How To Clean a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The best thing about a mechanical keyboard is it lasts longer and it is definitely repairable. For instance, it is possible to fix sticky keys on a mechanical keyboard with ease.

Yes, you can repair a mechanical keyboard but prevention is always the best medicine. If you take a few simple steps it can certainly enhance the life of your mechanical keyboard and shield problems.

The best thing you can do is to clean your keyboard regularly. You can easily clean your keyboard as it’s not a difficult thing to do and can be done with a few basic items.

But the process may differ according to the situation. For example, it’s totally a different method to clean a keyboard after you spill a liquid from cleaning it as you would normally do.

Let’s look at some of the tips on how to clean a mechanical gaming keyboard. You can do it in two different ways: one is basic cleaning and which will only take a few minutes or a deep cleaning which will take longer but clean everything.

Regular Cleaning For a Mechanical Keyboard:

You can easily avoid many problems with your mechanical keyboard by just cleaning your keyboard regularly. It doesn’t require a thorough cleaning,

Just do simple things to keep your keyboard upright. The method that we will show you now should be used to clean your keyboard at least once a week.

You just have to take a handheld vacuum cleaner and a couple of microfiber cloths. Unplug your keyboard first before you start cleaning.

Start by using the handheld vacuum cleaner and remove dust both on top of the keycaps and in gaps between them.

Try to get a vacuum with a brush attachment at the end as it is the best way to ensure that you get all of the grime and the particles out of your keyboard.

And one important thing there is no need to remove your keycaps here. After you finish the vacuum, take a slightly damp microfiber cloth to rub the mechanical gaming keyboard.

This will definitely take out all finger oils and gunk from the keycaps. The cloth that you are using must only be slightly damp, as a wet cloth can leak water into the key switches and cause damage once the keyboard is turned on.

And in the end, use a dry microfiber cloth to dry the keyboard. It’s very important that you should only use a microfiber cloth or a hand towel when it comes to drying the keyboard.

Or else, there are chances that particles will fall off the cloth and back onto the keyboard, and make it dirtier in the process.

How To Clean a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Deep Cleaning a Mechanical Keyboard:

If you clean your mechanical keyboard deeply then you can maximize its lifespan also. No need to do it very often, if you clean it once a month or once every two months it will do.

Deep cleaning a mechanical keyboard is also not a difficult thing to do. All you need is a couple of microfiber cloths, a vacuum cleaner, dish soap a keycap puller, a towel, and a bowl.

If you are very serious about cleaning everything, then getting some Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol will definitely help.

Detach the Keys: If you want to deep clean your mechanical gaming keyboard, then you have to remove the keys first.

If you have a keycap puller you can easily do it. When it comes to keycap pullers there are two types of keycap pullers, plastic ones, and wire ones.

And both of them are equally good, so go for the one that you prefer. Just slide the keycap puller until it is underneath the key.

Then, slowly pull on the tool until the key comes off. You can also remove keys from a mechanical keyboard even If you don’t have a keycap puller.

Soak the Keys: After you remove all the keycaps, soak them properly to clean them. Mix some dish soap and water in a bowl. Then, put all the keys in the bowl and leave them to soak.

This will definitely clean all the dirt and bacteria. It will be good if you soak the keys for at least a couple of hours.  

When you take the keys out of the bowl, ensure that they are totally dry before you reattach them to the board.

It’s better if you dry them completely with a towel, and then leave them in the open air for a few minutes before you place them on the keyboard again.

Clean The Plate/PCB:

Some of the keyboards comprise the switches mounted on a plate, and some have them mounted on the PCB itself. It doesn’t make any difference which one is your keyboard,

The method for cleaning them is the same. Begin by flipping the keyboard upside down and shaking out as much of the dust, hair, and other particles as you can.

After that, it’s time for you to use the handheld vacuum cleaner and clean the entire keyboard. And importantly never use power when using the vacuum cleaner, as it may damage the switches.

After you finish with the vacuum, take a slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean any extra dirt. And if possible try to use isopropyl alcohol with Q-tips instead.

Isopropyl alcohol is regarded as ideal for cleaning tech products as it abolishes all bacteria and evaporates very fast.

No matter what you use a microfiber cloth with water or a Q-tip with isopropyl alcohol; it’s always better to dry the plate with another microfiber cloth before you start replacing the keycaps.

Reassemble The Keyboard:

Once you are sure that the keycaps are extremely dry check them again and then put everything back together. Just reaffix all of the keycaps to the plate/PCB and plug in your keyboard once again.

How To Clean a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cleaning a Mechanical Keyboard with Liquid Spills:

Now let’s look at how to clean a keyboard that has liquid spilled on it. If a spill occurred when you are using the keyboard, the first thing you have to do is immediately unplug the keyboard.

If you run a keyboard when it is waterlogged it will definitely damage the keyboard and then you have to either repair or replace it.

After you unplug your keyboard, there are some emergency measures that you should take. One thing to keep in mind is if you spilled something like water or coffee there are chances that you will be able to recover the keyboard and continue using it with less damage. But, a sugary drink like soda will definitely damage the keyboard beyond repair.

Unplug the keyboard and flip it upside down when water enters the keyboard. Then, start shaking it a bit to get all of the water out of the keyboard. Then deep clean the keyboard.

Take a dry cloth to make sure that the keyboard is completely dry. Now, let the keyboard dry for about two days.

If possible place the keyboard in a warm room so that the liquid can evaporate quickly. Lastly, plug your keyboard back in.

It is very crucial that you make sure the port that will connect your keyboard to your PC is totally dry. Or else, you risk vandalizing your PC itself. Test the keyboard to see if it is working properly.


So above we have stated the ways to clean your mechanical gaming keyboard. But unless you spill something on it, regular cleaning once in a week and a deep clean once every couple of months should shield any serious problems with your keyboard.

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