Best Paintball Mask on Amazon: Empire Helix Paintball Mask 2023

Empire is an established manufacturer of quality paintball markers and equipment. While still in the budget range for paintball masks, the Empire Helix is a quality mask that provides excellent value for money. While there are a range of paintball masks that are under the $20 mark, I like to categorize those as disposable paintball masks. Good for one-time players, but if you are getting into paintball then the Empire Helix is the ideal mask for you.

Key Features of the Empire Helix Paintball Mask

  • Anti-fog dual pane lens
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Includes browser (brow shield/ visor combo)
  • Comfortable dual-clip head strap.

The Design

The Empire Helix offers excellent value for money. It is constructed out of rigid plastic like most budget range masks.

However, it also comes equipped with Empire’s thermal dual-paned lens which costs about $25 on its own.

The Vents Are Well Designed

There are vents across the entire forehead guard just below the brow shield/ visor combination known as a browser and feature additional venting around the ears. Instead of using cheaper plastic flaps to protect the ears like many other budget paintball masks, the Empire Helix extends over the ears and comfortably protects the jaw and chin.

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Empire Helix Paintball Mask

The nose and mouth guard features a double-layered vent with the internal layer consisting of a thin grate strip vent that will prevent paint, mud, and other debris from reaching your nose and mouth without restricting airflow.

The second layer provides structural support so that you are protected even if you faceplant into the dirt.

What I really like about the structure of the nose and mouth guard is that it uses curved lines and triangulation to maximize the amount of exposed venting.

This helps to maximize the flow of fresh air entering the mask when you breathe whilst still providing an incredibly sturdy structure.

However, people have reported that you have to shout if you want to be understood while wearing the mask, but this is not an uncommon drawback of masks in general, especially on the budget end of things.

The mask is a bit heavier than most, and this can cause some slippage issues if you do not wear the chin strap. The main headband is double clipped so you can adjust it to the desired size while distributing pressure evenly across your head.

Some Pain Points About the Helix Paintball Mask

All in all, the Empire Helix is a solid paintball mask and an excellent choice for both newcomers to the sport and seasoned ballers.

However, there are a few points about the mask that you should take into account before you resolve to order one online.

First of all, some players have noted that this paintball mask is a little on the heavy side, and subsequently has a tendency to slip down if you do not fasten the chinstrap as well.

As I have already mentioned, when you are wearing the Empire Helix you are going to have to shout in order for your teammates to understand what you are saying, but this is a disadvantage of budget masks and masks in general.

Lastly, if you wear glasses when you play paintball then you might want to consider getting a bigger mask. Shopping for paintball masks is always a pain for glasses wearers and the thin frame of this paintball mask can make it rather uncomfortable to wear with glasses.


I have already spoken at length about the placement and structure of the venting system on this mask, so I won’t go into that again, but I do need to talk about ventilation.

The band of vents just below the browser is a common feature in masks and helmets, but how effective they are is debatable.

The mouth and nose vents are really well designed, so drawing fresh air into the mask is no problem, but with the limited exhaust vents, you might find it gets a bit stuffy in the mask. However, I haven’t been able to track down any accounts of this.

best paintball mask

When you consider the potential issue with the exhaust vents, you might begin to wonder about fogging. Fortunately, empire uses really high-quality lenses with all of their paintball masks- even those in the budget range. As such, one thing you can be sure of is that this paintball mask will not fog up.

What do you wear with a paintball mask?

A paintball mask can be worn with a variety of clothing items, depending on the player’s preference. Some people choose to wear a T-shirt and shorts, while others prefer to wear heavier clothing, such as sweatshirts and pants. It is important to wear clothing that is comfortable and will not restrict movement.

Can you wear glasses under the paintball mask?

Yes, you can wear glasses under a paintball mask. However, depending on the type of glasses you have, they may not fit well. If your glasses have large frames, they may not fit well under the mask. Additionally, if your glasses have lenses that are curved or wrapped around your face, they may not fit well under the mask either. In general, it is best to wear glasses that have small frames and lenses that are flat.

Why do you need a paintball mask?

A paintball mask is important for two reasons: to protect your face and to help you see. A paintball mask protects your face from getting hit by a paintball, which can cause bruising or even worse. A paintball mask also helps you see better because it blocks out sunlight and other distractions. This allows you to focus on the game and make sure you are hitting your targets.

Should You Buy the Empire Helix?

When it comes down to it, the Empire Helix is an incredibly popular paintball mask for ballers of all skill levels for a reason. It’s comfortable for most people, doesn’t fog up, and will last for ages. Even airsoft players use this mask.

While there are undeniable benefits of purchasing a more expensive paintball mask, you certainly won’t regret spending $30 on a quality mask like this.

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