How to Fix Black Spots on the Laptop Screen

When you see a black spot on your laptop screen a small one or big emerging either at the bottom or sides of the display screen it’s not a good sign.

Particularly, when you are working and the only question that comes to many people’s mind is “how to fix the black spots on the laptop screen”. And many laptop users don’t even know the cause behind black spot formation.

Let’s discuss some of the factors responsible for the appearance of black spots on laptop screens.

Reasons For Appearance of Black Spots on Your Laptop Screen:

There are many reasons responsible for the formation of black spots on your laptop screen. Let’s discuss some them.

  • 1: Jammed Pixels:

Almost all the screens contain liquid crustal evenly spread all over the panel. And some of them may dry up or shift, and after this, there will be no crustal liquid behind.

And this leads to the panel’s interior to bond, which doesn’t permit the liquid to come back and is known as a “stuck pixel”.

So when you see the black spots on your laptop screen this is nothing but some trapped stuck pixels, emerging in red, blue, white, green, or black spots.

  • 2: Dead Pixels:

Dead pixels are quite different from stuck pixels. Normally the screen contains several pixels. Each pixel put in place three diodes; red, blue, and green.

And when all of these If these fails, it leads to a black spot. And this is normally known as dead pixels.

Another common reason for spot formation is smut and dirt as it sits on our laptop screen and we didn’t pay attention. But it’s better to clean the screen frequently.

  • 4: Extreme Temperature:

Almost all laptops and computers are very delicate and can’t handle high temperatures and sometimes this may be also a reason for spots on the screen.

They are more at risk when the machine is hot. And this affects all its elements and this results in inoperative functioning like the shutdown of elements.

Not only this but if you place your machine near a heat source for a long time, dark or yellow spots will emerge on the screen because of a drop in the matrix.

And sometimes there are some manufacturing defects also. Like, problems related to the display matrix can lead to the emergence of black spots on the laptop screen.

  • 5: Humidity:

When the conditions are damp and the air is dry it’s hard for the device to run as these are not suitable conditions for the machine.

Avoid using wet cloth while cleaning; it may result in loss of conductivity, condensation, short circuit, or maybe more lasting damages.

When you have a moist environment, dry air can lead to electrostatic discharges, which move quickly and it’s a real risk to your device. Try to keep your device in an area with suitable conditions of moisture, temperature, etc.  

These were some reasons for the emergence of black spots on your laptop screen. Now, look at some of the methods to fix Black Spots on the Laptop Screen.

How To Fix Black Spots on The Laptop Screen

Some of The Ways To Fix Black Spots on The Laptop Screen:

  • 1: Try to Fix Stuck Pixels:

It’s easy to fix the stuck pixels by yourself. All you need is a soft cloth like a microfiber cloth and then wipe your screen. Fetch a stylus pen or a pencil with a mushy eraser at the back.

Wipe it slowly over the faulty area. Don’t forget to place a cloth on the stuck pixel area before you start to rub.

Avoid applying too much pressure as it can disfigure your screen. This method usually works and the issue is resolved. But if the stuck pixels are still there, you can go for the next step of downloading software.

  • 2: Work on the Dead Pixels:

For the reorientation of pixels take a soft cloth and massage the dead pixel area slowly. If you do this they may regain their color.

  • 3: Download The Software:

If you fail to fix the stuck pixels, install the pixel fixer software on your laptop from the internet. Set the app in motion and run it. It’s possible to run the application online like Screen fix. Just go to their website ( and click on “launch.”

But before that make sure whether your computer is running the advanced version of java. The application is also available on so you can download it from there also.

The applications turn the pixels on and off 60 times/second on your screen. Just click on the “locate” button when the jscreenfix dialog box emerges.

When display turns complete black move the window around and click on “fix” and the service will execute a diagnostic test to detect and fix the broken pixels on your laptop screen.

Jscreen fix, pixel fixer, and dead pixel buddy are a few software built to find dead pixels in your screen and then correct them.

Checking the brightness level also helps see if the level is at 0 if it’s 0 then you have to reset the brightness level.

  • 4: Examine if There are any Hardware and Software Issues:

For checking the software issues, look over drivers, display settings, viruses, and other allied settings.

And when it comes to hardware, you can open and close the lid to assess if there is any flickering. If something is wrong with hardware then it’s better to seek professional advice but if it’s related to software it can easily be fixed by one.

You can also contact the manufacturers if you fail in all your efforts. And if your device is in warranty and meets all the requirements they will replace the screen for you.

  • 5: Buying New Panel:

In some cases, the issue can’t be solved. Then the only option for you is to buy a new panel that fits your laptop model. This is more possible on laptops than on desktop computers.

Methods To Evade The Black Spots:

Fixing black spots is a daunting task. To evade it, you must know some tips to prevent the problem.

  • 1: Remove the Dirt:

When you clean don’t use rough towels or stiff fabric, as these can leave scratches on the screen, microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning your screen.

And never use liquids that contain alcohol, acetone, and ammonia for removing the dirt as it can harm the monitor.

Just mix white vinegar and water in equal proportions as this is the best cleaning mixture for your screen.

Moisten the microfiber cloth and wipe your laptop. If you remove the dust it can certainly intercept the blackspots from emerging on screens.

  • 2: Sustain an Appropriate Temperature:

If the temperature is above 35°C then laptops can be affected. This can lead to overheating of batteries, HDD hard drives, and other elements.

It’s very important to maintain a controlled environment with a suitable temperature. This will help your machine to function smoothly without any issues.

  • 3: Use a Humidity Sensor:

We can handle humidity with much ease, but it’s not good for your device. If you have a humidity sensor or hygrometer it helps in tracking the moisture levels.

When the air is warm it usually results in a more humid environment. With the help of a humidity sensor, we can ensure perfect moisture levels.

This is the best way to protect your laptop. Besides this, safeguarding pitfalls and maintaining smooth operations is crucial. So laptop desks are ideal to use while you work.

  • 4: Evade Direct Sunlight:

When you work in an open environment try to keep your laptop away from direct rays of sunlight. As it can break or damage the screen and seed overheating.

  • 5: Take Good Care of Your Device:

You should be very careful when it comes to handling your device. Particularly, when you travel and try not to throw them here and there. It will be good if you keep your laptop inside a bag to keep it protected from moisture and heat.

How To Fix Black Spots on The Laptop Screen


 We discussed almost all the main causes responsible for dark spots on your laptop screen. The reasons we covered are dead pixels, stuck pixels, dirt, making defects, etc. it’s very easy to remove dirt and debris.

But if we are dealing with stuck pixels they are harder and dead pixels are severe to fix. If the problem is not big, you know how to fix it as we have stated above.

And if your laptop is in warranty, you can get it fixed with much ease. And it’s always better to take preventive measures which we have mentioned above.

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