DX Racer OH FD01 NR Newedge Edition Gaming Chair 2023

DX Racer is well-known to be a manufacturer of strict quality standards and becomes a world leader in gaming chairs. DX Racer OH/FD01 gaming chairs are ergonomically designed with a race car seat theme to not only improve your gaming experience but also promote your health computer use.

Due to the high quality, they offer a comfortable and professional level. They are really your proper seats for gaming, working and relaxing because of their wonderful features. Therefore, DX Racer OH/FD01 gaming chairs which become your supporter of convenient and healthy living are different from other ones on market. The following gaming chair review is an obvious sight of their level.


Dominant features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Patent race car seat breathable material Fabric
  • Extra higher backrest with adjustment
  • Special soft armrests with adjustment
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Adjustable height gas-spring
  • Universal casters
  • Black nylon base with the latest footrest
  • Lumbar cushion and headrest pillow included
  • Adjustable seat flexibility
  • Packing size: 34x28x16

Valuable innovation

It is obvious that a backrest is always your most care because it is the center of comfort creation. DX Racer OH/FD01 gaming chairs are due to a ful-size steel frame inside to maintain their stability and balance, so you do not need to worry about the solid state of these chairs.

Moreover, the DX Racer OH/FD01 backrest, which is larger and higher than normal ones, helps to save your neck, back and spinal column without pains while sitting a long time.  Especially, two waves of backrest are very effective to keep in good posture, especially in resting.

This improvement lifts the class of DX Racer OH/FD01 gaming chairs more than most office chairs in a product quality. Further, the backrest includes a lumbar cushion and a headrest pillow. These items also support making DX Racer OH/FD01 gaming chairs be more comfortable.

They help you to maintain a neutral posture and reduce problems with your bone. You do not fall into the habit of slouching after prolonged sitting. That is really great for you.

DX Racer OH/FD01 armrests, which have a soft pad cover, are designed specially to protect your showers and wrists. They are well placed in order that your hand moving is easy and speedy. That is a benefit when you play games skillfully. Besides, latest footrests are designed to reduce the tiredness on your hands through many hours.

The Fabric material is soft and quality so that you feel comfortable while sitting a long time. It is sure that the relaxation on DX Racer OH/FD01 gaming chairs is unlike the sense which you have on rock racing seats. More noticeably, the black nylon base is the heavy duty one to suffer your weight, though how heavy you are because your security is always appreciated. That is the basic foundation to make DX Racer OH/FD01 gaming chairs with a high quality.

Surprising flexibility

Thanks to a large angle adjuster, the tilt mechanism of DX Racer OH/FD01 gaming chairs is really amazing if you have the chances to experience it. The backrest is adjusted flexibly up to 170 degrees. The Up-down function is easy in order that you adjust it to make your most suitable tilt, even if it basically turns into a bed to relax immediately. This convenience is more than your expectations.

The hottest feature is armrests which go up and down flexibly. It is adjusted to be in good fit. It still combines with a height gas-spring and universal casters. They are not hard to adjust up-down properly in your height and move smoothly.

All these things build up the most flexibility for DX Racer OH/FD01 gaming chairs. Therefore, these chairs are really well-known and stand for the level of convenience. The exactly improve your both working and relaxing quality. What’s not pleased?

  • Armrests are quite small, so there is no place to put your arms while full reclining. Your arms dangle off both sides and pinch on the side wings.
  • The base of the chair does not lock in any other positions more than straight. Maybe, this thing makes you be uncomfortable when you have to raise your body up to drive it.


The DX Racer FD01 gaming chair review is a clear witness for the high quality, but you are nervous about their price. Honestly, their wonderful quality is so worthy of the amount of money you pay. Owning an excellent DX Racer OH/FD01 gaming chair is possible to have convenience and luxury in modern life.

For gamers, the DX Racer OH/FD01 gaming chair prevents effectively injuries and aches during gaming in hours. It also shows the skillful level of gamer on gaming races. Even if you are not a gamer, you enjoy reading books, listening to music and taking a rest on it. It is certainly better than other office ones you have ever had. Besides, gaming chair reviews provide the basic information of product for you in making a better choice when buying.

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