How to make Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft

“Savor the Flavor: Crafting Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft”

In the vast, blocky world of Minecraft, players have the freedom to create and explore their own unique virtual landscapes. Beyond mining, building, and crafting, players can also indulge in delightful culinary adventures. One of the tastiest recipes available in the game is pumpkin pie – a delicious treat that can provide valuable sustenance during your adventures. In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of crafting pumpkin pie in Minecraft, allowing you to enjoy this virtual delicacy.

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients Before you embark on your culinary journey, you’ll need to gather the necessary ingredients to make pumpkin pie. For this delightful dessert, you’ll need one pumpkin, one sugar, and one egg. Pumpkins can be found in various biomes, sugar can be obtained from sugar cane, and eggs can be gathered by taming chickens or finding them in the wild.

Step 2: Crafting the Pumpkin Pie Once you have acquired all the required ingredients, it’s time to start crafting the pumpkin pie. Open your crafting table in Minecraft, which consists of a 3×3 grid, and follow these steps:

  • Place the pumpkin in the center slot of the crafting grid.
  • Put the sugar in the slot directly above the pumpkin.
  • Add the egg in the slot directly above the sugar.

The remaining empty slots should be filled with the crafting table’s default 3×3 pattern. After successfully arranging the ingredients, you will have crafted a scrumptious pumpkin pie!

Step 3: Enjoying Your Creation With your pumpkin pie freshly crafted, it’s time to savor its delightful taste. Move the pumpkin pie into your inventory, and when you’re ready to eat, simply right-click (or tap) on the pumpkin pie item in your inventory. Your character will proceed to devour the pie, replenishing a significant portion of your hunger bar.

Benefits of Pumpkin Pie: Apart from being a delicious treat, pumpkin pie provides some noteworthy benefits in Minecraft. When consumed, it restores four hunger points and provides eight saturation points. This makes it an ideal food source for replenishing your energy during lengthy expeditions or intense battles. Furthermore, pumpkin pie is vegetarian-friendly, making it a great choice for players who prefer plant-based foods in the game.


Creating pumpkin pie in Minecraft is a delightful addition to your gameplay, offering both sustenance and satisfaction during your virtual adventures. With a pumpkin, sugar, and an egg, you can craft this delectable treat and keep your hunger bar at bay while exploring the blocky landscapes. So, whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer to the game, take a break from mining and building, and treat yourself to the sweet flavors of pumpkin pie! Happy crafting and bon appétit!

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