How To Choose The Right Game Controller

When it comes to entertainment people usually prefer gaming. Whether it’s a swift round of solitaire or a long-lasting session of Monopoly, gaming has always helped people to relax.

But there were times when games were normally physical objects with which one interrelates directly. People use to move the red jack to the black queen, and roll the dice and move the little dog to Community Chest.

Somehow you’re still directly interrelating with the game. But with remarkable growth in technology, this started to change.

With the emergence of video games, you can’t draw a card from the top of the deck by picking it up and forget about taking out a mortgage on Park Place by turning the card over.

The computer is managing the state of the game, and to improve that state, an input device, or, more precisely, a game controller is needed.

The game controller is an input device for a machine on which you play a game. Or you can say that it is an input device used to interact with a computer on which a game is played.

How To Choose The Right Game Controller

However, the limitations of the game controller are confined to those which hook up to a home gaming console.

The controller is an important link between the game and the player, the game becomes more enjoyable with a good controller.

If the controller lives up to its expectations and controls the game well then you will enjoy it a lot. But for this to happen there should be a mapping from the input on the controller to the event in the game.

Good games are all about concentration. For a controller to control things well this mapping should be made in a manner that should be instinctive and reasonable, at least for people who know video games well.

And for people who are not into gaming, the process of mapping button and hand motions to different gameplay components may seem unnatural, as they are used to a full range of motion.

The game controller is the best device when it comes to playing games as well as for entertainment as these systems provide the video game on the input and usually control the character and other objects in the game.

When you look at the game console text entry, buttons and macros are minimum on the menu hopping because the movement of the quick camera is achieved in the 3D shooters.

Usually, all the consoles come with the benefits of controllers, so go for the conventional method if you want exceptional pads.

The game controller makes the game easier, as it controls the game with much ease and it is designed on the right for easy access. 

When you have the latest technology to control you don’t have to twist your hands as the controller can easily reach your needs within the keys.

The controller is very handy for the players, particularly when you play on the desk. When we talk about game controllers a lot of devices can be listed as game controllers,

For example mice and keyboards, and there are controllers for particular reasons, like steering wheels or gun-shaped controllers for shooting and there are some dancing pads also for dancing games.

But, the controllers that we will cover here are the ones that first come to mind when we imagine ‘controller’ the standard one that we hold in our hands and button-mash on. Game controllers have transformed a lot in recent years.

In the primitive years of game controllers, they comprise just one button and a dial. And today, controllers comprise multiple analog sticks and buttons, directional pads, motion detection, and they also have touchscreens.

As there are too many features available for you it’s not easy to just pick one. We have gathered some features that you need to consider when looking for one.

How To Choose The Right Game Controller

Things To Consider Before You Choose The Right Game Controller:


Considering the compatibility is very crucial before you get your controller. You should examine whether it will work with the gaming system you have, no matter which of the popular consoles, a PC, or even your mobile device.

Almost all the controllers today comprise many connectivity options; there are choices like wired USB to wireless Bluetooth.

You can get these options on both the advanced versions of the DualShock controllers and the Xbox controllers.

Make sure whether they can work as intended. Even if they are connecting, sometimes there are issues of compatibility between the controller’s firmware and the system you have. See whether there are any solutions at hand to ensure compatibility or make sure if they’re compatible.


You have to think about its comfort as you will hold this device in your hands for hours on end. If it’s not comfortable or causing problems if you use it for long periods then don’t go for it.

Nowadays, all the controllers attach to a common layout: Two clickable analog sticks, a D-pad, the four face buttons, and a pair of the trigger and shoulder buttons.

This layout is like a standard one for all the controllers and has to carry the same for many years. But, some advanced features have been added to this layout in the recent past, like the touchpad on the new DualShock and even the advanced under-buttons that emerged on the Xbox One Elite controller.

And, there are some different ones also, but their use-case is very particular and they wouldn’t go with games other than the ones on the Wii itself.

The Switch Pro controller attaches to the regular layout used by most controllers and JoyCons is simply a micro and more portable version of the same. The layout is usual for most handheld consoles also.

Importantly, think about the preferences. What you prefer is crucial when it comes to gaming and you ideally want a controller that’s perfect for the category.

Hand size is also very important for some bulky controllers that are not good, but those with bigger hands might prefer it.

It’s not just about the size feel and travel of the buttons even the sound they make counts a lot, and in these things, everyone has their preferences. Finally, go for the one that feels most comfortable in your hands.


This one is quite crucial as everybody wants their controller to last longer than a few gaming sessions. Controllers should be strong enough to survive emotional outbreaks of emotional gamers.

Emotions can often run high during gaming sessions. The controller should not stop working if you drop it accidentally, or some people also throw it at the screen purposely.

The market is full of custom controller makers that sell their controllers at extremely low prices; be careful and don’t go for those as they normally don’t last for more than two or three gaming sessions.

It’s always better to spend once on a reliable brand’s controller. So we have discussed the things to consider before you buy your game controller. Now let’s put some light on the things that you shouldn’t consider.

What Not To Consider (Things Not To Consider Before You Choose The Right Game Controller:):


Stay away from the controllers that impress you. If you see a lot of buttons, half of which you probably never use, don’t go for it.

Usually, it all depends on the type of games you play, or how deep you are into gaming; even an Xbox controller is quite impressive.

Awkward shapes and button placement: There is a lot of these in the market and they certainly look cool, but they’re not plush. We can’t say that all of those are useless.

If you look there might be an unconventional controller out there waiting for you. It’s always better to try them first before you buy. And if you can’t try then leave it.

If you are seriously interested in that, research it online as much as you can because you will be disappointed if it failed to meet your expectations.

There are some popular controllers from big companies that are coming with custom paint jobs and flashy designs. 

How To Choose The Right Game Controller

They are good but are far more costly than their regular persecutors. And as we have discussed, there are knock-off controllers that also comprise flashy designs to attract buyers but at low prices.

Just don’t go for it. You can easily identify them with their price, which will be remarkably lower compared to standard controller prices. You can get them if you want to but you have to be ready to buy a new unit once every few months.

Conclusion on How To Choose The Right Game Controller:

So you know what to look for in a gaming controller and what to avoid before you buy one. Take your time and get the best one. Get the one that meets your requirements with comfort.

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