How to Keep Laptop Battery Healthy

A laptop name comes from the lap, because of its developments practically from one’s lap. A laptop is more convenient and dominant in travelling.

The laptops were firstly designed in 1981. The laptops are generally used a lot for web browsing, online workings, gaming and for many other intensions.

The laptops are significantly useful for many targets. It also considered as the best gadgets for works but frequently the folks have the stress for their laptop battery. But there are some quick pieces of advices that can help you a lot. Also they will never let your laptop to be expired before its last time.

The average laptop battery life for a laptop is nearly 1,000 charges with the maximum running time for 2-5 hours. The good battery life of a laptop depends on its usage.

The maximum runtime for your laptop battery is 3-4 hours only when it is newly bayed. After some months of its use it will be only 1-2 hours. The battery life is also depended on its material that is used.

The average time during which the application is running depends on the utilization, laptop models and the applications that are being used.

How to keep laptop battery healthy?

It is a real fact that a laptop’s battery will expire one day because of it is not sure to last forever. But by using some simple tips you can get easy access to keep your laptop battery healthier.

Don’t use your laptop in direct heat, and make sure to use it in cool place.

Discharge your laptop data after 30 days.

Verify to employ laptop charging between 40-80 % as the 40-80 rule is a beneficial way to increase battery and to keep battery healthier.

Plug it off after its charging because plugging in has a worst effect on battery’s health.

Keep brightness low every time.

Turn off Wi-Fi and other connections off when not in use.

Don’t let your laptop to get 0% charging.

Apply power saving mode.

How to increase battery life of laptop windows 10?

Normally, the withdraw losing of battery in windows 10 sets for many reasons. But the two major issue creating elements in windows 10 are the background used applications and fast start up function.

The background used applications are the primary source for consuming battery power of laptop battery when these recently visited applications are not in use. The inauguration process in laptops is a battery eating feature.

Windows 10 are frequently accountable for their role in overwhelming the laptop battery power. Windows 10 can also improve laptop battery life in dominant way. Microsoft may cause many draw backs for consuming more power.

A laptop battery is always starting to consume it more, but the methods of windows 10 can improve e power hungry issues. Windows 10 also go through the procedures of improving efficiency power of a laptop. Windows 10 will improve battery life in up dated versions.

Turn off wireless signals in your laptop. Turn off wireless connections because they are certainly causing the hardware to use continuously.

Remove background applications. Disabling the used applications can save from consuming laptop battery.

Reduce screen brightness. Use brightness reducing tips to conserve battery life of laptop.

Check the problems creating battery. Battery optimizations increase the battery health.

Enable the automatic power saving mope.

Customize the hard ware components.

Optimize the settings for battery.

By using the window performance management tool.

How To Increase Laptop Battery Life

By practicing these microscopic suggestions, you can easily reach an excess to increase your laptop battery healthy and to run battery with great efficiency or with higher dominance performances.

Should I leave my laptop plugged in with a charged battery?

To save laptop battery you need to definitely plug it off, when it is 100%. There is specific time limit when laptops are sure to remain fully charged, whether it is being used or not. According to the technician expertise, it is better to unplug the battery earlier in its fully charging mode.

Because it is proved by the research that batteries do their work happily when they are 50% charged. The laptops batteries are often designed by different materials just as one of them are lithium-ion batteries while the other is lithium-polymer batteries.

 Once you have your lithium-ion battery charged 100%, it will automatically stop charging and don’t have any worst effect.

Leaving the plug attach with the battery will have no damaging effect to laptop but as the time flies, the battery consuming ability of laptop will decrease gradually. And it might show damaging effect after a year.

Plugging in all the time can lessen the battery consuming capacity as well as it causes the laptop life time to be reduced a lot. Your all time plugged battery will create running efficiency issue of laptop in near future.

Should I drain my new laptop battery?

Charging the new laptop for the first time has a most important impact for future life. Plugging the laptop for the first time and assuring it to be 100% charged, will significantly extend battery life.

For using new laptop a full day, give your laptop a full charge and then it will surely lengthen its charging capacity. Draining the laptop battery will kill it at once. Don’t make a wider mistake to drain new laptop battery.

It will destroy the life of a battery and it will be no longer useful to you. What you have to done after draining new battery is to throw it outside. The laptop batteries made of lithium-ions have no capability to the memory effect.

Simply they don’t have any occurrence of memory effect. Avoid draining laptop battery right after its full charging because it is not a helpful way for battery security and battery compensation power.

Draining laptop battery after 30 days is a consequential path towards laptop battery life. For the newly laptop batteries, it is must take into consideration that is the worst impact on battery life.

Laptop Battery Charging Tips:

The most advantageous tip for the better charging, you have to persist the battery level between 40 percent to 80 percent. Assured that the laptops fan becomes working for the cooling purpose and the laptop does not heat up. Here are some classic tips which may help us to save the charging:

  • The laptop battery should not be overcharged which may damage its own body by unpaid immoderate charging. It is a smart sufficiency to go alternative route for charging energy.
  • Reassure that the laptop fan is functioning with the good order for the cooling purpose.
  • Avoid the ejection the laptop when it becomes fully charged. The well-nigh tip is keep your laptops battery between 40 percent to 80 percent which might proved to be helpful for your laptops battery.
  • The last tip is that you have to charge the battery up to 80 percent.

The best way for charging the laptop is the power cable. To charge the laptop you have to plug the cable into the main power wall socket and plug the other end in to the laptops socket.

Things that damage laptops battery:

Laptops can hold more hustle and bustle and can live for a longer time without exhausting the life out them, but the batteries are not faultless yet. The best way to keep the battery healthy is the conservation of the battery. The things that may damage the laptops battery are listed below;

The three things that can harm the battery are:

  1. High Temperature

Heat becomes harsh on every part of the laptop and the battery become anomaly. The laptop is made to keep it on the flat surface for the reason that the vent does not blocked to keep the ventilation properly. Also you have to evade the laptop to keep in a car during summer days.

  • Low Charging

You have to detain the battery up to 30 percent, and do not let to drop below 20 percent charging. The easiest way is to become advantageous, you have to switch on the default battery saving mode that dense the screen and suggest you to shut down the some programs. If you have an older laptop and the battery gets too low about 0 percent you endanger the defame capacity of the battery.

  • Submissive but high ranking programs

Some scheming programs does not switch off even when you have folded the laptops screen. You have to uninstall all the things that be priced your too much laptops battery.

What Percentage To Charge The Laptop?

In order to extort the much life of the battery, once your laptop reaches at 100 percent, you have to unplug it. You should unplug it before it reaches to its completeness. As early we have recommended that your laptop battery charge life span would be less than 100 percent.

When you are charging your laptop with a high battery voltage that might lessens your laptop battery life span.

In accordance to some researches charging the laptops battery to only 80 percent to 90 percent, may ameliorate the discharge cycles. If you want to recuperate your battery life time for 6 months to a year you have to charge your laptops battery 85 percent to 90 percent rather than 100 percent.

The 40-80 percent battery rule is the strategy to increase at the greatest life span of laptops battery. Particularly it relates to discharge the laptops battery beneath 40 percent and not greater than 80 percent. Conventionally the lithium ion battery life cycle is 300 to 500 charges.

When the charging becomes more than 80 percent than there are more chance for the determent of battery life cycles.

Is It Better To Leave Laptop Plugged in or Run on Battery?

When laptop is fully charged, it will simply stop charging the device. A laptop has no capacity to be overcharged. The battery will charge up to a certain limit. Plugging in laptop after charging battery has no damage at all.

There is no bad effect on laptop battery for to leave it plugged. The only drawback for leaving it plugged is that it causes the laptop battery a sudden heat up process. Your battery surely, will no damage the laptop.

A laptop battery will always remain healthier when it is given quick charge or quick discharge at lower mode and at higher mode. You can definitely leave laptop plugged in or you can also run it on because it will certainly create no issue.

How Do I Keep My Laptop Battery 100% Healthy?

The laptop battery will die after some time. It is no made to stay forever. But there are some advices that you can take into your consideration for keep battery healthy. The care paints for keep it healthier is given below:

1.       Reduce Screen Brightness.
2.       Never let your laptop battery charging below 40% and above 80%, 40% – 80% rule is sure to make a battery healthier.
3.       Place laptop in cool area; avoid its use in direct heat or direct light.
4.       Remove back ground wireless connections.
5.       Turn on battery saver mode, set automatically activation of power saving mode.

These quick steps can help full in avoiding laptop to its drainage also these tricks can extend battery life in the green.

Is it Bad To Keep Your Laptop Plugged in All The Time?

The laptop designing made of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have a certain charging point that is 100%. And it is the fact that the battery will stop charging when it is full. So, plugging in all the time has no damaging issue to laptop battery.

How Can I Maintain My Laptop Battery Healthy?

Are you worried about how to take care of your laptop battery? How to maintain battery health? You have clicked at the right place. These points will help you to keep laptop battery last longer,
1.       Always plug it before it goes to zero.
2.       Turn off background programs that are not in use.
3.       Turn on power saving mode.
4.       Make sure it will have maximum RAM.
5.       Store laptop in the cool and dry place.