How To Prevent Your Gaming Laptop From Being Noisy

Gamers are usually very passionate about their gaming and they get really upset when something goes wrong with their laptop.

Particularly when the laptop fan is so loud and sometimes you don’t have any idea as to what to do with this problem.

But don’t fret we will put some light on some aspects that will help you to deal with this issue. And we will also discuss some reasons for your laptop being so loud.

So don’t worry if the slight hum of your laptop suddenly gets much louder and it’s hard for you to tolerate. Just don’t worry you can fix it very easily.

How To Prevent Your Gaming Laptop From Being Noisy

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Laptops usually comprise high-capacity batteries and that’s the main cause of heat buildup and also the packed-up space inside the machine. And this heat-up makes the laptop fan runs faster, and it makes some extra noises.

Many people have this same question in their mind and that is why our laptop fan is so loud and how to block the noise that is coming from the laptop fan,

As we have mentioned above don’t worry we will show you how to fix this issue but it will be at your own risk. Things can go wrong if you don’t do it properly.

Things You Should Know About Fan Noise:

It’s beyond doubt that the fan is the noisiest laptop component within your computer that helps in cooling your laptop, especially the CPU (central processing unit).

It’s normal for all the computers to discharge the heat as they consume electricity and then transfer it around their circuitry, all in a packed space.

When you have too much disturbing noise it will be hard for you to focus on your work and not only this it will certainly affect your laptop also.

Frequently overheating of your laptop may lead to continual shutdown and something called a thermal check.  

There is a built-in safety feature in all computers and it is called pre-set temperature. When the laptop fan comes to a pre-set temperature then the shutting down happens.

Reasons For a Loud Laptop Fan:

When your laptop fan makes loud noises most of the time it’s because of a failed or broken fan that results in your laptop overheating. Now let’s look at some primary reasons for overheating.

Software Issues:

There are many software issues like software running in never-ending loops that make a laptop produce more heat than is needed.

When people make alterations to their computer’s operating system (OS) or install software that runs continuously in the background, it leads to a systems overload.

And when this happens it puts a lot to load on your laptop and leads to overheating, and your laptop fan works more and thus making loud noises.

So it’s better to keep checking in time what you’re up to right before your laptop goes out of control and begins making noise or shuts down.

One more thing that puts more pressure on your laptop is demanding 3D gaming or watching videos. So keep an eye on your activities.

Muddy Fan and Blocked Vents:

Make sure you clean the vents regularly because when a laptop is old it gets overheated if you’re not cleaning the vents, they get jammed up with dust that blocks the internal airflow, as a result of this the fans spin much quicker and make more noise.

There should always be proper ventilation for your laptop or else your laptop overheats and makes noise.

Avoid putting your laptop on soft surfaces as this can block the vents, and leads to reduced airflow, which activates overheating.

Try to put your laptop on a hard, flat surface when using it. It will be much better if you put it slightly higher to allow better air circulation. Cleaning your laptop regularly will also help.

Hard Disk Failure:

The hard drive also gets louder when the mechanisms inside an HDD begin to break down, and all you can do in this situation is to back up your data and replace the hard drive with the latest model.

But pay attention when you hear buzzing noises start to come from the area near your hard drive, it’s a sign that the hard drive failure is about to happen, and you need to get your files backed up.


People don’t pay much attention to a virus, worms, or certain kinds of malware these are also well-known reasons for overheating laptops.

This leads the processor to max out and makes the system overheats. Hackers are also a threat to your laptop. Like internal elements can get overheated.

But you can’t control these things so don’t think about this too much. All you can do is just invest in reliable antivirus software.

People usually take action after their laptop gets noisy, but if you think about it before and think about when the last time you updated your drivers it would be much better.

It’s very vital to update your drive regularly as outdated and not optimized drivers affect the laptop’s productivity remarkably.

When the drivers are not updated then your system starts to work more and gets louder even when performing easy tasks.

Things You Can Do To Prevent Your Laptop Fan From Being Noisy

So when you hear continuous noises coming from your laptop there’s a reason for it. But don’t worry the good thing is, it’s often a situation you can handle easily.

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Finish Processes in The Background:

Whenever your hardware takes care of more demands it definitely results in noisy fans. So it’s always better to check if there are any background processes that are active and are making your laptop run hotter. Just impair these processes to cut off the demand.

And by following this easy method mentioned below you can remove the programs that you’re not using.

If you have a Mac, use the Activity Monitor. It’s very easy to start off the Activity Monitor by getting it on Spotlight by pressing Cmd + Space or it’s also possible for you to do by using the Launchpad icon on your Dock, opening the other folder, and then clicking on the Activity Monitor icon.

And when we talk about Windows, you can start off the Task Manager by using Ctrl + Shift + Esc, the “three-finger salute,” or Ctrl + Alt + Del if you’re using a Windows 10. 

Let’s repeat things for Mac users, and clear off all the things that you don’t need by going to System Preferences > Users > Startup and deleting them. For Windows 10, edit the startup folder.

Make Sure Your Fan is Clean:

If you’re sure that the noise has not much to do with the hard drive, then it’s time for you to clean your fan because it might be dirty.

Blocked fan vents usually stop airflow, and as a result, your laptop gets heated and makes sounds. People usually think twice to void their warranty by opening up their laptop,

And most of the time they don’t know how to do it, but you don’t bother, it’s possible for you to clean your laptop fan without opening it.

But you have to be ready to deal with the dust. A can of compressed air will certainly help you.  All you have to do is just blow some air at the laptop’s cooling vents and your job will be done.

If you know a bit about laptop repair and services, then use a cloth to rub the laptops inside vents and any open space that is dusty.

You can also try changing the thermal paste on the heat sink. But try and do all these things only when you know how to do them. And it will be at your own risk.

Try To Keep Your Laptop Cool:

There are many things that you can do to cool your laptop. Try to get a cooling pad as they are specifically designed for this purpose.

Cooling accessories also have changed now they come with LEDs with adjustable wind speeds, built-in USB hubs, and temperature sensors.

In primitive years laptop coolers used to comprise metal plates with fans in the base to increase airflow.

But today we have coolers that are much better than those coolers as they lower the operating temperature and are a great accessory, especially if you place your laptop under load for nonstop playing hours of demanding 3D games.

So we have shed some light on the reasons for laptop fans being noisy. And we have tried our best to provide you with some tips also to protect your laptop fan from being noisy. But as we have mentioned above do things only when you’re comfortable doing them.


It’s time to wrap things up. Hope we have provided you with enough information about how to take care of your laptop. And particularly your laptop’s fan if it’s noisy. But do it carefully and if you need then take professional help also.

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