How To Remove White Spot From Laptop Screen

If you notice white spots on your laptop screen don’t worry it’s not that much of a big issue. And it is not a serious threat to your device.

How To Remove White Spot From Laptop Screen

They are just indications of known errors that trouble most computer systems randomly. When you see this on your computer, you don’t have to return your device. You can easily deal with this issue.

Black spots can lead to some serious problems like screen damage, but most times, it’s only signals of a software glitch muddling with your laptop display.

If you are worried about white spots on your laptop screen, you are in the right place. Here we will show how to remove white spot on laptop screen,

And also we will put some light on how to dodge this problem from happening in the future by following simple precautionary measures.

How To Remove White Spot From Laptop Screen

What is The Source of the White Spot on the Laptop Screen?

Usually, screen damage, hardware failure, or pixel damage is caused by a white spot on your screen.

These are some viable reasons which can lead to defects on your screen. But, the most familiar reason for this is the showing of loose LED reflectors on your LCD screen.

Let’s discuss some of the causes in more detail.

Dead Pixels:

The unit color on your computer screen is pixels, and when these millions of pixels combine they made pictures on your monitor.

As these pixels are the foundation of image formation, and if a collection of them doesn’t work, you notice a big white spot on a particular part of your screen.

Damage Screen:

When a screen is damaged it can also lead to white dots on your screen. And it’s a big challenge to know if the white dots on your screen are the result of screen damage.

But If the dots are big enough and don’t have a clear shape, you can say it’s screen damage. Look at your screen for possible cracks or faults.

If you have this much damage to your screen, you may have to change the full screen as it’s difficult to live with it.

But the screen replacement for a laptop is quite expensive, and it usually depends on your machine.

Hardware Failure:

There is one more reason for having white spots on your screen and that is internal hardware problems, mainly your graphics card in this case.

If you want to endorse this, then connect your laptop to an external monitor. If the display is fine, then it’s likely an issue with your screen.

And if this is not the case, then your laptop is having some problem with its graphics card or some other internal element, which may need an expensive fix.

LED Reflectors May Be Loose:

In most LCD screen, there are some reflectors, including TVs, laptops, mobile phones, etc. Because of these reflectors, you see the light across your screen evenly.

And if the reflectors get loosened and pull out of position you’ll start observing the white spots on your screen.

How To Remove White Spot From Laptop Screen

How to Remove White Spot from Laptop Screen?

There are some effective methods to remove white spots from your laptop screen. As it’s possible to manually fix loose LCD reactors by pushing the affected area with a damp cloth it will make the pixels normal again.

But, if the white spot is there because of a damaged screen, you may have to change the full screen. Besides this, there are some other methods also to remove white spots from a laptop screen.

Check Your Screen for White Spots:

It’s necessary to run a screen test before you buy your laptop. People usually think that only primitive laptop models are prone to those annoying white spots.

But as new laptop models also comprise pixels and graphics cards, they’re also vulnerable to it. It’s always better to run a general test on the screen before you get a new laptop.

Most people just check the brightness and color accuracy; don’t forget to look out for white spots, sometimes they look minor, but they can spread across your screen pretty fast.

Change Your Screen:

Make sure whether your laptop is under warranty or not, if you have a warranty you can send it back for repair or replacement as replacing a laptop screen is very expensive. But, if your laptop is out of warranty, then you have restricted options.

When buying a replacement screen, check thoroughly whether it’s free of defects or not, As you don’t want to buy another one in a short span of time. And most importantly don’t buy without reasonable warranty coverage.

Loose LCD Reflectors Should Be Fixed:

Fixing loose LCD reactors isn’t a difficult task, and it’s possible to do it on your own, even for people who are alien to gadgets.

Just follow the simple steps below, and your laptop’s display will be back to normal. After switching off your laptop carefully detach it from the power source.

Then, unscrew the computer and remove the metallic tabs carefully. To look at your display, just remove your speaker by removing the speaker connectors and twitch the speakers off.

Remember in which order you are going about things to evade big mistakes. After this, you’ll need to switch off the circuit board and take off the metal board. Uplift the tabs on the plastic frame and find the loose reflector.

Now by using your Q-tip and glue, glue the space around the fallen glass and set the reflector back in place. Make sure the glue is dried up before you cover your computer to avert gluing the internal elements.

Settle The Stuck Pixels:

Before you fix a pixel fault, make sure whether it is a dead or stuck pixel. Dead pixels are the ones that can’t show any form of light.

Whereas a stuck pixel can display only one particular color. You can’t do anything about a dead pixel; it’s possible to correct a stuck pixel by slowly pressing the affected area with a damp cloth.

Get a Protective Case:

If you carry your laptop with you often, then the screen can get damaged by falling or hitting a wall. But if you have a protective case it will save the laptop in case of a fall or heavy pressure.

And the last thing is don’t put your laptop on your bed, If you didn’t notice and sleep on the computer the screen will crack. As screen replacement is very costly you should take care of these little things to avoid any serious damage.

How To Remove White Spot From Laptop Screen

Why Does My Screen Have White Spots?

As we have discussed above there are a few reasons for having white spots on your screen.

The first one may be because of loose LCD reactors and the second one is damaged pixels.

And when your laptop falls or you put pressure on it that may damage your screen, which could also lead to white spots.

What Is The White Dot On My Laptop Screen?

That white dot on your computer is called “hot pixels.” Hot pixels are the white dots that emerge as a result of stuck pixels.

Stuck pixels are the ones that can only display one particular color, and you can correct it by wiping the screen with a damp cloth.

How To Remove White Spots On Dell Laptop Screen?

Removing white spots from your Dell laptop screen is not different from any other laptop. You just have to know the reason for the white spots; getting rid of them is easy. It is as simple as managing DIY repairs on your LCD reflectors.

What Is A White Spot On HP Laptop Screen?

That dot on your HP Laptop screen is not different from the white dot on any other Laptop. Hot pixels emerge because of stuck pixels on your screen.

Check out whether these white spots are reversible or permanent, but there are some common fixes that you can always bank on.


It’s time to wrap things up now. The white spots on your machine don’t mean that you haven’t used your device properly.

It is an LCD thing and almost all devices and gadgets with an LCD screen are prone to this problem.

But as we have discussed above if you know the cause of it then this is not a big problem and you can easily remove white spots from your laptop screen.

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