How To Fix a Gaming Chair

Most gamers feel irritated when their gaming chair leans forward or backward. And many people decide to throw it out if they didn’t fix it by themselves and get a new one.

How To Fix a Gaming Chair That Leans Forward or Back?

If you are also thinking about throwing your gaming chair because of this problem then don’t throw your gaming chair yet. Usually, gaming chairs are expensive, and it’s not easy to buy a new one every now and then.

So, how to fix a gaming chair that leans forward or back? You can do it yourselves; we will give you some tips on fixing your gaming chair that leans forward or back.

How To Fix a Gaming Chair That Leans Back:

So let’s first discuss how you can fix your gaming chair when it leans backward. Most gaming chairs are adjustable and comprise several components to provide a comfortable sitting. You can easily control how far the chair can tilt backward with a knob.

The first thing you have to do when you repair your chair is to take a seat in it. Stand with your feet flat on the ground.

Then relax by placing your back on the backrest. And don’t forget to maintain a 2-inch distance between your knees and the seat pan.

The Knob:

You will find the knob that we have stated above under the office chair’s seat pan. For sliding the seat pan forward, just press it downwards.

Now you can slowly release the knob. This helps the customers to adjust the seats to their personal preferences.

Whenever you feel uncomfortable while sitting on the chair, use this knob to make it more comfortable.

If this knob becomes loose then your chair can start to lean back if it is used for a long period of time. To solve this issue just tight the knobs.

How To Fix a Gaming Chair That Leans Forward:

As we have done when fixing back-leaning gaming chairs, the first step is the same, which is to sit in the gaming chair.

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Loose Forward Tilt Knob:

This is a very simple thing to do. Many people are usually not familiar with gaming chair modifications and get confused.

But don’t worry about repairing a loosened forward tilt knob; all you need to do is just tighten it. Sometimes if it’s lost it will lean the chair forward because of the weight of your legs.

If it is tight enough the mechanism will grip the gaming chair in one place. You have to find the knob that controls the forward tilt mechanism so that you can tighten it.

After finding it just turns it clockwise. Before you make it tight, ensure your chair has the appropriate forward tilt for you.

The standard tilt in gaming chairs is from 0 to 4 degrees. And if you think you need more or less tilt, then you can always adjust it.

Sometimes the knob that you use gets stocked as a result of this your gaming chair will tilt forward since you can’t adjust it.

This usually happens because the knob’s mechanism gets tucked due to rust. So, you need to clean this dirt. To do this you have to remove the seat first, then the housing beneath it.

You may need a screwdriver for this. When you open it you will clearly see all the knob and lever connections within the enclosure.

Just look for the one that links to the forward tilt knob and use grease oil to remove all of the dirt off of it. You can easily turn the forward tilt knob once the dirt, oil, and corrosion have been removed.

Sometimes it also happens that your forward tilt knob is broken. And you can detect It is very easy; after continuously tightening your forward knob if the chair still leans forward, then the knob can be broken.

You have to open up the housing to repair this. After taking out the seat, pry open any coverings if there are any, and find the forward tilt knob’s mechanism, as in previous procedures.

You will easily find it as it has a dislodged or broken pin. If it is dislodged then you can reposition it yourself.

Now what you have to do is just insert the pin into the proper area. If possible you can use a clamp or adhesive to keep it from moving around.

But, if the pin is damaged, you have to replace it. It’s easy to get a replacement pin directly from the manufacturer.

Sometimes the gaming chair also just leans on one side also. The common reasons for a gaming chair tilting to one side are a bent seat plate or a broken caster. You have to turn the chair over to see what has to be managed in order to diagnose the problem.

Damaged Casters

When you have a gaming chair the wheels on your chair are casters. The chair will automatically tilt in one direction if one of the casters becomes twisted or distorted.

Then by keeping your chair upright check if any casters protrude a little bit over the floor. Then, flip your chair over to find which casters are broken and need to be replaced.

It’s easy to remove the casters from gaming chairs by hand. By flipping your chair over so that it is lying on its side and slowly pull out until you see the casters come out.

But, if this method didn’t work you have to remove the damaged caster from the chair socket with a screwdriver.

Just put the screwdriver into the spot where the chair and the caster connect. You will feel a small space between them.

As if it were a liver, use the screwdriver. Pull the caster wheel alone without a screwdriver when you see it is slowly coming off. Any screws on the casters loosen them with the help of a screwdriver.

You can try to fix casters, by spraying some silicone lubrication gel into the caster’s elements. As sometimes the casters get clogged with dirt and filth and with spray they will resume normal operation.

But if casters still don’t work after spraying with silicone spray, it’s time to replace them with a new caster that is the same size as the rest of the chair’s casters.

With the help of a rubber mallet, tap the new caster into place over the socket. Slowly tap the caster till the stem is totally inserted into the socket.

It’s time for you now to restore your chair to its original position after installing the replacement caster. You can sit in the chair and direct someone’s attention to the casters. Your chair will not lean if the caster was the problem.

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Never take your gaming chair for granted. It can seriously harm your body if you didn’t take good care of it.  

Not only you can protect your body but also you can improve your gaming performance by just fixing our gaming chairs properly.

When you have an upright gaming chair your posture will also improve. And when your posture is good you can sit for long hours also while you game.

So if your gaming chair is leaning forward or back you know how to fix it. Just follow the above-mentioned steps you will be good.

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