How To Install A Graphics Card In A Laptop

As we all know that a graphics card is the most essential element of the laptop especially if you are into serious gaming or someone who does graphical work.

Most of the time it happens that when it comes to upgrading the existing graphics card or adding a graphics card you don’t know what to do and many people also don’t know how to do that.

The process is quite simple you have to know a little about both the hardware and software of a laptop.

The first thing to do is remove the old graphics card from your laptop. And then uninstall the old drivers as well before you add your new GPU.

Then install the new drivers and your installation of new graphic card is done. But if you are not comfortable with all this and feelings lost don’t worry we will provide you enough details about how to install a graphics card in a laptop.

How To Install a Graphics Card in Your Laptop: Step By Step Procedure

For your convenience, we have tried to describe the whole process in a few steps. So it will be much easier to grasp.

The GPU Should Be Compatible with The Processor (Step 1):

The main thing you have to focus on is picking the right graphics card for your laptop. When you pick the GPU (graphics processing unit) for your laptop, keep in mind that the processor of your laptop and the operating system must be compatible with the graphics card that you are picking.

One laptop’s graphics card might not be similar to another laptop’s card. So it’s better to think about the type of GPU that is supported by your laptop. You have to examine the specification of your laptop to figure this out.

Usually, all the Laptops comprise a PCI Express expansion slot for the GPU. Try to get a laptop that includes this kind of slot this will help you to add almost any GPU to your laptop.

Look for this slot right next to your laptop’s CPU. And if your laptop doesn’t comprise this type of PCI slot then it’s impossible to upgrade the graphic card.

How To Install A Graphics Card In A Laptop

Then you have to do with the integrated graphics card only. Or else you can change the motherboard or buy a new laptop if you want to fix such a situation.

If you have a laptop that is quite old, then make sure that the laptop has enough real estate to board the graphics card that you will install.

As these days all the external GPUs needs ample space. And when we talk about the gaming laptops this is very crucial. Make sure the GPU that you’re picking supports multiple peripheral connections such as VGA, HDMI, DVI, Display port, etc.

Uninstall The Previous Drivers (Step 2):

After picking the relevant GPU, you have to uninstall the old graphics card drivers from your laptop. It’s very vital as most of the time the GPU drivers are the main reason behind collapsing of a new GPU.

So removing the old drivers is a must before installing the new GPU. So let’s look at the method of uninstalling step by step so that, you can do it with much ease.

Go To The Setting: Look For The Device Manager on Your Laptop.

Tick the device manager option and open it.

There will be an option by the name “Display Adapter”, double click that option to start the process.

Then right-click on the display adapter screen, and there you will see an option by the name “Uninstall device”.

Then follow the instructions given to you to remove your old adapter.

Make sure to switch off your computer after you finish the uninstallation process.

It is very crucial not to restart your laptop again before installing the new GPU. If you switch on a laptop without installing the GPU, then old drivers will install instinctively and can cause mishaps.

Get Rid of The Old GPU (Step 3):

The process of taking out the previous graphics card from your laptop looks simple but you have to be very careful while doing so.

If you divert your mind even for a minute while removing the GPU, you might end up harming some other elements of the laptop. Begin with removing all power cables that are connected to the laptop.

Then by using a screwdriver detach all the screws that are holding your previous GPU to the slot. Put all the screws in a safe place as you will require them when boarding the new GPU in the slot.

If a graphics card is attached to the slot with the clip mechanism then, simply press the clip and pull out the graphics card. Use the same technique, to board the upgraded GPU inside the slot.

Never put pressure when you do all this because it might break the attachment. Gently take out the card and put it on a clean and soft surface.

After cleaning the GPU slot and the chassis of your laptop install the new graphics card, it will work fine.

Install The New GPU (Step 4):

This step requires more focus and a few skills than others so you should be very careful. The GPU, the slots, and almost all the elements of a laptop are very delicate,

So while putting the graphics card inside the slots, never apply force. A minor fault of yours can damage your expensive graphics card.

Take the new GPU out of the box gently and then follow the steps mentioned below. Take your time don’t rush or force and if you think you are not comfortable doing it, ask someone who is an expert in this field.

By Holding the GPU carefully just put it straight inside the PCI slot.

With just a bit of pressure place it perfectly on the back plate, but do it slowly don’t give it a hasty push.

Motherboards comprising a clip system will instinctively click and hold the GPU when it is placed in the perfect position, a click sound will indicate that it is in the ideal place and locked.

If you think that your new GPU is a bit wider than your previous one, then you can remove the surrounding panel to create some space.

Put the screws back in their places if you have taken them earlier.

Connect all the power cords attached to the GPU and then attach the back panel of your laptop.

Install The New Drivers (Step 5):

After installing your new GPU successfully, you can switch on the laptop and install the new drivers. The operating systems usually detect the new graphic card instinctively and ask you to adjust the screen resolution and color settings.

In case your display shows a bit of dim light, click the troubleshooting option to check out whether you have installed the GPU rightly.

Once you are sure about it, install the new drivers. You can easily do that by using the driver disks or you can download them manually from the internet.

If you want to do it by driver disks, then insert them into your laptop and follow the given instructions on how to install the drivers.

It’s also possible for you to download drivers from NVIDIA or AMD websites according to the GPU model.

After you finish the installation process of all the drivers, you can enjoy the new GPU. To see the enhanced performance you can play a game or do some video rendering or heavy-duty graphical work. You will definitely observe a big difference whether its viewing experience or user experience.

Benefits of Installing a Graphics Card In Your Laptop:

It’s not just about gaming; anybody can feel the difference and enjoy the benefits of installing a dedicated graphics card on their laptop. Let’s put some light on a few benefits of upgrading your existing GPU or installing a new one.

How To Install A Graphics Card In A Laptop

Enhanced Gaming Performance:

After installing a GPU inside your laptop, the overall gaming experience will certainly enhance. You will notice that the picture quality will get better with improved FPS.

This will result in nonstop enjoyment and you can play all the games without any delays at the optimal resolution.

Solid GPU certainly plays a part in hardcore gaming.  After skills, a new graphic card is the only thing that can help you in competitive gaming.

Not only this if you are into graphics designing, animation, video editing, etc. this will help you to make your projects as accurate as you can.

Exceptional Multimedia Experience:

With a strong graphics card, the multimedia experience you have will be great. You can feel the high-resolution videos, and movies without any interruption.

It’s always difficult to play 4k videos when you have your old GPU or if you don’t have any GPU, but when you install a powerful GPU; it’s possible to enjoy 4k resolution movies.

Flawless Graphic Design Work:

When you install the new graphics card, you will save time. For example, usually, it takes some time to finish a short video rendering work; but after upgrading your graphic card you can get it done within half an hour. Besides this, the editing software will run much swifter and you will feel great while using it.

Is It Possible To Install A Graphics Card On Any Laptop?

You can install it on some laptops if they have extra slots otherwise most laptops comprise integrated graphics cards, so you cannot install a graphics card on them.

Can I Download A Graphics Card?

It’s not possible to download a graphics card as it’s a hardware element. The only thing you can do is to buy a graphics card and install it on your laptop.

Is Replacing A Graphic Card An Easy Process?

It’s not that much difficult, but you should know what you are up to. If you are not comfortable doing it then it is a little bit tricky. But because of rising in new technologies, it is easier now for a random person also to replace a graphics card.


After reading all the stuff that we have mentioned above hope you will be able to upgrade or add graphics cards to your laptop with much ease.

As we have mentioned above take your time and don’t rush things when you install the graphics card and graphics drivers. If you follow the instructions properly it should be a smooth process.