Best Paintball Guns on Amazon: GOG Enmey Paintball Gun

There is nothing wrong with being a discerning buyer from the get-go, especially when it comes to a sport like paintball.

As such, when you are just starting, you can find some excellent entry-level markers other than the Tippmann 98 Custom if you do some research. It would be a crime to overlook the GOG Enmey paintball marker when considering which marker is best for you.

Key Features of the GOG Enmey

  • Air Efficient
  • Low Recoil
  • Super Easy to Maintain
  • The very walkable trigger for a mech

GOG Enmey Specifications

The GOG Enmey is a lightweight and simple marker that has been designed with players who are just getting into paintball in mind. It is a close competitor with legacy entry-level markers such as Tippmann’s 98 Custom. If your budget is a very limiting factor in your choice of equipment and ability to play the game itself, then the Enmey is a great choice for you.

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GOG Enmy Paintball Gun

Not only is the marker itself very reasonably priced, but the simple design and lack of electronics mean that there is much less that can go wrong.

This marker is extremely easy to maintain and clean, meaning that it will be able to serve you well for many years to come if you look after your paintball marker.


The GOG Enmey is pretty light as far as entry-level paintball guns are concerned. If you are a beginner, then chances are you have had at least some experience with rental markers. Since the Tippmann 98 Custom is the rental marker of choice around the world, chances are you have had some experience firing the 98C.

Coming off of Tippmann’s 98C, it is truly impressive to see how light this marker is. This is made possible thanks to the composite aluminum body.

Even though the frame is made out of lightweight composite metal, the GOG Enmey does not produce a loud sound when fired.


One of the many reasons why the GOG Enmey is considered to be such an excellent marker for beginners is because of its simple design.

The simplicity of this build makes the Enmey a reliable marker where there is not much that can go wrong.

However, the lightweight aluminum composite is not as strong as other markers, so you need to be careful when handling this marker.

It might not be a delicate flower, but a nasty drop or fall is more likely to damage this marker than, say, the 98 Custom. But then again, the 98 Custom is a real pain to maintain, so you decide what is more important to you.


It is a good thing that the GOG Enmey paintball marker is so easy to take apart and service as well.

All budget paintball markers are more likely to chop paint so you will be glad to find it easy to clear an obstruction caused by a broken ball in the breach when in the field.

This particular marker is also pretty quiet and air efficient, operating at about 160 PSI. Due to the air efficiency of this marker, you are also much less likely to chop paint with it.

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The trigger feels sturdy and has a clean, short pull. Because of this, you can ‘walk’ the trigger surprisingly well. This means that you will be able to enjoy a high rate of fire even though it is a mechanical trigger.

Is the Gog Enmey good?

The Gog Enmey can be seen as both good and bad, depending on your perspective. From one point of view, the Gog Enmey is a force for destruction and chaos. From another point of view, the Gog Enmey can be seen as a powerful tool that can be used for good or evil. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they think of the Gog Enmey.

Overall Thoughts on the GOG Enmey Paintball Marker

All in all, the GOG Enmey is an excellent paintball marker for anyone just starting in the sport. It is easy to use, efficient and affordable.

While more fragile than some of the legacy entry-level markers, it is much easier to maintain as well.

If you value lightweight efficiency over tanky ruggedness, then the GOG Enmey paintball marker is the right choice for you. Order one online now and dive into this exciting and competitive sport headfirst.

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