How to make Fence in Minecraft step by step guide

A Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Fence in Minecraft

In the vast and blocky world of Minecraft, building structures is an essential part of the game. One of the fundamental elements of any well-designed base or farm is a sturdy fence. Fences serve various purposes, from marking boundaries to keeping mobs at bay. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of crafting a fence in Minecraft, so you can secure your builds and explore the virtual world with confidence.

Step 1: Gather Resources Before diving into the construction process, you’ll need to gather the necessary resources to craft a fence. To make a traditional wooden fence, you’ll need six wooden planks and one stick. Obtain wooden planks by placing wood blocks of the same type in your crafting grid and then converting them into planks. Collect sticks by placing two wooden planks vertically in the crafting grid.

Step 2: Access the Crafting Table Next, you’ll need to access a crafting table. If you haven’t built one yet, gather four wooden planks and arrange them in a 2×2 square in your personal crafting grid to craft a crafting table. Place the crafting table on the ground, right-click on it (or tap on it, depending on your device), and a 3×3 crafting grid will appear.

Step 3: Craft the Fence Now that you have the crafting table, follow these steps to create a fence:

  • Place three wooden planks in the first column (top to bottom).
  • Put three wooden planks in the second column (top to bottom).
  • Finally, place one stick in the center of the grid.

The arrangement should look like this:

cssCopy code[P][ ][P]
[P][ ][P]
[S][ ][S]

Key: [P] – Wooden Planks [S] – Stick

Step 4: Retrieve the Fence Once you’ve placed the wooden planks and the stick in the correct positions, a fence item will appear in the crafting output slot. Simply drag the fence from the crafting table into your inventory.

Step 5: Placing the Fence With the fence item now in your inventory, you’re ready to place it in the game world. Locate the desired spot where you want to build the fence and right-click (or tap) on the block where you want to position the first piece of the fence. Continue this process, connecting adjacent blocks, until you have constructed the desired length of the fence.

Step 6: Fence Variations Minecraft offers several types of fences, each with its unique properties and crafting recipes. Apart from the standard wooden fence, you can also create fences using materials like Nether Brick, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak, and more. Simply substitute the wooden planks in the crafting recipe with the respective materials to create the desired fence type.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to craft and place a fence in Minecraft. Fences are not only essential for practical purposes but also add aesthetic appeal to your builds. Whether you’re safeguarding your crops from pesky mobs or creating an intricate fence design for your castle, this guide should equip you with the knowledge to master fence construction in Minecraft. So, dive back into the blocky world and let your creativity flourish!

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