Top 5 Best PC Gaming Headphones 2023

The gaming industry has gone through tremendous change in the past one or two decades, and there is no doubt that it will continuously progress in the coming years. This is the kind of profession or hobby where your skills mainly rely on the equipment to enhance.

You have to be talented but if you don’t have the ideal equipment with enough functions it’s a little tough for you to make your presence felt in this sector.

As a gamer, you are aware of this fact that how bigger part audio plays in replicating the world you are gaming in.

The perfect sound equipment can magnify your gaming experience and even provide you an edge, such as digging out cunning rivals when gaming online.

It’s always good to have tailored headphones for gaming purposes. Because it helps in effective Communication with your teammates and it’s an essential part of any multiplayer game.

It happens most of the time that in a contest between two evenly balanced teams the team with effective communication comes up as a winner.

Gaming headsets usually come with customized noise-canceling mics to help you for in-game conveyance. This has the ability to cut off background sounds and allows you to speak more distinctly without having to shout, particularly when the enemies start firing bullets from all directions.

Most of the gaming headset features various speakers per ear cup to imitate a surround sound experience. This is quite important in fast-paced cut throat multiplayer games where intelligence view point and the skill to pinpoint the accurate location of your rival is vital.

It is also helpful in those intense gripping moments; when sound can alert you of nearby enemies by listening to usually faded sounds like a grunt or footsteps.

Most of the time the external sounds disturb a decent communication flow, which leads to repeating yourself very often to convey your message across to your teammates.

And at times this can be a lethal blow to the gamer because an unheard call about a close rival is no warning at all.

Gaming headsets are crafted in such a way that they normally have external noise-blocking features to help you overcome this problem.

Gaming headphones in the past were considered as not good enough quality for enjoying music. Now the trend is that the music headphones companies have begun entering into the gaming headset market.

Resulting in some impressive headphone designs that allow you to have a decent experience whether you’re gaming or listening to your favorite music. So buying a headset is not a bad idea pick the right kind and improve your gaming.

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headphones

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Top 5 Best PC Gaming Headphones
Top 5 Best PC Gaming Headphones
  • Astro Audio V2 – immersive Audio and sound experience that delivers dialogue, music and in-game sound clearly
  • Dolby Audio – Dolby Audio delivers a cinematic, high resolution gaming audio experience
  • Dolby Atmos (available for Xbox version only) – Dolby Atmos provides Object Audio, which provides a more accurate and immersive sound experience
  • Game: voice balance – gives the user total control over the mix of the game and chat Audio
  • Astro command center software – the free gastro command center software gives players complete control over their Audio experience, which includes voice communication and game Audio settings. Available on windows 10, Xbox one and Mac.
  • Battery life – 15+ hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Usb sound card functionality – when using PC, USB sound card functionality provides game: voice balance, game and voice streaming. No optical cables needed
Special FeatureLightweight, Volume-Control, Microphone Feature
Connectivity TechnologyRF
BrandASTRO Gaming
Noise ControlSound Isolation

Corsair HS60 Gaming Headset

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best pc gaming headphones
Top 5 Best PC Gaming Headphones
  • Adjustable ear cups fitted with plush memory foam provide exceptional comfort for hours of gameplay
  • High-quality custom-tuned 50mm neodymium Audio drivers deliver superb sound quality with the range to hear everything you need to on the battlefield
  • Immerse yourself in 7.1 surround sound on PC creating a multi-channel audio experience that puts you in the middle of your game
  • A fully detachable noise-cancelling unidirectional microphone reduces ambient noise for excellent voice clarity
  • Multi-platform compatible with PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox one, Nintendo switch and mobile devices via a gold-plated 3.5mm connector
  • The HS60 PRO’s light weight and durable construction, with aluminum yokes and a braided audio cable, give it years of longevity
  • On-ear volume and mute controls enable on-the-fly adjustments without distracting you from your game
  • Corsair iCUE software enables custom audio equalizer settings, immersive 7.1 surround sound, sidetone control, and more

Razer Blackshark V2 X

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best pc gaming headphones
Top 5 Best PC Gaming Headphones
  • The #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source – The NPD Group, Inc., U.S. Retail Tracking Service, Gaming Designed: Keyboards, Mice, PC Headsets, and PC Microphones, Based on dollar sales, Jan. 2017- June 2020 combined.
  • Immersive, 7.1 Surround Sound for Positional Audio: Outfitted with custom-tuned 50 mm drivers, capable of software-enabled surround sound (only available on Windows 10 64-bit)
  • Triforce Titanium 50mm High-End Sound Drivers: Outfitted with cutting-edge, 50mm drivers divided into 3 parts for individual tuning of highs, mids, and lows
  • Lightweight Design with Memory Foam Ear Cushions: Oval, cooling gel-infused cushions that prevent overheating and pressure build-up
  • Noise Isolating Microphone: An improved cardioid mic reduces background and ambient noises for crystal-clear communication
  • Connectivity technology: Wired
Special FeatureLightweight
Connectivity TechnologyWired

HyperX Cloud Alpha S

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Top 5 Best PC Gaming Headphones
Top 5 Best PC Gaming Headphones
  • HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers for more distinction and less distortion
  • Signature award-winning HyperX comfort
  • Durable aluminum frame with expanded headband
  • Detachable braided cable with convenient in-line audio control
  • Detachable noise-cancellation microphone
  • Compatible with PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Mac, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, VR
Special FeatureDual Chamber Drivers
Connectivity TechnologyWired

Alienware 7.1 PC Gaming Headset

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Top 5 Best PC Gaming Headphones
Top 5 Best PC Gaming Headphones
  • Best-in-class custom-tuned 50mm 20Hz – 40kHz drivers for a high-resolution audio experience
  • 7. 1 Surround Sound featuring Signature Alien ware Immersive Audio
  • A Hybrid of plush memory foam, sports fabric, and leatherette on the ear pads is designed to achieve optimal cooling and comfort while enhancing noise isolation
  • Ideal clamp force ensures that there is no slippage during gameplay
  • Detachable USB connection provides cross-platform compatibility via a swappable 3. 5mm cable for use with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices
  • Discord certification and TIA-920 Certification ensure crystal clear communication and voice quality

Buyer’s Guide to Buying Best PC Gaming Headphones

Professional headphones for PC gaming are a little bit costly products you have to be very careful before buying and should consider some points before you get one because if you just get one without much thinking there is a chance that you may lose a large amount of money.

So these are the things to consider before you buy the perfect pc gaming headphone that suits your needs.

Quality of the Headphones:  

Most gamers don’t realize for how long they have been gaming, as this is an activity where people usually get absorbed in and sit for hours.

So you will be using your headphones more often and the product will have deteriorated no matter how much you look after them.

As professional headphones are more expensive, make sure that they are of top quality as well. Usually, damages that headphones suffer are the sprinting of the ear cushion,

The length adjustment part becomes amicable etc. So it is always better to check the quality of any headphones before purchasing them.


As like many various gaming hardware headphones also are compatible with only various devices.

Because there is an ample amount of gaming consoles, the manufacturing companies started to churn out headphones to each type of console.

So when we talk about wired headphones, the jack of the attaching wire is going to differ depending on the consoles with which it is adaptable.

So what you have to do is, you have to make sure that no matter what type of headphones you pick are compatible with PCs as well.

If it is not compatible, then it is difficult to use that on a specific console. So paying attention to the consoles is very crucial so that you may know with which the headphones are compatible.

Type of Headphones:

Generally, there are two types of headphones: the stereotype and the surround sound type. The stereotype headphones get sound from multiple channels the left and the right, but when we look at surround sound headphones sound comes from eight various channels.

Stereo headphones are usually well-liked by the common people for enjoying music, podcasts, etc.

The reason for this is they don’t require minute sounds as they don’t have to picture themselves in various effective surroundings. But when you are gaming, even the minutest noises like breathing or footsteps have to be distinct.

All the gamers game in simulated surroundings so they need to drench themselves in that conditions as much as possible for greater attentiveness and feel, so it is mandatory to have to surround sound headphones for absolute focus.  

Stereo sound headphones can also be used for gaming if they come with a function called haptic bass. So it is crucial to select the right kind of headphones based on your gaming needs.

Wired Or Wireless?

Most people think that this is not a big issue but it’s not the case, it plays an important part.  Generally, consumers don’t think much about this as both of them cater to the same cause and they think they can manage by buying the wired one as they are much more economical compared to the wireless ones. But this can influence the gaming experience in a big way.

Wired headphones are ideal only if you’re a still gamer who doesn’t move here and there while gaming.

But if you’re a passionate and macho kind of gamer who moves a lot while gaming, or if you prefer to play anywhere then you must pick the wireless one.

You have to know what type of gamer you are as it helps a lot because, if you are a combative   gamer and are having the wired headphones,

There are chances that the headphones may fall more often while you gaming due to your activity resulting in an overall bad user experience even if the product is of top quality.

The attaching jack can get damaged because the headphones may also get disconnected several times from the system abruptly. So it’s always better to be sure as to which is the right type of headphones for you.

Is there any type of warranty for headphones?

Yes definitely if the item you selected has any kind of manufacturing fault or is vandalized at elegant parts such as the coiled wire of the microphone, length adjustment part that is usually positioned over the head, and ear cushions.

Or even if you didn’t get the desired color, you can send back the item that you ordered in the first 30 days of receiving the product for a complete refund or replacement. So stop bothering about losing money if you received a damaged product.

Which type of headphones is the best, the in-ear ones or the over-the-ears ones?

Both types of headphones are good and serve their causes. In-ear headphones are widely used to listen to music and various audios which don’t need extreme intense listening.

But when you look at familiar over-the-ears headphones are particularly used for gaming, music production, etc. where listening to even the slightest voice plays a vital role.

So if you are a committed gamer it is suggested that you purchase over-the-ear headphones, but if you are just a regular gamer who games to relax and have fun then you better go for the in-ear ones.

Do headphones have a bad impact on our ears and minds?

It completely depends on the extent of audio you often tune in to. There is no doubt that gaming needs high volumes sometimes and headphones have the capacity of generating top levels of sounds for a long period,

It is not advised by doctors as well as listening to blasting sounds for a long time can lead seriously harm the eardrum and mind as well.

So it’s better to listen at an average level of sound so that there shouldn’t be a problem but otherwise, it will have a negative effect no matter what type of headphones you use.


So now you must be having a picture in your mind of the things to consider before buying the perfect gaming headphones and the best headphones available on market. Do a little bit of research and pick the best one that suits your gaming needs.

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