How To Improve Reaction Time For Gaming

Many times it happens that when you set yourself up, after catching a slight movement of your opponent and get ready to pull the trigger but before you do that your opponent fires at you.

It’s quite irritating but that’s what happens when your reaction time in video games is slow. But the good thing is, reaction time can be improved, let’s put some light on how to improve your reflexes and reaction time.

Before we look at how to improve reaction time, let’s discuss what actually reaction time is. It is also called response time. The process is quite complicated but often happens within a fraction of a second.

Simple Reaction Time:

This is all about reactions to only one stimulus. This kind of reaction is usually very fast. You can say when athletes respond to the starting pistol during a sprint it is the best example of simple reaction time.

Complex Reaction Time:

This one is also called a choice, this kind involves a number of stimuli and responses. As it contains the processing of a lot of information at once, this reaction time takes a bit longer.

The example for this one is when a soccer player keeps up with the ball movement, as well as the movement of other players.

Recognition Reaction Time:

This one is also called the selection; this also involves a number of stimuli and responses – the same as complex reaction time.

How To Improve Reaction Time in Gaming

When it comes to video games your reaction time is the thin line between winning and losing. The faster you press that mouse or controller, it will be easy for you to pull the trigger on your rival. So without wasting anytime let’s look at some tips on how to improve reaction time for gaming:

How To Improve Reaction Time For Gaming

1. Warm Up:

Take care of your hands particularly when it’s cold.  Your muscles are usually stiff in cold, and it’s not easy for you to focus and react appropriately.

Warming up is the best way before you hit the start button or even enter your gaming room. A cup of hot coffee or tea will help you to get the temperature going.

If you get a hand warmer or a heat bag and rub your hands regularly at regular intervals in between gaming breaks it will definitely help.

You can also go for a pair of quality gaming gloves as they are built not only to offer excellent traction but they can also to retain palm heat. 

2. Avoid Interruptions:

Most pro video gamers prefer to game in dim rooms, with professional headphones. Sometimes they do have company but the room is usually very silent.

Most non-gaming individuals don’t take this thing seriously. But if the environment is tranquil it will definitely help the gamer to attain faster reaction times.

If possible close the doors after you put your headphones on, and turn off the lights if needed and just focus on the game in front of you.

When you are trying to improve your reaction time in gaming it is better to play in single-player modes. Because when you play as a team your teammates continuously talk into your headphones and it will only slow you down.

So when you practice alone you become better and then you can join in multiplayer gaming modes when your response is much faster.

Sleep is Important:

Many gamers don’t take this seriously but getting at least eight hours of sleep will significantly improve your reaction time on whichever FPS game you are trying to improve your reaction time on.

When you get enough sleep, your body gets enough time to rejuvenate. And when you have enough rest it gives your brain sufficient time to process whatever you practiced during the day.

So when you get enough sleep you focus better, and when your focus is good in video gaming you always win and will help you in increasing your reaction time also. So, try to get a comfortable mattress and get at least eight hours of sleep.

Practice as Much as Possible:

Many people repeat this but the practice actually makes you perfect. The more you practice, the better your reaction time will be.  

Concentrated practice is very important it is the practice when you focus on becoming better at one specific skill in gaming, instead of all of them.

Practice for at least two or three hours, figure out gaming elements that affect your reaction time, and keep on trying to improve them. When you are doing concentrated practice, you can also watch how the pros do it.

When you look up to a pro, watch their videos to notice how they carry off a reaction you are trying to learn. You can also sign up for gaming courses.

Quality Gaming Gear:

No matter what you do get enough sleep or practice for hours if your gaming monitor has a slow refresh rate or you are using a below-average mouse, your reaction time will still be poor.

Get quality gaming gear. If you are a PC gamer, you can also upgrade your gaming rig by investing in a quality graphics card, a monitor comprising a refresh rate of at least 144Hz and a mouse that fits in your palm comfortably and adjust its DPI settings also.

And the most important thing is sound in video gaming. If it’s good you can detect where your opponents are and what they are doing also.

How To Improve Reaction Time For Gaming

So, whenever you look for quality gaming gear, try to get a pair of quality gaming headphones as well. Pick the extra comfortable one, as you’ll have them on for longer periods.

They should provide you crispy clear sound delivery. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get high-end gear. There are some good affordable options in the market. You just have to try a little harder to find them.


So we have given you some tips that will help you in improving your action time in gaming. But you have to have some patience.

Don’t expect that you will be a pro after a few concentrated practice sessions. So, relax and take it easy if you don’t have the fastest reaction time after one practice session.

If you stress yourself over it, then it will be hard for you to improve your reaction time. It will obviously take some time, regular practice, and serious dedication to improving your reaction time in gaming.

And sometimes it happens that the fastest reaction times happen when you expect the unexpected. So relax and keep on trying and try to enjoy gaming slowly your reaction time will also improve.

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