How To Make Your Fingers Faster For Gaming

When it comes to professional gaming competitions, every second is crucial. While gaming, you have to focus, understand, and move your fingers very fast to win the games.

So if your finger movements are not quick, either you lose the match or your opponent will shoot you in the game.

No matter whether it’s a serious competition or a friendly match on the weekend, these days more people are showing more interest in video games and want to win games and try to finish them quickly.

But, if you don’t have rapid finger movements, it’s not easy. And because of this reason, many first-time gamers want to learn how to make fast finger moves.

So we have gathered some tips for you to make your fingers faster. Let’s put some light on some tips and ways how to make your finger faster for gaming.

Your Grip Should Be Perfect on The Controller:

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Get a hold of the console first if you want to make your fingers faster. You should know which buttons to press and if you don’t know it will be difficult for you to play video games.

So it is always better to know about the controls and switches in the controller. You can also practice with the console without turning on the game to get a firm grip on the video game controller.

Because if you want to do it fast, it may lead to mistakes, it will be good to take time to know about all the control options without making an error.

Your Hands Should Be Dry and Warm:

When you have cold and sweaty hands it may lead to issues like hampering your reflexes and reaction speed while gaming. The two main reasons for getting cold hands are blood circulation and low heat.

You can brush your hands together or put a hot drink between your hands to warm hands. According to some experts if you place your hands in a bucket of freezing water it will instantly boost blood circulation.

There are some more methods also that you can use to keep your hands warm and dry. Like doing certain kinds of hand exercises and stretching. There are different types of gaming gloves also that provide comfort and warmth while gaming.

You have the option of buying a pair of pro gamer gloves or ordinary cold-blocking fabric gloves. One more important skill that can help you move your fingers faster in gaming is timing.

Many people have the opinion that reflexes are associated with your timing, and this is true also. Because when you miss the timing, most of the time you lose the game.

So when you practice specific timing and have decent reflexes while gaming it can definitely improve your finger speed.

And if you want to improve these skills, it is better to start trying fast-paced games. When you play fast-paced games it requires you to make flips, turns, and movements in an instant. By doing that, your finger reaction time will develop over time.

Get A Comfortable Mouse:

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Getting a comfortable mouse will also help you in making your fingers move faster while playing video games. So make sure you buy a decent mouse or controller after inspecting various models.

You can easily get them in the nearby computer stores, gaming accessory shops, and online stores also. If your budget allows, you can also get a comfortable ergonomic mouse. When you have that you can take fast finger actions while gaming.

Don’t take Sugar, alcohol, and Caffeine: If you are not into serious gaming and just playing video games with your friends for fun, then this tip can be skipped.

But if you want to improve your finger reaction speed to compete in a professional competition, then better you evade foods that have sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.

Sugar can slow down your body cycle, shoot up the anxious feeling, and fluctuates your insulin levels.

Alcohol can definitely make your nervous system dull. It is right that caffeine keeps you awake from sleepiness, but it disturbs your nervous system and increases heart rate, which leads to slow finger movements.

Now let’s look at some finger exercises you can do to make your fingers faster while gaming. There are some finger exercises and stretches that will certainly help you move your fingers quickly when in your game.

Not only that they will also reduce the strain on your fingers, and wrists and allows you to make faster reactions. Below are some of the hand exercises that help you in boosting finger speed, hand coordination, and overall skills.

Quarter Roll:

This exercise is particularly good for PC gamers to improve the coordination and overall gaming skills which are needed to control the mouse and keyboard fast. Remote control gamers will also get some benefits like swift finger movements, better coordination, and enhanced reflexes.

Ring Roll:

For this one, just move a solid ring between your fingers and this one is helpful for both console gamers and PC gamers. You can get finer finger movements and coordination needed for playing video games.

Pen Twirl:

For better coordination between three fingers, you will have to spin a sleek pen on your fingers at once, and then you will see the change.

Finger Opposition Patterns:

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For this exercise, touch the tip of your thumb while opening your palm with your other fingertips; do this from the index finger to the little finger.

This drill is quite outstanding for enhancing quick movements when you control the joystick. In this way, you can touch the mouse buttons and keyboard keys instantly.

Finger Circles:

By keeping your palms side by side and steadily put the fingertips of each hand together. For instance, the tip of your left hand’s thumb finger should be touching the tip of your right hand’s thumb finger, and so on.

This drill will definitely improve all-around coordination of the hands and also it is more like joystick movements.

Tabletop Finger Lift:

This exercise needs you to put your palm on a straight table. After that, lay out your fingers on the table and don’t move your palm, and close them. If you want you can repeat this process for a few minutes. This drill focuses on finger movements.


So we have tried our level best to give you the tips that will help you in moving your fingers quickly. The tips that we have mentioned above are very highly effective tips that can help you improve your finger movements while playing video games.

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