How To Optimize Your Internet For Gaming

Many people are gaming now more than ever, the gaming industry is on the boom and with each passing day, there is a tremendous amount of increase in the number of gamers. Many gamers spend most of their time gaming.

Many people are connecting through the games also because of the online PC titles, they allow people to play with their friends and family members regardless of location. For this reason, you can see the rise in gaming.

But these connected gamers sometimes get frustrated when there is an interruption in connectivity when they try to compete with people in other places.

Reasons For Delay in Games:

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When it comes to online gaming you should have sufficient internet speed as this factor can make or break your game.

If you don’t have enough internet speed and you try to take an action in your game there will be a delay between your move and the action actually playing out on the screen.

When you have a slow internet connection, you can’t expect it to match up with the amount of data that is being sent to your game console.

Because of this, the game packets can be lost, which can lead to lag. One more reason for delays and high latency in games is a network that’s jammed with a number of devices using bandwidth.

But don’t worry we have gathered some tips that will help you in dealing with those interruptions and enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Let’s put some light on some of the ways to optimize your internet for gaming at home.

Go For a Hardwired Wi-Fi Connection:

Try to hook internet cables to your gaming setup. It’s always better to use a hardwired connection as compared to a Wi-Fi or wireless connection when available. So in this way you can make the most out of your current speed.

Sequence Your Network Traffic:

It’s difficult when you compete with other machines and other sources for bandwidth on your local network, so you have to prioritize your network, You can do it by picking which devices get to take up bandwidth, and closing tabs on your computer.

You can begin with the ones streaming music or video content. If possible move closer to your router: Try to move your gaming setup closer to your wireless router. If you get a Wi-Fi extender it will also help.

These are devices that are usually used to stretch a router’s wireless range. When you have this the signal will easily reach other rooms of your house that are far from your W-if router. You can put an extender near the wireless console.

Always Use The Right Antenna on Your Gateway:

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Most of the gateways, which unite the modem and router in one machine, comprise a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz channel. Today almost all the gateways are intelligent and they put you on the best one. But it’s always better to cross-check whether you’re connected or not. 

Most users who subscribe to premium speeds will have the best experience on the 5 GHz channel as it permits better speed to travel across that spectrum, but it is confined to a short reach. Most of the time it happens that, you’re PC is not the only set of devices taking up bandwidth in your house.

When you have more machines and online-based activities in the home, fiber is the best internet setup when it comes to gaming and other activities. It’s always better when you compare it with conventional methods of accessing residential broadband, such as DSL and copper lines.

Elevate To a Higher-Speed Product To Enhance Internet Speed For Gaming:

Don’t compromise try to get the express speed product out there to enhance internet speed for gaming and support better latency, or low latency. Go for the one that has the greatest speed available. When you have reliable and express internet speed for gaming you can certainly expect extraordinary performance across your connected devices.

Get Greater Upload and Download Capacity To Optimize Internet For Gaming:

When you don’t have enough speed for downloading it may lead to lag and high latency in games. And when you have enough upload speed it can be a key for gamers who are streaming their content on interactive live streaming services, And for gamers who enjoy gaming on a live stream with other people.

When you have an excellent upload speed it allows your stream to be outstanding. So as we have mentioned above go for the internet that has greater upload and download capacity.

So when you think that you are not performing well just because your internet is not optimized go for the net comprising excellent upload capacity. Sometimes you get the better speed but the upload capacity will be confined to 50 Mbps.

Most people didn’t understand this but many times the reason for your issues with Wi-Fi speeds is related to interference with another person’s Wi-Fi channel. This usually happens with people who live in apartments or condos.

But you can fix this easily by changing the frequency that your router is using to communicate. You will definitely face this kind of problem when you live in a close-knit community of apartments or condos.

As we all know that today almost every household is packed with phones, computers, smart TVs, and various machines, and they all struggle to get bandwidth. So maybe it’s time for you to get a quality router and particularly if you’re using one provided by your ISP because maybe that device will underperform for gaming.

The good thing is you can also get gaming routers that are available in the market that have built-in functions to optimize your connection, but never purchase a gaming router only because it says so in the box. You can’t just pick a gaming router as it’s a tricky category and they aren’t the best solution for everyone.

As we have discussed above, games mostly bank on latency instead of bandwidth. Sometimes people have a computer with an extreme-fast processor, but still, the speed of their computer slows down when they open and run multiple tasks at once.

The reason for this is online games eat up large bandwidth, engaging a bandwidth with internet activities like video chatting, and instant messaging on sites like Twitter slows down your game. So it’s better to close down those activities and see whether it helps or not.


So we have tried our best to give you some tips that can help you in optimizing your internet for gaming. Hope this will help you and you will use these tips to optimize your internet and enjoy gaming without any delays.

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