Best PC Gaming Chairs 2023

Many gamers have experienced, at least once in their gaming life, a certain discomfort whenever they sit for hours to play in front of their computers and no matter how hard they try to make their position comfortable with pillows and anything that they can put their hands or backs on, it just doesn’t cut it when it comes to making sure that you don’t end up with a terrible back ache or numbing legs.

There are some who have contented themselves with office chairs which seem to do the trick as to make sure that your back has support however, not all of them are as effective as others and some may even be pricey. That is why it is such a relief that an invention such as a computer gaming chair has come forth to claim supremacy in all things worthy of a gamer’s money. However, with the thousands of pc gaming chairs out there, how can one decide on which is the best computer gaming chair for their specific needs?

Deciding on what best pc gaming chairs suit you

Before you embark on a journey to finding the best pc gaming chair there is in the land, you must first decide what you really want to get out of the chair that you would want to have as your “gaming partner”. Most, if not all, gamers have comfort as a basic need and this is not a problem because comfort is something that all pc gaming chairs offer.

If this is something that a particular brand or model does not offer then it’s best to just go ahead and move on. You don’t need to bother and waste time assessing that particular computer gaming chair because no matter how many features it may offer, you would never enjoy playing if your back starts to ache after only about half an hour into your game.

We all know that gamers stay for hours on end in front of their computers once they have started. So that’s the first thing that you have to determine. Do I have specific needs when it comes to comfort? Is ergonomic design enough to support my back and make sure it won’t bother me?

Or do I still need to make sure that I have my neck supported as well? Remember that everyone is unique and one gamer may have different needs when it comes to comfort than another gamer may have.

This is why there are some gaming chairs that only offer this kind of perk which is perfect for those who think they can live without some of the features that other pc gaming chairs may offer. Since these kinds of gaming chairs are relatively cheaper as well, they it’s perfect for those who are on a tight budget and feel that they can do with just sitting on a comfortable chair and playing the hours away.

When you’ve got that one out of the way, it’s time for the “fun stuff” which are features added on by some manufacturers to make your gaming experience as close to reality as possible. The next most common feature would be the speakers for surround sound.

You would find that the best computer gaming chairs have speakers that are just behind the gamer’s ears when sitting and usually a part of the headrest. Although there are models that have the speaker on the side of the seat where it can fire the sound up and in some cases mimic the purpose of a vibrating motor, most gamers prefer having them close to their own ears.

In this way, they can’t miss even the smallest sound which can be very crucial in some favorite games. Some even offer subwoofers to improve sound quality although most of the time, speakers always come with these. However, if you feel that you’re okay with just having plain speakers, then this is something that you may want to skip when deciding what the best pc gaming chair is for you.

Of course, how can we ever forget about the vibrating motors? This one bit is debatable among gamers since some are just content with having surround sound and subwoofers. Some may even go as far are to swear that you would almost feel the movement if you have a good enough sound to back up the action happening on your computer.

However, it can still be something that you may want to look into so you can decide for yourself whether or not you can do without this “tiny” feature that could just add to your satisfaction as a gamer.  Besides these main features that you usually get from gaming chairs, there is a handful that also offers little things like a cup holder or a rack where you can put your snacks on. Wouldn’t it be sweet if you have everything that you need just within arm’s reach?

Going in for the kill

In all of this, it is always good to remember that getting more features from your best computer gaming chair means you also need to pay up. It’s just logical, isn’t it? The more features there are in your gaming chair, then the more money you would have to shell out to make the most out of your playtime.

So it’s not only good to decide on what you want but also on what you can give to them. As if it’s not already hard to choose from these amazing features, you even have to think of your finances. It’s such a bummer, right? Everyone wants to have the best pc gaming chair that they could get their hands on and at one point you may want to have most, if not all, of the features possible in one chair.

However, we have to be realistic because we live in the real world where gaming chairs do not come free and in some cases, they can also be costly. So be wise about your decision. There are thousands of pc gaming chairs out there you can choose from. You just have to be patient and go through your options as if it will be a major life decision that you are making. In any case, who’s to say that it’s not?

Gaming chairs for adults and kids.

Gaming chairs for adults. Comfort for the “Real Kids”

Playing comes naturally to kids. It is something that is very basic to them that you don’t really have to teach them how to do it. If you leave them alone for a few minutes, you shouldn’t be surprised to see them playing even on their own with some made-up game using anything that they can put their hands on as toys so much more if you introduce them to computer games with stunning and captivating graphics that will have them glued to their computer screens for hours on end.

Unlike homework, playing is something that you don’t have to tell them twice about and it may be one reason why most people really enjoy playing computer games even well into their adult life. Yes, playtime doesn’t really lose its appeal as you grow older whether you admit to it or not.

However, the games change to a somewhat more sophisticated or expensive one considering that most gamers are willing to spend money on whatever they need to make the most of their playing time, and here comes the gaming chair for adults that we have been hearing about these days. Gaming chairs are all the buzz today with their ability to make every gaming experience not just comfortable but also more enjoyable than it has ever been.

It may still be surprising that many adults are most willing to spend money on these specialized chairs to get that very unique experience whenever they sit and play. That is why it may not be surprising at all that since there are gaming chairs for adults, there should be gaming chairs for kids as well and in here, there are still a whole lot of possibilities to be discovered and explored.

From big to small

One may easily think that just because gaming chairs have already been invented for adults then they can simply be downsized to make one for kids. However, you may be surprised to see that there are simply endless ways to make gaming chairs for kids.

Since kids are naturally imaginative, these gaming chairs have to stay in tune with how a kid would want to enjoy his or her playing time.

Sure, the common gaming chair already has the basics covered like comfort in general, full back support to prevent any “gaming-related injuries” like stiff neck, backaches, and many others, to die for speakers and subwoofers to give you the best feel of whatever action is happening in the game, the occasional vibrating motors that more expensive chairs have for a little more action added, and many more to be left to the imagination of the people responsible for these fantastic chairs.

Although these features will not go unappreciated in a gaming chair specially designed for kids, you will find that the kid version of your typical gaming chair can actually be much more fun than its predecessor.

Of course, your basic features, and probably more, are already incorporated in these gaming chairs for kids just like the ones that were made for adults however, since kids just have to have fun in everything that they do, they want to be able to have fun just with the chair itself. That is why gaming chairs specially designed for kids are not just more colorful and eye-catching; they are more often than not incorporated into cartoon characters that are popular among kids or even themed to look like a game itself.

It is true that you don’t need to do too much to have kids play since it is the one thing that they almost always want to do but in the same way that they are eager to have fun and play, most kids of a certain age also lose interest about anything just as easily as they can start loving a computer game that they have just discovered. This is the reason why manufacturers have to give gaming chairs for kids an extra creative twist to make the chair just as interesting as the game that they are playing with it.

Gaming chairs for kids and kids-at-heart.

The purpose of gaming chairs, whether made for kids or “bigger kids”, is to provide utmost comfort for beginners and serious gamers alike. From what we have seen of the availability of these specialized chairs these days, there is no question that one day, there would be something new to be added to the already growing list of features that we have from some of them.

However, the most basic feature which is comfort will never be out of the question when it comes to gaming chairs no matter the price or sophistication of the product or the age for which it is made. It is true that gaming chairs specifically designed for kids are somewhat more “flashy” than those of their adult version and this is in part because kids usually would pick whatever catches their eyes first and captures their imagination especially when it comes to gaming.

However, it does not dismiss the fact that they still need the basic feature that all gaming chairs have which is comfort. Since this is not something that your average kid will simply be looking for in a gaming chair, it is the responsibility of the adults to make sure that they get this one feature besides the ones that they already have decided to be the “clinching factor” on why they want to have a specific chair for their gaming pleasure.

Although adult gamers do take note of the technical features that a gaming chair can offer and although their decision to purchase a specific brand or variety may be based on this, it is still true that the kid inside us all may still have a say on what you may eventually pick as your perfect gaming chair.

Hence, even some gaming chairs for adults may still feature some flashy design to catch your eye before convincing you with its surround sound speakers, subwoofers, and a vibrating motor to boot. Of course, we can’t forget the cup holder, that’s always important, right?

Why Use A Gaming Chair?

This may seem like a silly question to some of you – “because they improve my life in unimaginable ways” is a common answer – but why is this? In this article, we delve a little deeper.

We live in the age of technology and we’re so thrilled to see the impact on our gaming experience by having a gaming chair. For those who are unfamiliar on what a gaming chair is, it’s simple. Think of a gaming chair as an extension of the game. Like gaming controllers, most of our chairs will vibrate with the gaming effects. For example; you’re cruising around the streets of Los Santos (GTA 5) in your new Coil VOLTIC when for no reason at all the cops decide to ram their car into you! Not only will you see this happen but you’ll feel it too! You will also find that all of our chairs have speakers that connect with your gaming console, TV and iPod so you can experience surround sound without the heavy costs.

Perhaps you’ve been convinced, but you need some nice and easy persuasion fodder to convince your spouse or parents. Read on!

Let’s look at the health benefits first:

  • We all know that sitting in a chair all day can be devastating on your back! Gaming chairs are designed to be comfortable for all day every day use.
  • Our Ultimate Game Chair V3 also features built-in relaxation massage nodules which are not only fantastic for relaxation but massages have been proven to have several health benefits such as removing tension from your muscles, increase blood flow to remove toxins in the body, control high blood pressure, improve posture and even assist in weight loss.

Now at the practical reasons:

  • Firstly having speakers at the top of our gaming chairs means you don’t need to splurge on buying a surround sound system that also takes up space.
  • Many of our chairs also come with their own unique features, such as a controller pocket or a cup holder or built-in relaxation massaging.
  • And last but not least, all of our chairs are stylishly designed to suit any room decor.

Case Study: Customer before and after buying gaming chair.

Now let’s look at the fun reasons!:

  • Where to begin? Having full-body feedback from any thrilling game is just amazing. It gives you more of a feeling of being part of the game than simply playing.
  • With our built-in surround sound systems, you don’t need your TV blasting to enjoy your game which means no more being nagged to turn the volume down!
  • Let’s face it, people are show-offs. Put one of these bad boys in your room and watch the envy in your friends and families.

But if that wasn’t enough all of our chairs are compatible with all consoles such as PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox360, Nintendo, Wii, and Games for Windows. You’ll also find that each of our selected gaming chairs has unique features, such as our affordable Gamebag Bean Bag which comes with a handy controller pocket, because we know how easy it is to lose those cordless controllers.

What is the best gaming chair for adults?

The best gaming chair for adults is the Secretlab Omega 2020 Series. It’s ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and support, with adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and neck pillows. It also has a durable steel frame that can hold up to 330 pounds. The high-density foam ensures comfort throughout long gaming sessions.

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