How To Have Good Posture While Gaming

The position in which you sit while gaming is defined as Gaming posture. If you didn’t sit properly and you have a bad posture then there are a lot of risks associated with it.

Furthermore, it can result in severe backache and many problems. So, if you want to maintain good health it’s better to have a good posture while gaming.

But the question is how to have good posture while gaming. We will give you some important tips just follow them and you will be fine. Let’s look at some of the best tips that help you have a good posture while you game.

Your place should be comfortable: Try to find a place that is quite comfortable for playing games and there should be no disturbance.

And always position your monitor on a proper level table to play games.  If you sit on an uncomfortable chair then you can’t concentrate on the game. 

Step 1: Fix Your Time Limits

Many passionate gamers usually don’t bother about the time when they play. And if you sit for long hours in a bad posture it will cause problems.

So it’s better to fix your timings and have a good posture. So, if you change the sitting position after a couple of hours it helps a lot.

Step 2: Chair Height

The height of the chair is very crucial when it comes to having a good posture. The chair with the appropriate height will help while playing games on the computer or working on it.

It’s always better to get the chair with perfect height proportion according to your body. The chair height should permit you to place your feet to rest flat and comfortably on the floor.

Keep in mind if the chair is too high it can result in the dangling of legs. And if you get a chair with low height, it can cause severe back pain and other joint problems.

Step 3: Monitor Height Is Crucial

Place the monitor in a proper range as it will help you to look straight. It’s not good for your back and neck if you look downwards or upwards while playing the game.

Try to place the monitor in a proper position at an appropriate eye level. You should easily look at the screen while playing the game.

It’s better to rest your eyes at the top 1/3 of the screen as it permits you to view the entire screen without causing any back or neck problems.

Step 4: Backrest

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When it comes to maintaining good posture while gaming keeping your back in the correct position is quite important. Try to have the backrest on the chair at about 90 to 135 degrees angle.

When you have this angle you can easily maintain a more upright position on your back. Go for the chairs with lumbar support for playing games as they help support the back by properly cushioning the spine’s curve.

Step 5: Position of The Head and Shoulder

Whenever you play games just don’t focus on your back, the proper positioning of your head and shoulder also plays a major part in maintaining a good posture.

Your head should be against the headrest while gaming. When you put your head in an appropriate position it will prevent fatigue.

Step 6: Set apart The Monitor


Never sit too close to the monitor and maintain an appropriate distance to fend off eye strain and inappropriate positioning of the neck and head.

The screen should not be closer than twenty inches to your face. Your eyes will be safe when you place your monitor at approximately an arm’s length from yourself.  

If the monitor is large it isn’t easy to maintain the distance. When you are playing on a large monitor it can also result in causing severe vision issues.  So always adjust the monitor according to your sight.

Step 7: Appropriate Keyboard Position

Place the keyboard in an appropriate position when you play games as it’s one of the most important factors that helps in having a good posture while playing games.

A proper keyboard position allows unrestricted blood flow. Place the keyboard in a position that allows you to maintain a 90-degree bend at the elbows.  

Your elbows should rest close to your body in the resting position. Board your keyboard in a proper position so that your hands rest comfortably on your lap. This position allows a more natural flow of the blood.

Placement of Hand and Wrist: It’s not just about your back and neck, placement of your hand and wrist is also crucial. Your wrist should be placed parallel to the table and neutral.

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Make a Plush Environment For The Best Gaming Posture:

Try to get a large screen to play games as it will be more comfortable. You have to sit near the screen if you have a small screen.

And this can affect your eyes badly. And try keeping your back against the chair. And don’t sit continuously in front of the screen.

Take more breaks and enjoy short sessions, try to set the time for a session. In this way, you will easily get up and move around and your eyes also will have some rest while playing.

As we have discussed above having a good gaming chair also helps a lot. Try to get a comfortable chair don’t go for expensive chairs.

Advantages of Having Good Postures:

It’s beyond doubt that good posture can lead to better gaming performance. You will feel confident when you sit properly and it also increases your optimal physical capacity. Let’s put some light on some of the expected advantages of having a good posture while you game.

Relieve For Your Joints:

When you have a good posture it will have a long-term benefit to your joints. Your joints will be more flexible and you can maintain good health.

A good gaming posture keeps you fit as you age. When you have a good gaming posture it will prevent you from back pain also.

Try to keep a neutral position in which your hips, spine, neck, and head are aligned. You will be free from strain and it also evades undue stress and pain.

Your Digestion will be Good:

Your digestion will be perfect when you have a good gaming posture. Many people don’t know that bending forward puts a lot of pressure on your stomach, and it makes it harder for the food to digest. So, when you sit upright it allows food to move smoothly and let it digest functionally.

You Can Focus More:

A good posture improves your breathing and there will be a proper flow of oxygen and blood which helps you focus on the game.

When your game continuously your brain requires warmth, calories, and air to function properly. And a good gaming posture provides it. It is also good in relieving the muscle cramps caused by poor blood flow and lack of oxygen.

You can have a perfect gaming posture by having some checkpoints. Like you can always take a break after every two or three games and check your posture for about half a minute.

And one more important thing you can do for changing your posture is, set the alarm for thirty minutes that tells you to change your posture. You can do this on your mobile or web browser with much ease.

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As we have discussed above when you have a good posture while gaming it will prevent you from many serious health problems.

You will play games comfortably and it lets you stay focused also. Go for a good gaming chair as it provides comfort to the gamers while playing games.

A good posture will upgrade your gaming performance and you don’t suffer from back pain, headache, wrist pain, etc. You will not feel tired and enjoy gaming when you have a good gaming posture while gaming.

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