How To Convert a Normal Laptop into A Gaming Laptop

In this age, it’s impossible to imagine our life without laptops or desktop computers as we use them daily for our work or other activities.

And when it comes to other activities gaming is definitely one of them. Gone are the days when only kids use to enjoy gaming today we all can agree that gaming is one of the favorite activities of adults too and we love to play games on our machines.

Gaming has also changed tremendously in recent years. Now there are games that are thrilling, fantastic, and entertaining.

It’s just not about entertainment these games teach us also and it helps to improve our mind’s approach.

But, there is one problem that many people usually face and that is when our normal laptop or desktop computer decline to run a game and delays or gives an uneven and unplayable frame rate.

How To Convert a Normal Laptop into A Gaming Laptop

But don’t worry there are some ways that will help you to transform a normal laptop into a gaming laptop.

Many people know that most of the laptops out there are not as upgradable when compared to desktop computers.

We all know that it’s very easy to replace, improve or upgrade any specific element in the desktop computer.

Same as upgrading the GPU or changing the RAM, etc. But today you will get some laptops also that can be upgraded but most of them offer this with RAMs and hard disks,

So, most people usually prefer to get a new one. In simple words, you can say that upgrading a laptop and transforming a normal laptop into a gaming laptop is something really complex.

Even if you successfully change some of the elements of your laptop it won’t be able to run new games as they need fresh processors, an advanced graphics processing unit, and some.

But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t convert your current laptop into a fresh gaming laptop or maybe something close to it.

You can do it and we will give you some tips that can help you in transforming your normal laptop into a gaming laptop. After that, you can manage to run some of these games smoothly too at a playable frame rate.

How To Convert a Normal Laptop into A Gaming Laptop

Below are some of the ways to turn your normal laptop into a gaming Laptop:

These tips will help you to run some of your preferred games at a playable frame rate and make your laptop a gaming laptop.

Select Top Performance:

This way you can easily escalate the speed of your laptop and improve the gaming experience. This works quite adversely with respect to the windows OS of your machine.

On Windows 10, when you reach the search box on the taskbar, type performance and select adjust the appearance.

Then you will go to the performance of windows, there select the best performance, and click apply. After this just restart your machine and change your normal laptop into a gaming laptop.

Modify Battery Mode:

It’s also possible for you to improve the gaming experience of your laptop by altering the battery mode to high performance.

When you run your laptop on battery-saving mode, it will cause your game and make it more sedate as it might shut down background applications that may aid your game to run more fluently on a finer FPS.

Definitely, it will not influence the performance much but it is a decent way to run games steadily on a normal laptop.

Terminate Needless Programs:

Almost all normal laptops comprise a limited capacity for running programs that most banks on the processors and RAM.

A lot of programs are usually run which makes it tough for processors to board accordingly. And when we look at the high-end gaming laptops they have a large capacity and can run multiple programs at the same time with much ease.

Your laptop might have some issues if you are running multiple applications and programs at once and it definitely influences most games and makes them slow going as it eats up more processing capacity.

So it’s always better to shut down unnecessary programs to run your game more smoothly. Try your best to do this because there will be a lot of programs that still run even after you close them and some restart after you boot your computer.

Lessen Games Settings:

You can certainly change and upgrade your laptop’s hardware and install new software and drivers, but you can also alter the game’s setting and make it run evenly.

Try to adjust in-game settings according to your laptop’s specifications and it will surely help you to enjoy exceptional games and turn your ordinary laptop into a gaming laptop.

You can do it by opening your game and then selecting graphics settings and putting off extra effects like shadows and shedders, or decreasing the audio and video settings to enhance gaming quality.

Be careful while doing this and don’t turn off everything and play as a block in a setting of just blocks.

In this way, it’s possible for you to transform your normal laptop into a gaming laptop without spending much.

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 Customize Software and Drivers:

And lastly and more importantly try to upgrade your machine to its best. As we have discussed above laptops are not likely to be upgraded but some of them can be upgraded.

If you just upgrade VRAM and hard disk and it can really help you in transforming your laptop into a gaming laptop.

If possible try to upgrade the software and graphics driver to make the experience more amazing. And when you install the improved drivers and supported software (If any) it will definitely enhance the frame rate of your game from 5 to 10%. So these were some of the tips to convert your laptop into a gaming laptop.

After doing these it’s possible for you to enjoy your favorite and preferred games at a decent and playable frame rate.

Not only these, but small things like cleaning your laptop regularly also can help you in avoiding overheating.


As we have discussed above transforming ordinary computers into gaming devices is definitely a lot easier than turning a normal laptop into a gaming laptop.

It’s not possible to change particular elements like RAM, GPU, Processors, and all. In laptops, most of the elements are attached to the motherboard and it makes it hard to upgrade.

But still, you can upgrade your normal laptop to a gaming laptop with some of the tips stated above. If the tips that we have given above fail to run games evenly then the only and better option left for you is to shift your data into the latest and new laptop.

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