.

Loading Speed:

Not all paintball guns are the same when it comes to loading speed.  One may be much swifter in loading than another. You have to be careful when you select.

Go for the one that has a better loading speed as it can help you in tournaments also.  Examine whether you can remove the cartridge or the magazine easily or not.


As a pistol is much smaller, it is quite handy and simple to use. If you are new to the game and don’t know much about dismantling the pistol. Then maintenance can be a tough task for you. So it’s better to go for the user-friendly one.

Some pistols comprise durable internal parts so they don’t need as much maintenance as compared to other pistols.


We have done our part by giving you enough details about the best paintball pistols. We have covered all the factors that you should consider before buying a paintball pistol. Now it’s up to you to go through it and if possible do some research also.

As it will help you make the right decision. But as we have discussed above a lot depends on your personal preferences also. Look at the products we stated above and decide according to your gaming needs and budget. Take your time and pick the best one.

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