EPIKGO Hoverboard Review – Best Sports Hoverboard of 2023

Before making any purchase, you should list all the features you need in your hoverboard. The market is full of variety and options for hoverboards. Good hoverboards with the latest technology are a bit expensive, and affordable ones lack some of the required features.

Today, in this review, we have selected the Epikgo hoverboard for you, which is affordable in price and equipped with almost all the latest technology and durable design.

Epkigo Hoverboard Review is listed with all the features; you need to know before choosing the right one for you. Because when it comes to electric gadgets, there is no compromise on specifications and money.

EPIKGO Hoverboard Review

Epikgo sports hoverboard is made for all age groups, able to carry a minimum weight of 44 pounds.  Being UL 2272 certified and IP56 waterproof certified is another breeze of relief. The Aluminum Alloy body frame and Aluminum Wheels make it more durable and reliable.

EPIKGO Hoverboard Review – Best Sports Hoverboard

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We want you to invest your money without having any regrets in the future.

Let’s jump into the features of the Epikgo Self-Balancing hoverboard;

Safety Features:

EpikGo sport hoverboard is UL 2272 certified. It has passed a 159-point safety test.  UL 2272 certification is a relief to all the horrible stories of hoverboards catching up fires and exploding, causing injuries.

The self-balancing technology activates the sensors and gives you a stable hoverboard to step on it. Sport hoverboard prevents the person from falling and makes it easier for beginners to ride, just in a few attempts.

Front LED Lights enhance the visibility of the rider at night. You can maneuver around in dim light without any worries. Safety is the initial thought that comes to the mind of a buyer. Epikgo assures security and safety to every extent.


When it comes to performance, Epikgo’s self-balancing scooter is unbeatable.  8.5 inches tries are perfect for all kinds of terrain. Whether you are riding on grass, off-road, climb up to an 18-degree slope, you are unstoppable.

Dual 400 Watt motors give exceptional speed and power. The high-power dual motors, rubber tires, and big wheels combine, allowing you to climb over obstacles with such ease.

The battery is powerful enough to cover a distance of 10 miles on a single full charge. You can explore the surroundings for about 60 minutes without any interruption.

In-built fast charging technology requires only 2 hours maximum for a complete charge, and you are ready to go for another adventure.

The ability to climb up the slopes of 18 degrees is another astonishing feature. However, the speed may vary due to size and how you are riding on the board.

Design and Durability:

Epikgo Sport Hoverboard is designed for all kinds of ground. The footpads are 30% bigger in size, which makes them more comfortable to stand on. The dual 400W motors with double speed and 30% large wheels ensure maximum performance.

The Big size and comfortable grip let you have fun on any kind of landscape. Whether you travel over pebbles, sand, wet grass, or dirt, it ensures maximum power and speed.

Made up of an Aluminum alloy body assures maximum durability and prevents any kind of damage due to a fall or collision.

IP56 Waterproof Certified:

Epikgo hoverboard is IP56 Waterproof. That means it is resistant to harmful bags of dust, strong water jets, doorway solid objects, and water drops. Ride your Epkigo anywhere you want, even in wet weather.

Enjoy the ride on a rainy day without worrying about any kind of damage due to water. It is resistant to water coming from any direction.

Weight limit:

Epikgo Self-Balancing scooter is designed for 13 years+ age groups. It can carry a weight of 44 pounds minimum and a maximum weight of 240 pounds.

Pros of EPIKGO Hoverboard

  • Ability to ride on various types of lands
  • 400W dual Powerful motors help to keep balance like a pro.
  • Speed gives you an adventure of a whole new level
  • It will take you wherever you want to go, regardless of any kind of obstacle, like on sand, gravel, off-road, etc.
  • IP56 waterproof allows you to have fun in wet weather conditions
  • 30% more space for footpads and 30% big tire size makes it more comfortable to ride
  • Quick charging technology
  • An aluminum alloy body increases the durability
  • Perfect for adults and kids; 240 pounds weight capacity

Cons of EPIKGO Hoverboard

  • shock absorption sensors missing

Final verdict:

The Epikgo Self-Balancing hoverboard is built for those who always want to seek adventure in their every ride. The 30% big wheels and footpads make the grip more comfortable, and the aluminum alloy body enhances the durability. The fast charging takes it one more level up. The large battery requires only 2 hours to get ready for the next thrilling ride.

Being IP56 resistant, you can rock the ride and talk to the breeze in rainy, wet weather. Go anywhere you want to, without any obstacle. No one can stop you from enjoying the fresh air.

EPIKGO Hoverboard Review – Best Sports Hoverboard

UL2272 Certification clears all the doubts that one can have in his mind before buying a hoverboard. Epikgo hoverboards are secure to ride, and will not catch fire, or overheat themselves. They have passed all the security tests before presenting themselves in the market, assuring the users, that for this model of hoverboard fire, and electrical hazards are not a factor.

Looking for a hoverboard that is armed with dual motors, big tires, and a sturdy body, yet lightweight? Epikgo is the best choice for you with a bunch of features. They have always stood out because of their durability and affordable price.

If you like the features and specifications of Epikgo Self-Balancing scooter, then what are you waiting for? Give it a Go!

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