How to make Sponge in Minecraft

Minecraft is a hugely popular sandbox video game that was first released in 2011. It has since become one of the most iconic and well-known video games of all time. Minecraft is a game that allows players to explore, create, and build in a three-dimensional world made entirely of blocks. The game can be played in a variety of different modes, including survival mode, creative mode, and adventure mode.

One of the most important resources in Minecraft is water. It is essential for survival, as players need it to drink and grow crops. However, water can also be a hindrance when it floods a player’s structures or underground tunnels. In order to control water in Minecraft, players can use sponges. Sponges are a type of block that can absorb water, making them an essential tool for players who want to build underwater structures or control water in their worlds. In this article, we will go over the steps for how to make a sponge in Minecraft.

Step 1:

Obtain a wet sponge The first step in making a sponge in Minecraft is to obtain a wet sponge. Wet sponges can be found naturally in the game, but they are rare. The easiest way to obtain a wet sponge is to find one in an ocean monument. Ocean monuments are underwater structures that spawn in specific locations in the game. They are guarded by guardians and elder guardians, which can make them difficult to conquer. Once you find an ocean monument, you can explore it and look for wet sponges hidden inside. Wet sponges can also be obtained by fishing with a fishing rod.

Step 2:

Dry the wet sponge Once you have a wet sponge, you need to dry it out. To do this, you will need to place the wet sponge in a furnace or blast furnace. Furnaces can be crafted using eight cobblestones arranged in a square. Blast furnaces are a more advanced version of the furnace and can be crafted using five iron ingots, one furnace, and three smooth stones.

Once you have a furnace or blast furnace, place the wet sponge inside and wait for it to dry. It takes around 100 seconds for a wet sponge to dry in a furnace and around 75 seconds in a blast furnace. Once the sponge is dry, it will turn into a regular sponge.

Step 3:

Use a bucket to gather water To use the sponge, you will need to gather water in a bucket. Buckets can be crafted using three iron ingots arranged in a “V” shape. Once you have a bucket, you can use it to gather water from any source. Simply right-click on a source of water with the bucket in your hand, and it will fill up.

Step 4:

Place the sponge To use the sponge, you need to place it in the water you want to absorb. Simply right-click on the water with the sponge in your hand, and it will absorb the water around it. One sponge can absorb up to 65 blocks of water. If you have a large area of water that you want to remove, you can place multiple sponges next to each other to speed up the process.

Step 5:

Retrieve the sponge Once the sponge has absorbed all the water it can, it will turn into a wet sponge. To reuse the sponge, you need to dry it out again in a furnace or blast furnace. Once it is dry, you can use it again to absorb more water.


Making a sponge in Minecraft is a simple process that requires players to obtain a wet sponge, dry it out, and use it to absorb water. Sponges are an essential tool for controlling water in Minecraft and can be used to remove water from areas where it is unwanted. The process of making a sponge in Minecraft is just one of the many things that players can do in this popular sandbox game.

Minecraft is a game that offers many benefits to players. It encourages creativity, problem-solving, and exploration. It can also help to improve cognitive skills such as memory, attention, and spatial reasoning. Additionally, playing Minecraft can be a great way to socialize and connect with other players, as the game can be played online with friends and strangers from all over the world.

However, it is important to remember that playing video games, including Minecraft, should be done in moderation. While gaming can have many benefits, it can also have negative effects if played excessively. Experts recommend limiting gaming sessions to no more than two hours per day and taking breaks every 30 minutes to avoid eye strain and physical discomfort.

In conclusion, Minecraft is a fun and engaging game that can offer many benefits to players. By following the steps outlined in this article, players can learn how to make a sponge in Minecraft and use it to control water in their worlds. As with any video game, it is important to play Minecraft in moderation and take breaks to ensure that it is enjoyed in a healthy and safe manner.

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