How To Cool Gaming Laptop

If you can’t play games on your gaming laptop the way you want to it’s quite disappointing. Many gamers prefer to play games at lower settings because they don’t want their laptop to stop completely. These things usually happen when your laptop is over-tasking.

Sometimes even when you play normal games your laptop becomes uncomfortably hot. This is the time when you have to check what’s directly affecting the cooling system of your laptop. It may be dust, a faulty fan, or something else.

If you want to do something internally then you have to mess with your settings, and externally try to find some sort of cooling mechanism. You can go for cooling pads also and they can affect the temperature of your gaming laptop to some extent.

To help you with this issue we have gathered some tips that will help you to cool your gaming laptop. So let’s check these effective ways to help your gaming laptop stay cool.

Put Your Laptop on A Flat Surface:

Try to put your laptop on a flat surface if didn’t do it can impact the levels of heat that it generates. It can also influence its cooling system for example, when you place your laptop on a sofa, the uneven surface usually blocks the breathing space of the laptop.

And because of this, the ventilation system didn’t take in enough air from the environment to cool the laptop.  If you place it on a hard and fast surface that is clutter-free the air circulation will be proper and in and out of the laptop. 

The Vents and Filters of Your Laptop also should be clean because when the dust gets into the vents it stops proper ventilation. Laptops get dirty from the outside also, but the dust that will cause your laptop to heat up is within.

If possible open up your laptop to get the cleaning done or you can use compressed air. It’s better to go for the compressed air option because it prevents you from voiding your laptop’s warranty and you will not cause any damage to your laptop.

Laptop Cooling Pads:

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When the fans are doing okay and there seems to be nothing to do about the heating laptop, then it’s time for you to get a cooling pad. When your laptop gets old it will not cool itself effectively it needs help. It’s easy for you to put your laptop on a flat cooling pad.

The best thing is they comprise two to three fans embedded to help with the cooling process.

They upgrade the thermal condition and stop the laptop from overheating by blowing against the lower vents of your laptop. Some gamers use cooling pads even when they have a reasonable temperature.

Under Clock your Laptop:

Underclocking means when you alter your system processors to run at a lower clock rate than the manufacturer’s specification.

Most of the time it happens that your laptop uses more resources than it needs even when no extra apps are running, because of this your laptop gets heated up and drains its battery much faster. In this situation, the best thing to do is under-clocking it.

When you do under-clocking, your laptop will not work as hard, to match the number of apps you’re using.

The settings will be different for everyone when underclocking due to each motherboard comprising a distinct user interface when you’re in the BIOS settings.

Try to close all the apps that you are not using as it can make your laptop hot. When you run unnecessary apps at the time of gaming it means that your laptop is using excess resources. And when you use more power, the hotter it becomes.

Make Sure Your Hardware Drivers Are Up To Date:

Hardware drivers are the ones that help your laptop to function optimally, so it’s always better to have the latest versions. If you have outdated or wrong drivers they can negatively influence performance and make your laptop overheated.

You can notice this when it comes to your GPU drivers. When you use any sort of program which makes use of your GPU like when you edit videos or play video games. In this situation, if you have updated graphics drivers it will boost your performance.

Take Care of Your Laptops Fans:

why is my laptop fan so loud

Most people think that overheating is a big problem. But sometimes there’s a possibility that the fans may not be working. Check the wires there may be a cut.

If you want to check faulty fans you can do it by dismantling the laptop till you can get a good view of the fan elements. By doing this you can decipher what went wrong.

Avoid Hot Environments:  

Never use your laptop on a bed and other muffling surfaces. And always take care of the environment in which you’re using your laptop.

Don’t use your laptop in a hot atmosphere and not a well-ventilated area. When the temperature is higher, it’s hard for your Laptop and PC to handle the task you’re putting it through, and becomes too hot to handle.

Don’t Charge Your Laptop When You Use it:

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Many resources are needed for playing a game on your laptop. And your laptop requires a lot of power, so the battery runs out fast.

Most people tackle this issue by plugging in while they work. When you change your laptop while using it, it will increase the temperature.

So it’s better not to use your laptop while charging for long periods. The reason for not charging when you use it: It’s not the charging that influences the temperature of the laptop but the battery. The battery will get warm as you charge it.


So we have discussed some tips that will help you in lowering your laptop’s temperature. The points that we have discussed above cover both external and internal factors that cause overheating in gaming laptops.

Some ways will take longer and more effort as compared to others, but if do it then there are chances that you will prolong the life of your laptop. And your effort will be well worth it. Hope after reading all the stuff above it’s easy for you now to keep your gaming laptop cool.

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