How To Beat Gamer Burnout

The last few years have been probably the best years to talk about video game burnout & gaming fatigue. As there were plenty of games launched and then disappear, the one-hit wonders often lose their grip over some time.

Some of them do make a comeback, but others simply leave you feeling worn out. Most gamers have experienced this, particularly last year. Many gamers started to play a game and suddenly just get bored with it.

Many people are feeling tired from a hobby that they normally enjoy. Let’s discuss some gaming burnout signs and some factors to beat gamer burnout.

Gamer Burnout Signs:

You waste money by buying games but you don’t play them. Your hard drive is full and you just waste gigabytes of data downloading games and mods. And it doesn’t serve any other purpose.

You are Not Happy While Playing Games:

You are always confused and don’t know what to play. You want to try all the options and feel that nothing is good enough. And when you play you don’t finish them, and that creates a massive backlog.

If you’re a passionate gamer, gamer burnout is unavoidable. It’s crucial to try new things, go carefully about your choices, and take breaks. We have some suggestions for you to follow to get playing again.

Stay Away From Gaming News:

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Every gaming blog and forum has usually talked about GTA V since it came out. Don’t read those articles or forum threads, because they are like spoilers.

It’s like when people saw the film recently and talked about it, and when you go to see the film, you know what’s coming, and it certainly takes away all the enjoyment.

If you want you can always follow a game’s release status or check out its review to see if it’s worth playing. Buy only those games that you want to play and are interested in. And watch where you are spending your money on.

Don’t pick the games just because most bloggers, and especially reviewers have, this will ruin your love for gaming if you don’t like those games.

Read a Related Book:

Sometimes games are based on movies or books also. So you can read that book or watch a movie to keep that excitement before you play.

In this way, you will always be ready for the game that’s coming. It doesn’t have to be a movie or a book based directly on the game. Just make sure it’s in the same sort of genre or based on the same topic.

Go For Casual Gaming:  

When you’re not having fun playing a game, then it means that you don’t want to continue playing it. In this situation, casual games are very good.

The best thing about it is usually they aren’t objective-based. You will have an exit at the end of the level that you need to reach and that’s it.

You can play the card games that come with Windows count as they are also casual games. Games should be fun and very light when you play you should enjoy them.

Go For a Different Category:

Usually, RPGs are too much work and they are heavy, and because this reason, many people try to escape from them. Most people prefer to go for first-person shooters because of this reason only.

But some people think that it’s mindless fun and not intellectual enough for their taste, but sometimes you have to enjoy this also. As we have discussed above games should be fun. First-person shooters are the same as action movies.

They’re not lengthy and have a lot of violence, and then they’re over. Most people go for a call of the duty when it comes to FPS titles, but if you look around you can find some very good shooters out there.

People also like F.E.A.R. and Undying games that have outstanding plots and gripping characters in them. Many people lose interest once they got through the main story, they think that there’s no point in playing it again, but you can discover something new in a second play-through.

If you have decided that you will stay with RPGs, then it’s better to change your approach towards them. Don’t go out there in an attempt to finish the entire game.

Try to enjoy the game without jumping right in at the deep end for a change. When you have too much freedom sometimes it is also a problem, so it’s good to set limits for yourself.

Select The Game That’s Appropriate For You:

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Never play games just because everyone else is playing. People usually come under pressure when they don’t play a game that everyone else raves about.

Don’t do that try to play only those games that you enjoy. If you try out a game and you don’t like it, then just stop playing it.

Go for another one and try to play games that are the opposite of the norm for you. If you are a student or work somewhere and have goals and assignments that need to be done,

Then RPGs might not be the one for you. So relax and go for a first-person shooter instead, as it’s more “mindless” and doesn’t need a lot of work and reading.

Taking a Break is Must:

Whenever you finish a game, it’s always better to take a break for a while. And you can say it is a must also. It’s almost like watching a movie and you never want to watch one more movie straight afterward. 

You usually wait for a day or two before watching another one. The same thing goes with gaming. You will not lose your interest in gaming if you play one game a month on average, totaling about a dozen a year.

So the best thing to do when you ended a game is to take a break for a while. Then after some time start a new game and you will find that one interesting. If you jump in too soon after having finished playing a game it will not be that much gripping for you.

What is gamer burnout?

A gamer burnout is a term used to describe the feeling of being tired or bored with gaming. It can be caused by playing too many games, playing too many hours in a day, or not taking enough breaks.

The term was first coined by Dr. John C. Sherry Jr., who is an associate professor at the University of Memphis and director of the school’s Media Psychology Research Lab.

Why do I burn out on games so quickly?

The reason why you are burning out so quickly is that you are not taking breaks in between your gaming sessions. You need to take breaks in order to give your brain time to process what it has learned and then store it for later use.

The first step to avoiding gaming burnout is to take a break. It’s important to take a break from gaming every now and then, even if it’s just for an hour or two. This will help you avoid getting too tired of the game and will also give you time to do other things that you enjoy.

Another way to avoid gaming burnout is by playing games with friends. Playing games with friends can be a lot more fun than playing alone, and it can also help you avoid getting bored of the game because your friends will always have something new to talk about.


Take your time and do other things that are interesting for you. This will be just a phase don’t let gaming burnout spoil your passion for gaming.

Just follow the suggestions that we have mentioned above and you will be back with gaming in no time. Gaming is fun so is overcoming gamer burnout. Enjoy this phase and relax soon you will game again.

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