How To Make a Gaming Montage

Gone are the days when gaming was just for kids today many adults enjoy gaming and many people like to play online video games. Not only do people just play online they are passionate about watching other people play online.

How To Make a Gaming Montage

If we look at the number of gamers all over the world it’s around 2.5 billion. And the revenue of gaming video content across the globe is also huge.

Many people like to watch gaming video content on different channels. Most young gamers like to stream their gameplay.

It’s also possible for you to pick to make a classic gaming montage with some of your best gameplays.

You can build a large online community by making a gaming montage. But many people don’t know how to make a gaming montage. But don’t worry we will help you to make an eye-catching gaming montage.

What is a Gaming Montage?

The process of picking and editing different pieces of film is known as gaming montage. After editing the different pieces of film, they are bought together to make engaging video content.

A gaming montage comprises the best scenes from your gameplay with some great background music.

Things like game delays, waiting time, and video overlays are usually pulled out in a gaming montage. The viewers will watch only raw action with gripping background music in a gaming montage.

You can gain more views and become popular on online channels through Gaming montages. Let’s put some light on the things you should do before you make a gaming montage.

How To Make a Gaming Montage

Take Some Time and Select The content of your Gaming Montage:

It’s not easy to pick clips from tons of gaming videos so it’s better to pick the video clips you want to include in the montage beforehand.

In this way, you will not be confused till the last minute while making a gaming montage. Take some time before you make a montage and pick the best clips from your stock.

You should make a gaming montage that can keep the viewers hooked to their screens. For instance ‘ in Call of Duty’ most players on YouTube make a gaming montage that comprises a selection of all the headshots. Try to get some grand gameplays in your storage that you can use to seek the spotlight of the viewers.

Record Gameplay For The Montage:

Try to get an effective screen recorder to store your gameplays. Your screen recorder should generate top-notch videos.

Without any overlays, the gameplay should be recorded as it is. You should have an effective gaming PC so that the gameplay is polished and graphically rich.

Low-quality gaming videos can never catch the attention of viewers as they are ineffective. Most of Social media users skip gaming videos with low quality.

After picking your best gaming clips, use a games video editor to gather them properly. If you want to create an appealing gaming montage, never bank on inherent editing features offered by smartphones and desktops.

The editing capacity of a device and PCs is confined and cannot serve you in making a grand gaming montage. So it’s better to use a dedicated games video editor for making a gaming montage.

You can easily make optimized content for social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram if you have a dedicated games video editor.

It’s possible for you to export your gaming montage in high video quality through a video editor. And it’s not just about the quality you will save time also by using a video editor for making gaming montage.

If you are a beginner you can use the free version of any well-known video editor to make gaming videos and learn basic editing skills. Many gamers usually prefer InVideo as it has advanced editing options and an intuitive UI.

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Adding Background Music is Crucial:

Music will certainly help you to make your gaming montage more engaging. Some gamers also add narration into gaming montages.

But, it’s possible for you to make effective content by just using the in-game sound and background music.

It’s always better to check that you are using license-free music before you post your gaming montages on social media sites.

If you use music pieces that are not licensed for commercial use it can appeal to video strikes on social media platforms.

Get help from a video editor in adding license-free music to your gaming montage. Video editors usually have a big library of music pieces that you can take for game videos.

Many people include music after making the gaming montage. But, it’s not easy to match the music beats to your in-game sounds.

Try to edit your gaming montage according to the flow of the music. And always pick the songs that are trending currently on social media platforms.

Share Your Gaming Montage:

After you finish making your gaming montage, export it directly from your video editor. You should export gaming videos in higher resolutions like 4K or 1080p.

Many video editors also permit users to share game videos straight away to popular social media platforms. Make a catchy video description and share your gaming montage on social media sites.

Things To Remember Before Making a Gaming Montage

Adding velocity effects to your gaming montage helps in getting the attention of viewers. Try to include slow motion while a gunshot or any other big gaming moment.

Try to match the sound of gunshots with rhythms and beats when it comes to shooting games. The soothing sync of gunshots and beats of the music can certainly get the notice of viewers.

Avoid including game loading scenes or any needless clips in your gaming montage. Viewers don’t have the time to wait and want to see the real action quickly.

Using productive transitions to make your gaming montage also attracts the audience. A video editor can help in including polished transitions from one clip to another in a gaming montage.

You can also use the color grading to your advantage and set the mood of the audience. For instance, if you turn some scenes in ‘black & white it will definitely catch the viewers’ attention.


When it comes to sharing gaming montages the top social media sites are Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.  

As we have mentioned above it’s possible for you to build a large online community for gamers by sharing an eye-catching gaming montage. So don’t wait and begin creating your grand gaming montage with a video editor.

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