How To Game Share on PS5

This is a step-by-step guide.

1. Open the browser.2. Head to Microsoft’s website and download the “Xbox Companion App for Windows 8” application ( .

3. Open it and enter your account info (name, email, etc.)

4. Once you’re finished entering your information, tap on “Connect to XBOX Live” (the red dot).

5. The Xbox Companion app will launch and you’ll be taken directly to your profile page where you can check out your services like online friends, achievements, message board posts, Xbox Live Gold lifetime membership benefits, and more!

Console Sharing and Offline Play

The concept of console sharing is fairly simple. If a user has an Xbox One and an older PS4, they can connect their wireless mouse to the PS4 and play their games online with other users connected to their system.

The system recognizes the mouse as a keyboard and uses it to enter commands into the game. This is great for those who have difficulty using a controller because it allows them to play more comfortably.

However, if you do not have wireless access, you can still connect your console to your computer and use a wired mouse instead of a wireless one.

In this case, you need to find an adapter that lets you feed your wires through the back of your computer. You can pick up the USB-C cable from Amazon for $9.99 (save $2).

It supports two USB connections simultaneously, so if you have multiple consoles hooked up at once, it’s possible for two people to be on at once with one cable plugged in between their consoles and yours instead of one keyboard/mouse per console in use.

How to Use Console Sharing and Offline Play?

Console Sharing and Offline Play allow a user to grant access to their entire library of games to anyone using the same console, even if that particular system is currently offline.


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