How to find Buried Treasure Minecraft

Minecraft, the popular sandbox game, has captivated players worldwide with its limitless possibilities and boundless exploration.

Unearthing Buried Treasure: A Guide to Finding Hidden Riches in Minecraft

One of the most exciting adventures in Minecraft is the pursuit of buried treasure, hidden throughout the vast expanse of the world. In this guide, we’ll take you through the steps to find buried treasure, uncover its secrets, and claim its bountiful rewards.

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Step 1: Gather Resources

Before setting off on your treasure hunting expedition, it’s essential to gather the necessary resources. Make sure you have a reliable pickaxe, a shovel, and some food to sustain yourself during the journey. Additionally, a map or a compass will help you keep track of your location and mark any potential treasure sites you discover.

Step 2: Acquire a Treasure Map

Buried treasure in Minecraft is represented by treasure maps, which can be found in various ways. The most common method is by fishing with a fishing rod. As you fish, you may occasionally reel in an “unusual” item, which is the treasure map. Alternatively, you can also locate them in dungeons, temples, and underwater ruins.

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Step 3: Decoding the Treasure Map

Once you have a treasure map in your possession, it’s time to decode it. Open your inventory and right-click on the map to enlarge it. You’ll see a series of lines, Xs, and other symbols. The treasure’s location is marked with an X, and the lines represent landmarks like trees, mountains, or coastlines that will guide you to the site. Use the map’s clues to determine the general area you need to search.

Step 4: Navigate to the Treasure Site

Follow the map’s landmarks to navigate to the location where the X marks the spot. Pay close attention to the environment and terrain, as the treasure might be buried underground or underwater. Traveling during the daytime is recommended to avoid hostile mobs and make the journey safer.

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Step 5: Unearth the Treasure

Once you arrive at the designated location, it’s time to start digging. Use your shovel to excavate the ground or dive underwater if the treasure is buried beneath the ocean floor. Keep an eye on your map while digging, as the X will move closer to the center as you get closer to the treasure.

Step 6: Beware of Traps

Be cautious while digging, as some buried treasures might be protected by traps. Common traps include dispensers with arrows or explosives, so take your time and proceed carefully. If you’re unsure, try using a block of sand or gravel to test for pressure plates or tripwires.

Step 7: Reap the Rewards

After successfully unearthing the treasure, revel in the spoils of your adventure. Buried treasure chests often contain valuable loot, such as rare gems, enchanted weapons, and armor, precious metals, emeralds, and even Heart of the Sea items. Don’t forget to empty the chest to take everything back with you.


Finding buried treasure in Minecraft is a thrilling pursuit that rewards players with valuable items and a sense of accomplishment. With the right tools, patience, and a keen eye for details, you can uncover hidden riches scattered throughout the Minecraft world. So, grab your gear, set sail, and embark on a treasure hunting escapade that will make you feel like a true pirate of the blocky seas!

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