How To Make a Gaming Chair More Comfortable

The purpose of gaming chairs is to give you comfort. But if you are not feeling comfortable or having any problems while sitting in your gaming chair, it’s time to upgrade.

All the gaming chairs are quite different from each other the one you bought can be too confining for your back and body.

But don’t worry there are some ways through which you can increase your gaming chair comfort level easily.  

So let’s look at some of the tips that can help you in making a gaming chair more comfortable. A gaming chair is designed to give the players the appropriate support that they need as they spend so much time sitting in one place.

So a gaming chair comprises a high backrest and different options for adjusting the portions that support the arms, legs, and even the back. By changing your gaming chair’s settings, you can make it more enjoyable to use.

Why is My Gaming Chair Unbearable?

The main reasons gaming chairs become uncomfortable are either they don’t have adequate lower back support or are uncomfortable to sit in.

If you’re worried about your sore back, you can get some relief by buying a little cushion to place on the chair’s back.

How To Make a Gaming Chair More Comfortable

How to Make Your Gaming Chair More Comfortable:

Down below are some tips that can help you in making your gaming chair more comfortable.

Your Display Should Be at Your Eye Level:

When you spend all day on a desk chair, gazing at a laptop or desktop computer screen it can cause neck pain. If you lift your laptop or display to eye level then it will be much easier on your back.

And you can turn your attention to your computer; then it’s possible for you to gaze straight ahead. If you have a laptop or monitor stand, you can do it easily with help of a laptop or monitor stand.

Armrest Pads:

A decent armrest pad may swiftly convert your office chair’s annoying armrests into those seen on more exclusive executive seats. So, how can an armrest pad help to make gaming chairs plush?

Most people don’t know that wrist is very important as it accounts for around 10% of our total body weight.

And if that weight is left unsupported or laying on a hard surface it may make you feel much worse. You can get armrest pads in a variety of styles as they are easily available in the market.

Most of the armrests are entirely covered to make them more comfortable or lengthened to support your full forearms in different situations.

Think about changing the armrest of your gaming chair if they are unpleasant. Usually, the armrests on ordinary chairs are constructed of plastic or are too short of supporting your complete forearms fully.

You should know which part of your body is suffering the most when you are suffering from a problem, it will be easier to find the solution.

The same thing goes when you are trying to make your gaming chair more comfortable. For example, if you are having a problem with your back, the next time you sit down; try to invest in a chair with added back support.

How To Make a Gaming Chair More Comfortable

Seat Cushion:

The seat is the most important part when it comes to comfort and usually, it’s a common source of pain in some chairs also.

Sometimes they are over with not enough cushioning or don’t have the appropriate curves to distribute your body weight effectively.

If you need extra support than a lumbar support cushion can give then getting an additional seat cushion for your gaming chair’s lumbar support may help.

The armrest is Crucial:

Usually, gamers sit at a desk for long hours and type and use a mouse; this is not good for your wrists. Including a gel armrest in your gaming setup will certainly help you in reducing wrist strain.

And if possible use a wireless mouse for smoother and more flexible wrist movement. There is one more thing that bothers the gamers and that is eye strain usually caused by glare on the screen,

And this makes you wriggle in your gaming chair to find a comfortable viewing position. And in the end, you may lose your balance and feel uneasy while gaming don’t worry, as we will tell you how you can easily tackle this issue.

You can do it by managing the lighting in your gaming setup, and this will make it easier for you to see your computer screen.

Start by buying a few lights with different illumination settings so you can manage the amount of light that falls on your computer and desk. And if you get a screen filter to help reduce glare it will be good.

Get an Extra Lumbar Pillow or Support:

If you’re not happy with your chair, but don’t know why the lumbar support might be part of the issue.

The chairs that are not expensive either don’t have lumbar support at all or have one that is fixed, this forces you to keep a particular posture in order to get the best lower-back support.

It’s no surprise that many gamers finish off their day with back discomfort. Well, the solution is pretty simple. And that is getting a lumbar support pillow.

Just place lumbar cushions between your chair and lower back it will definitely add extra support and may help evade pain from the inappropriate posture.

Lumbar pillows are usually small and they are quite affordable, but they may convert an unpleasant office chair into a more ergonomic one. Go for the ones with a cutout at the bottom for best results.

Keep your legs fixed; if you are short then your feet will not level with the ground when you sit on your gaming chair.

And if your feet didn’t level on the floor while you sit on your gaming chair all day, you may have strain or pain.

But you can fix this issue straightaway. Pick a footrest that is ergonomic. When you get this it will be easy for you to maintain proper posture from your feet to your head by supporting your feet.

The Ultimate Guide for Best Gaming Chair

So above we have discussed how to make a gaming chair comfortable. Now let’s look at some of the questions related to this topic.

Why is My Back Hurting While Sitting in a Gaming Chair?

Almost all gaming chairs comprise an external lumbar cushion to support your lower back.

But when you sit for long periods of time it fatigues the muscles that hold the spine in this posture,

This leads to lumbering and forward-leaning in your chair. When the tension in the lumbar area shoots up, back discomfort might occur.

What Makes Gaming Chairs Unpleasant?

Most people are not used to sitting on gaming chairs and they become dissatisfied since they are not like regular workplace chairs. When your body is not ready to sit with optimal body posture it causes an ache.


So we have discussed some points above about how to make your gaming chair more comfortable. This will help you but keep in mind when you use the gaming chair for the first time it can be quite uncomfortable as your body needs time to adjust.

But if the chair is continuously making you uncomfortable on a regular basis then you will need to alter your seating position and chair a bit.

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